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DD tells Shabnam that a henna artist is on his way to deliver some henna paste. The artist arrives and DD tells Shabnam that the henna is from the Khuranas for Roshni. Shabnam offers to carry it to the room for Roshni.

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Sid who is highly suspicious of Shabnam, enters and takes the tray from her, then gives it to the Servant to take to the room. He tells Shabnam to just relax since she would be observing the fast as well.

At night, Sid tells himself that Shabnam won’t relax till she brings harm to the family. Shabnam enters the storeroom and sees the tray with henna.
She takes out a bottle of a corrosive and plans to mix it with the henna paste. She says Roshni’s hands will burn like her heart is burning! She is about to mix the acid, but sees the light in the Kitchen. She gets alert.

Sid goes to the Kitchen to get some water. He sees the store room door open and goes in to check. Shabnam hides. Sid locks the door from outside. Shabnam is stuck in the store room. Sid leaves.

Shabnam vows to make Sid pay for locking her in, by making Roshni suffer when getting the henna patterns! She picks up a cone of the henna paste, and mixes the paste with the acid and reseals it.

In the morning, Sid opens the storeroom and hides. He waits for Shabnam to come out. Shabnam sneaks out, not knowing Sid is watching her. Sid doesn’t let her see him. He thinks he saw her hiding behind the Chair and wonder what the matter is, but this time, she’ll have to deal with him, Sid. He says he will not let anything happen to his Wife, Mother-in-law and family. He tells himself that he will find out what she was up to last night.
He enters the storeroom and examines the henna cones.
He sees the empty bottle of corrosive in a corner of the room and gets the proofs.

Sam phones Yash and begs him to come home since the fast (Karwachauth) is starting today. She tells him everything is sorted as Kritika is now happily married.

Shabnam is by the door, eavesdropping on Sam’s conversation. Sid shuts the door and asks why she is listening to a private conversation and says good girls shouldn’t peep into someone else’s room. He tells her about a little boy that was peeping at people through a keyhole and got stung by a bee. Shabnam wears a look of guilt and says she was taking a glass of juice to Sam. Sid tells her she shouldn’t be doing such things as she is the daughter of this house and cheap/small works shouldn’t be done by her.
He takes the glass of juice from her and says he will take it to Sam himself.
He enters the room and asks Sam what the problem is? She says there is no problem. Sid says he’s there for her as a brother, and asks her to keep that in mind.
When he leaves, Sam tells herself that if Sid finds out what she has done, she will be in big trouble!

The Women of the family are all seated on a mat in the living room. Shabnam asks Roshni if she wants a henna pattern and offers to do it for her. Roshni agrees to allow her make a design on her palm.
Sid watches as Shabnam picks the henna paste that wasn’t properly sealed. He quickly makes a Phone call and tells Roshni that her friend from America wants to speak with her. Roshni goes to take the call. Shabnam gets angry.

Aisha begs Shabnam to make a design on her palm. Shabnam says she will use another henna cone on her. Aisha says she wants the same cone as Roshni. Shabnam says the cone is just for Roshni.
Sid regards her with suspicion.
Roshni returns and as Shabnam is about to get to work, Sid says he has a special henna paste for Roshni and he would be the one to make the design. Simran says you don’t know henna design. Roshni says it will be the best henna design as it will have his love. Sid says so much love. Simran gets happy. DD says not bad Roshni. Raj says it is confidence.

Shabnam tries to hide her frustration. She tries again and tells Sid that he can make the design on one palm while she does the other palm. Sid asks her why, and says he has told her that he is glued to Roshni but Shabnam keeps trying to come between them. He asks her if she wants some henna design on her palm too?

DD says she can make the designs on her. Sid gives DD the henna paste Shabnam was going to use on Roshni.
He doesn’t give Shabnam an opportunity to refuse. He pulls her off her feet and takes her to DD.

As DD is about to start, Shabnam pulls her hand away and says she will wait till after Roshni gets her own done. DD says there isn’t a queue. Roshni asks her not to worry and says DD is a good henna designer. Sid says he has the first right to apply henna on Roshni’s hand and asks DD to apply on her hand. Shabnam looks on trapped. DD starts and Shabnam feels pain and shakes her hand. She keeps pulling her hand away. DD tells her to hold still!
Sid applies henna on Roshni’s hand and watches Shabnam carefully.
Shabnam tries not to scream but when she’s unable to bear it any longer, she lies that she has to go to the bathroom. Raj asks why She’s scared about henna design?

Sid sees her in the room putting her hand in a bowl of ice. He asks what happened? Shabnam says she got hurt. He gives her a cream for the burn and warns her to be careful next time. The look he gives her makes her know he is on to her and her plans. Shabnam takes the ointment and gets angry.

It’s time for the final meal before the fast begins.
Roshni comes to the room and finds Sid sleeping. She thinks it is time to eat sweets before the fast start and her husband is sleeping. Sid wakes up and pulls her closer romantically. He gets up and romances with her shoiwng her gold earrings. Mere Rubaru plays… while Sid makes her wear the earring romantically. He makes her wear the earring on her other ear. Roshni smiles while the song continues to play… Sid gets closer, just then, Shabnam comes to their room without knocking on the door. She tells DD is calling you both. Roshni says we are coming and goes. Sid looks on suspiciously.

Simran makes Roshni sit and says I was waiting for you. She feeds Roshni some sweets. DD feeds sweets to Shabnam. Mona says she wishes Yash’s family sent sweets for Sam but there is nobody in his family to perform the Ceremony.
Simran decides to do it. Sam looks at Kritika with guilt as she accepts the sweet.
Roshni’s Grandmother asks DD to give sweets to Krutika. DD feeds Kritika. Simran sees Roshni’s new earrings and asks who gave her? Roshni says Sid did.
Everyone commends Sid on the beautiful earrings. Roshni blushes looking at Sid.

Sid’s GrandAunt takes Sam aside and complains about Bunty, Kritika’s husband. She asks Sam to take care of Bunty! Sam says he is your problem now and asks her to handle him. She says she’s really worried and says if anyone finds out what they did, they will be in trouble!
Sid’s GrandAunt says if anyone finds out, she will put the blame on Sam, as it was Sam’s plan to marry off krutika to Bunty!
Sam asks her not to talk about it and says she has the evidence on her Phone to prove GrandAunt was the mastermind; her messages and Video that she sent to her!
Shabnam is listening to them from the bottom of the stairs.

Later in the day, Roshni complains about being hungry. She says all the watches just stopped working today, and says it’s just 12 now. Sid smiles and asks her to keep herself occupied.
He says he tries to keep himself busy so as not to think of food.

Aisha enters the room and Shabnam whispers in her ear. Aisha goes to Sam and asks for her Phone to play some games. Sam gives her the Phone without giving it a thought. Shabnam discreetly takes the Phone from her and finds the videos Sam told GrandAunt that she had.
She sends a copy to her own Phone, then gives the Phone back to Aisha.
Aisha plays the Video and everyone hears Yash telling Sam that “he doesn’t know what happened as it was a set up. Kritika is also pleading.”
It was a recording of the day Sam set them up in a hotel room.

Sam tries to take her Phone back but Sid takes it from Aisha and watches the video. Sid asks Sam what nonsense is this! He asks Sam how she could do such a thing to his Sister! He asks what is this!
DD, Mona and Roshni’s Grandmother enter the room and asks him what happened? Sid tells Sam to tell them what happened!
Sam says it was Sid’s GrandAunt!
Roshni sees the text messages from Sid’s GrandAunt to Sam and shows Sid. Roshni says she is right. Sid looks at Sam angrily and storms out of the house. DD and Mona get tensed.

Shabnam makes a call to Yash and says he doesn’t know who she is but she will send him a Video.

Sid gets home and meets everyone in the living room. Sid asks his GrandAunt to tell the truth! He asks what did she get by ruining his Sis life! Everyone is shocked. Sid asks what did you get! He asks his GrandAunt why she wants to ruin Kritika’s life! His GrandAunt says she doesn’t understand. Sid shows her the text messages and asks if she remembers them! His GrandAunt is shocked.
Sid asks Krutika to tell what she did. He asks her why she ruined her life because of his GrandAunt! He reminds his GrandAunt that he had warned her that he wouldn’t give her another chance and would forget the relations between them! He shows everyone the messages. He says she was playing a game to trap the daughter of this house!
Sid’s GrandAunt says it was Sam’s fault! She asks Bunty to speak up and defend her! Bunty nods says he knows nothing.
Sid’s GrandAunt gets photos of Sam helping Bunty get ready to marry Kritika. She says Sam has groomed this stupid fellow and she puts all the blame on Sam. Sid says he doesn’t care about Sam because GrandAunt is part of his family and should know better! He says he won’t let her get away with it! He asks her to wait and goes inside.
He goes into the room and gets her suitcase.

He throws it outside and throws her out. She tells him it was Sam’s fault and asks him to purnish Sam. Sid says he will purnish Sam too and says Sam’s turn will also come, and he won’t leave her! He says whatever she has done won’t have any forgiveness! He warns his GrandAunt to never come around his family again! He says he hasn’t done anything to her and asks her to get out from his house, else he will ruin her respect. He leaves. His GrandAunt tries to appeal to the family members but they all turn their backs on her and leaves silently.

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