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The henna ceremony is taking place. Roshni writes an S on Sid’s palm. She sneaks off to her room and Sid comes after her. He shows her his palm as she’s surprised to see he changed the S to R. He lays next to her on the bed.

Pinto sees his phone with Shabnam and panics that she might see the photos he took with Sid and Roshni.
Some Policemen enter and and asks everyone to stop the Ceremony. The Inspector asks who is Shabnam? She drops the Phone in fear and Pinto picks it up.

Shabnam says she is Shabnam… The Inspector asks her to accept her crime and get ready to go behind bars. He tells Shabnam that she has to come with them. Shabnam gets shocked as the Inspector shows the hand cuffs.
Sid enters the living room and asks Shabnam what she has done? The Inspector says Shabnam has stolen Raghu’s heart. Sid laughs.

The Man says he’s not a Policeman and was only paid some money to come and do what he has done. Sid asks Shabnam why she was so scared when she didn’t do anything wrong, she acted as though she murdered someone. The fake Policeman says her friend also sent her a gift. He gives Shabnam a box. She opens the box and it contains the shirt Sid was wearing when she shot him. She is horrified. Raghu/Sid asks what happened?
DD takes the shirt and says it belongs to Sid and asks what is going on?

Kritika is coughing. Simran says she will get her something. Bunty enters the room and overhears Kritika on the Phone, telling her Doctor that she wants to get rid of it as soon as possible! Bunty thinks he won’t let her lose their love; he says he has to do something to stop her from getting rid of his baby.

Shabnam enters her room, crying. She decides to make Roshni bear the consequences of Sid messing with her!
Roshni is applying turmeric on Shabnam. A Servant comes to inform Roshni that someone has come to see her. She leaves the room and Shabnam wears a smirk.
Sundari tells Shabnam and Sid to go and wash the turmeric off. Shabnam stands up but forgets her Phone. Roshni opens the door and receives a shock.

DD is looking all over for Roshni.
Shabnam realises she left her Phone in the living room, so she goes back for it. Sid calls Shabnam from another room and he reminds her that 3 hours are left. Shabnam says she still has time left, but he doesn’t have any. She says she has kidnapped Roshni and assures him that if she dies, then she won’t return after 6 months and if he wants to see her, he needs to hand over the documents (proofs) he has on her back to her. Sid panics and runs out in search of Roshni everywhere.
Shabnam makes a call to her thugs and gives them an order not to release Roshni till she tells them to!
DD is still looking for Roshni. Shabnam pretends to be bothered.
Roshni walks in and Sid is relieved. Shabnam is shocked and wondering how she’s still around? She calls her Man to find out who he kidnapp ed.

Sid goes after Roshni but he sees DD and she tells him to leave the room. DD tells Roshni that she was suspicious of Shabnam so she checked her Phone and saw a message for the person who comes to the door to be kidnapped, and that was why she sent Roshni to get Grandmother’s drugs, to distract her. Roshni thanks her and asks who has been kidnapped then? DD says she doesn’t care!
The Kidnappers open the car boot and check the sack, Kesar is inside, looking very confused.
Sid meets up with Roshni and says he was really scared she had been kidnapped. He says he doesn’t know that Shabnam will play a trick and says it will be Shabnam’s end now. He says it’s time to send Shabnam to prison and in just one day, that would be done, and he will finally reveal the truth.

Shabnam is by the pool area. She vows not to allow Sid ruin her plans and thinks to keep him away from her house! She makes a Phonecall.
Next day, she meets up with a team of security guards and tells them she wants security at the wedding to be very tight.
Sundari sees the security Men and wonders why Shabnam has gone overboard? Shabnam sees Pinto working on some wires. She goes close to ask what he’s doing? Roshni distracts her by saying Sundari sent her to help Shabnam get dressed. Shabnam gloats about marrying Raghu who is Sid’s look-alike. Roshni says he’s only a look-alike and not her Siddharth. Sundari tells Shabnam that they need to go to the temple to get a wedding necklace. Shabnam sees Roshni and takes her necklace from her. Roshni is about to slap her but Raghu/Sid tells her to stop! He asks Roshni to control herself and asks if her husband is alive…? If there is any chance of his return…? No… and asks why she wants to hit his Wife? He says Shabnam’s fiancé is alive… and asks Roshni, how dare she raise her hand on his to be Wife!

DD asks him to shut up and says it’s Women matter and tells him not to get in the way. She calls him useless! Raghu/Sid asks if she wants him to allow Roshni to slap his Wife? Shabnam tells them to behave or she will kick them out of the house! She tells Sid that she’s going to the temple for prayer and they will unite after few hours. Raghu/Sid asks her to go.

Roshni goes to her room and Sid follows. She is upset that he allowed Shabnam take her necklace. He says he had to make Shabnam believe he’s on her side. Roshni says she wants her necklace back and he has to put it on her neck. He assures her that Shabnam won’t be getting married so she will get her necklace back. He says he will bring her Mangalsutra/Wedding Necklace and smiles.

Sundari and Shabnam are at the temple. Sid is disguised as a Priest. Shabnam tries to give him the necklace to bless but it slips out of her hand. He tells her that someone has cast an evil eye on the necklace so Shabnam needs to leave it with him so he can bless it.

Sundari says okay and says they will get a new Mangalsutra. She says she doesn’t know what Raghu saw in Shabnam. They leave the necklace with the Priest and go home. Sid takes off his disguise.
Shabnam gets home and asks herself why she was unable to hold the wedding necklace? She gets a phone call from Sid and he says the countdown has begun and he doesn’t know any she’s not taking him seriously? He ends the call and sends her a photo.
In the photo, he is wearing the clothes she shot him in. He calls back and reminds her she’s running out of time, so she needs to confess her sins. Shabnam gets scared. Shabnam concludes that Roshni and her Mother must be behind it.

Sid and Roshni are having lunch with Pinto at a restaurant. They plan to make a video staging of what happened the day Shabnam shot Sid, in a bid to make her confess.
Shabnam enters DD’s room and confronts her, saying she knows what game she’s playing and won’t allow her get away with it! She tries to hit DD but Roshni fights her off.

Sid is about to react but Roshni gives him a look that reminds him he’s on Shabnam’s side. He calms down and tells Shabnam to respect DD as she is older than her. His Phone falls and he tries to hide it from Shabnam but she sees it.
Shabnam goes to her room and wonders why Raghu has two Phones? She sends a message to Sid asking that they meet up. She tells herself that she would find out if Raghu is really Sid or not. Sid sees the message and tells Roshni that Shabnam wants to meet up with him at the warehouse and he thinks she wants to confess. Roshni begs him not to go as it might be a trap. He tells her not to worry as he has things under control. He gives her his other Phone.
Sundari calls him to have a meal for the last time before he gets married. He tells her that he has to go out. She insists he has to eat. She leaves for the Kitchen and he tries to sneak out. Shabnam tells herself that she can’t allow him leave the house. She hits him on the head with a vase and he faints. She drags him to the bathroom and ties him up, then she hurries out of the house.
Sundari returns to the living room, looking for Raghu.

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