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Anika is trying to reach Shivaay, but he is not picking up call. Gauri asks Bhavya to do something. Bhavya says she talked to commission, but now everything is in Shivaay’s hands. Just then, Shivaay and his brothers bring Roop Bua there. She recalls Tej asking her to leave the house.

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She says she can’t enter without his permission. Shivaay says she doesn’t need permission to go in her house and brings her inside. He tells Tej, Shakti that many things have happened in past, but no fight can change the fact that she is their sister.

She is daughter of this house. No matter how big enmity is, it can’t break relationships. He requests everyone to forget the past and accept Roop Bua. Pinky and Jhanvi object. Shivaay says Roop has changed. She gave statement to police and saved Pinky.

Pinky gets emotional. She apologizes Roop for all that she’s done till now. Roop says let past be past. They hug. Soumya is not happy. Roops hugs others. Everyone gets emotional. Anika takes blessings from Roop. She says she is Shivaay’s wife. Bhavya and Gauri also take blessing from Roop.

Veer is angry. Soumya comes and says Shiaay again flopped his plan. She was relying on him, but it seems he will need her help. Veer says he will see this Bua.

Later, brothers are together. Om says at least one problem got solved. Shivaay says they still haven’t solved Kalyani Mills mystery. He feels they don’t know the whole truth and Veer has some connection in this for sure. Anika says how that is possible? They met Veer in Goa. He says he feels this is like a puzzle and they haven’t found all pieces yet. Tia, Svetlana, Soumya are sisters. They want revenge from them. Soumya and Veer are together. What would be their goal? They know 3 sisters goal, but what about Veer? All this seem connected to Kalyani Mills. They have to find out what Veer’s goal is. Pinky and Jhanvi come there and Shivaay changes the topic. Pinky thanks Shivaay for saving her from going to jail. Shivaay says to say thank you to Roop, not him. Roop is glad to be back in her house finally. She was going to sleep, but Shivaay-Anika say not so soon. There is a function for Rudra’s wedding tonight and she has to join them.

Family members are dancing. Roop leaves after some time. Veer comes to meet her and say their plan succeeded in bringing her back to this house. Roop says she is back not to forgive her family, but to take revenge. Veer takes blessings from her as Oberoi brothers take blessings from their mother. Veer is Roop’s son. He says her son will take revenge for what she went through. They hug.

Next day, Anika, Gauri, Bhavya are learning dance. They can’t do simple dance. Instructors refer them as aunties and say they will show them simple steps that aunties do. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya say they are taking them lightly. They will show them what they are capable of.
Shivaay tells his brothers, Tia may be supporting them, but he feels she is helping Oberois as well. She must have sent them Kalyaani Mills tape. Om asks why she would help them against her sisters? Shivaay says he doesn’t know that, but he knows that Tia knows about Veer and Soumya’s plan. He heard her telling Soumya that Soumya’s life can be destroyed by what she is planning to do. This means Veer and Soumya are planning something big. Only Tia can tell them about it? Rudra says he doubts Tia would tell. Shivaay asks what’s wrong in asking and calls Tia. Tia is with her sisters and Veer. Veer breaks her phone. Svetlana asks Tia why he was calling her? Veer asks if she is hiding anything? Tia says she hasn’t talked to him since so long and what would she hide? Svetlana says
because she is a emotional fool, in emotions, she makes silly mistakes. Last time too, because of Robin, their plan got spoiled. She asks her to be make sure same doesn’t happen this time. It’s very important for their plan that Rudra and Soumya get married. Shivaay says they will have to find out what they are up to.
Pinky, Jhanvi, Roop are at temple, waiting for pandit. Roop asks how did Kalyani Mills topic come out all of a sudden? If it goes out in public, then it will create problems for them. Pinky, Jhanvi tell her not to worry about it. Their children will take care of it. Roop gets emotional and tells them she knows it’s hard to trust her again, but she’s changed. Pandit comes with his wife.

Dance instructors wonders where aunties went. They laugh thinking maybe they can’t do aunties’ steps either, so they ran away. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya come in western avatar and dance on Laila song. Instructors are shocked. Pinky, Jhanvi are on their way to home with pandit and his wife. Pandit says he always gives their example to everyone. They are rich, yet so sanskaari and their bahus are also same. Pandit’s wife says she never met their bahus. Pinky says she can meet today.

Brothers and Pinky and co arrive at same time and are shocked to see the girls dancing. Pandit’s wife faints. Jhanvi asks what’s going on. Pinky, Jhanvi scold dance instructors for teaching such dance for family function. Oberoi brothers scold the girls and ask to apologize Pinky and Jhanvi. They had to be so embarrassed because of them. Dance instructors tell Pinky and Jhanvi what happened. Pinky says how she called them aunties? Instructors refer them as Dadiji and challenge them as well. Pinky and Jhanvi say they will show them and dance on Laila song as well. Girls come and are shocked. Now all 5 dance together to teach dance instructors a lesson. Oberoi brothers come and are even more shocked.

Tej and Shakti bring pandit and his wife in house again saying they must have had misunderstanding. They are now shocked seeing Pinky and Jhanvi dancing as well. Pandit’s wife faints again.

Tia is thinking how to talk to Shivaay. He needs to know Roop is mastermind behind this. They are planning to wed Soumya with Rudra.

Roop and Veer plan to keep Shivaay away on wedding day, so he doesn’t spoil their plan. Veer says he will do something so that Shivaay has to be on bed for a week.

Girls apologize boys for their mistake in their rooms. Boys are upset with them. They say they will be punished. They ask them to do same moves with them. All 3 couples dance. Jhanvi and Pinky are also dancing with their husbands.

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