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Sid and Roshni are still in the garden. Roshni is crying. Sid shows her a cupcake with a single candle. He blows out the candle and sings her a birthday song. She turns her face away. Sid says she wasn’t affected because she’s now Ragini Desai.

He asks her why she’s putting on an act; she left him to think her dead and made his live a miserable life. He grabs her hands and says he never did anything wrong, Roshni was just ungrateful. He asks why she changed so much that she could think of someone else when she rested her head on his shoulder?

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Roshni is in tears. She tells Sid to leave her as she’s in pain. He tells her he’s been in pain the past two years and he can’t leave her because he’s afraid of losing her again. Roshni breaks free and says it’s the pain that made her leave because they were in constant pain and even the people around them also suffered. She says they can’t get back together and she changed from Roshni to Ragini; she knows he truly loves Roshni but he should think about everything and he will know they ruined a lot of things. She reminds him of how DD died and how both their Sisters also got into trouble.

She tells him to open his eyes and realise their relationship ruined many lives so she moved on by changing her name and killing Roshni. She says Roshni will always love Siddharth but she’s not Roshni, she’s Ragini who has no emotions. She tells him that she can never get back with him. Sid pulls her hand and turns her to look at him.

He says the difference between them is that she has moved on but he hasn’t; she has taken the easy way out and has gotten used to living without him. He says in his time alone, he has become crazy. Roshni tells him she will ensure nobody else loses their life because of the. Anya’s Aunt sees them.

Roshni holds Sid’s face and asks if he didn’t accept that Roshni had died? She tells him that she doesn’t love him and he should move on with Anya. She tries to leave but Sid grabs her hand. She begs him to leave her but he holds on tight. She bites his hand and runs off.

Roshni runs into Neil’s arms, crying. He asks what’s wrong with her? She begs him to take her back to the hotel. They get into his Car. Roshni looks behind and sees Sid watching the Car. As the Car drives off, Sid runs after it till be gets tired. Neil gives Roshni a tissue in the Car. She says she’s sorry for ruining the special birthday celebration he planned for her and she wonders what his Mother thinks of her. He tells her not to worry about it. They drive in silence.

Simran is worried about Sid. She tells her family members that she has a bad feeling that something would happen today. Kritika asks what the day is? Raj says it’s Roshni’s birthday. Simran suggests they go to the Police. Raj tells her to accept Sid is an adult and let him be.

Raj and Bunty leave the house in search of Sid. They see him lying across the road, passed out. They take him home and sneak him into the house. Sid falls on the floor laughing like a drunk. He says ‘She’s there, Roshni.’

Raj and Bunty help him stand up. Sid says things can’t get any worse as he has lost his way and he’s sinking into a deep depression. He trips and hits his head on his bedroom door but his father stops him from falling. Raj tells Sid that he loves Roshni like a daughter and misses her too. Sid says Roshni left them and he didn’t miss her but was lonely without her and felt like seeing her again. Sid picks a large framed photo of Roshni and says she took everything away by changing herself. He smashes the Photo on the floor.

He tells Raj and Bunty that Roshni never left and the news about her death was all a lie. Bunty says he doesn’t understand. Sid says the woman he gave everything to has left him out in the cold. He asks if Bunty remembers when he said Ragini Desai was like DD? Bunty says he remembers. Sid says Roshni is Ragini and she killed his Roshni. He holds his dad and says Roshni took all of his happiness away. He is crying and laughing at the same time. He says he couldn’t stop staring when he saw Roshni but she told him to continue his life with someone else while she also does the same thing.

He lies on the floor and takes off his shoes. He steps on a piece of broken glass. Raj and Bunty fuss over him. He tells them that the pain is nothing compared to what he’s feeling.

Neil is in the hotel room with Ragini. He tells her to go to sleep and he will see her tomorrow. As he stands up to leave, she holds his hand. He stops. She thanks him for all he has done. He gives her a hug and leaves.

Neil gets home and his Aunt tells him that Ragini was sad the entire time at the party. She asks if she can tell him why she was sad? Neil tells her not to bother. He leaves for his room. Neil’s Uncle comes out and laughs at Aunt, saying Neil doesn’t care about gossip. His Aunt says she will find out what is going on between Ragini and Sid!

Next day, Ragini calls Neil from her hotel room to say she wants to move back to Delhi as she doesn’t want to stay in Mumbai anymore. Neil tells her to meet him downstairs. She hears a knock on the door and answers it. She gets a shock when she sees Raj. She touches his feet and he asks for a hug. She hugs him. He says it’s a miracle that she is fine.

Neil calls her Phone and she tells him that something came up so she will see him in the Office. She invites Raj in, calling him ‘Father.’ She orders for tea for him.

She sits and asks how he is? Raj says she hasn’t forgotten anything. Roshni says that’s the problem, she hasn’t forgotten. Raj asks if they have done anything to offend her? He assures her that her wounds will heal with time. Roshni says the scars will remain. Raj gets on his feet and begs her to save Sid’s life because she’s the only one who can save him. Roshni begs him to sit on the Couch. She tells him to ask for anything except that. Raj says all he wants is Roshni. Roshni says her Grandmother relocated to the village and just stares at a photo of DD all day and Resham takes care of her. She tells him the same things she told Sid about their live bringing so much hurt to others. She begs him not to let her go back as she has left her past and won’t go back again

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