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King of hearts 7 October 2019. Roshni and Pinto are waiting for Sid at the warehouse. Roshni asks why Sid hasn’t joined them? She calls his Phone but he doesn’t answer. Sid regains consciousness in the bathroom and sees his hands are tied. Shabnam enters the warehouse. Roshni and Pinto get tensed and hides. Shabnam looks around and says she hopes Raghu has not decided to double cross her and she hopes he’s not really Sid. She says she will find out today and calls for Sid asking him to come infront of her!

Roshni tells Pinto to wear Sid’s coat and play the voice clips of Sid that he has recorded on his Phone and not to get too close to Shabnam, that way, they will get her engaged for sometime. Roshni sneaks out so Shabnam doesn’t see her. Shabnam says she’s leaving!

Pinto plays a recording of Sid saying she just got there. Shabnam is shocked.
Roshni goes home and hears Sid knocking on the bathroom door. Pinto stands behind the light so Shabnam sees his shadow. She tells him to show himself! She gets close and she’s even more stunned to see it’s Sid. He tells her they will play a dangerous game and it will be over soon.
Shabnam says it means Sid is still alive. She rushes home. Pinto tells Sid that it is good that he came. Sid tells Pinto that Roshni came to his rescue on time and he was able to get here, and he has to rush back home now before Shabnam gets there.

Shabnam gets home and goes to the bathroom. She sees Sid/Raghu still tied there. He starts yelling for her to save him! She unties him and Sundari asks her who did that to him! Shabnam says she doesn’t know as she is just getting home. Shabnam decides to find a way to keep Sid away from the house till she gets married, then she and Raghu will fight him together.
Sid goes to his Mother and says she hopes everything goes according to plan. Roshni enters.
Simran tells them that her blessings are with them. She leaves to go and get ready for the wedding.
Roshni holds Sid’s hand and begs him to just end the whole thing because even though he’s pretending, it hurts her to see him getting married to someone else. Sid assures her that he belongs only to her and since death couldn’t defeat them, Shabnam won’t. Roshni says if by chance he gets married to Shabnam, she wouldn’t be able to live. Sid tells her not to say things like that because they would win.
The Ceremony has begun.
Sid and Pinto dance in with the band. Simran complains that Sid is over reacting. Roshni says he takes after his Mother. They laugh about it. Roshni sees DD watching them. She tells Simran that DD thinks she’s dating Raghu and she can’t wait to see her face when she finds out that he’s actually Sid.
The lights are turned off. DD gets suspicious and she’s about to go to Roshni… but Simran stops her and says they should talk. Roshni goes on stage to address the guests. Sid is seated next to Shabnam but his voice is heard on stage saying he wants to tell them a story about him and Shabnam. A Video is played of Shabnam shooting Sid and he falls off the cliff .

Shabnam is shocked. DD has tears in her eyes. Sid leaves the house and Shabnam runs after him. She stops him on the road asking him to stop there or else she will shoot him…! She says she did a mistake by leaving him last time, but today, she will send him back. She shoots at him but the bullets keep firing into the air because what she’s looking at is a hologram.
The Police arrive. Sid, Roshni and their families also arrive. DD gives Shabnam a slap.
Sid is dressed as Raghu so Shabnam begs him to save her. He pushes her away from him and says she tried to kill him again but failed. He reminds her that he told her to confess to her crimes but she didn’t do so. She asks who he is? He says he’s her brother-in-law Siddharth Khurana, Roshni’s husband and Patel family’s Son-in-law. Everyone is happy. Shabnam is shocked. DD smiles in relief.
Sid tells Shabnam that he has realised she doesn’t deserve any sympathy but deserves to be punished! Shabnam vows to make them all pay! Roshni tells her to keep quiet! She reminds her that her Mum took her in but she pays back with evil. She says she wants to kill her, but couldn’t because of her upbringing. She asks her to open her eye and see and says her husband is back and nobody can separate them as her family is complete now. Sid looks on proudly.
The Police take Shabnam away.
Sid looks at Sundari sadly as she cries. Everyone is back in the house.
Sid tells Sundari that he considers her a Mum for saving him from death and he will be indebted to her for the rest of her life. He says he is Sid for everyone but he will always be Raghu to her. She asks if she can hug him? He hugs her with tears in her eyes.

He tells her to touch him as he’s her same Raghu; he would never be able to repay her and he now has 3 Mothers. DD pulls him by the ear and says he kept them all in the dark.
Simran says she knew about it but Sid was worried about her safety that was why he didn’t let her know. Sid says because of this drama, he discovered his Mother-in-law praises him in secret. Sid fakes Raghu’s accent. DD says she was scared when Shabnam shot at him today. Sid says he’s not crazy to get shot himself. He says it was a hologram and explains what a hologram is.
Roshni’s Grandmother says all is well that ends well. She serves sweets. Sid asks Roshni if she has noticed her Mum is happy to see him? He tells her to note this date and moment. DD smiles.
Kesar clears his throat and asks DD if she’s still upset with him? Roshni begs DD to forgive him. Sid says it wasn’t his fault because Shabnam had him under her spell. DD says she would forgive him because of Sid.
Raj enters and says he won’t forgive Sid because he was kept in the dark! Roshni’s Grandmother says she didn’t know either. Simran says she knew a bit. He says his punishment is for him to return home with Roshni. DD says she’s okay with it because Sid has become more responsible. She decides to make something for them all to eat.
Roshni’s Grandmother receives a call and looks like she received bad news. Sid asks if she’s okay? Roshni’s Grandmother says it is fine. She tells them to go and if possible leave town. Sid looks at her and knows something is wrong. Sid gets a call from the Police inspector and receives disturbing news.

At the Police Station, Shabnam is acting crazy and saying she won’t spare anyone!
Sid, Roshni and DD arrive. The Lawyer tells them that Shabnam is ill and they need to get her treatment. DD says she’s only pretending. Sid says she’s ill with multiple personality disorder. The Policeman says yes, she has been like this since she came here. The Lawyer says no Judge will send her to Prison now. She needs treatment. Sid says he knows someone that can help her. DD says his kindness will cost them. Sid says if they don’t help, there is no difference between them and her.
Back home, Roshni’s Grandmother says Shabnam can stay with them while Sid and Roshni leave.
Next day, Grandmother takes DD aside and begs her to ensure that Sid and Roshni leave town. They hear a band playing in the living room.
Some band members enter playing their loud music. A family consisting of and elderly woman, a man, a younger man and a girl follow the band in. The elderly woman asks if Roshni’s Grandmother doesn’t remember her? Roshni asks who she is? The Woman hugs Roshni and says she’s Bansi, Roshni’s Grandmother-in-law. Sid and everyone are shocked. Bansi tells Roshni to touch her feet. Sid asks what’s going on? He says Roshni’s Grandmother-in-law would also be his and that’s not her (Bansi). The Woman asks who he is, not that she cares? Roshni says enough, time for her to leave! Sid says maybe she (Bansi) made a mistake and he will drop her off where she’s supposed to be. The Woman chuckles and Sid threatens to call the guards! Roshni agrees.

The Woman warns Roshni to shut up or she will cut off her tongue! She says she won’t be leaving the house! She goes to DD and gives her a slap asking if this is how she trained Roshni! All are shocked. DD doesn’t react. The Woman says they gave Roshni back to her on trust but if the Mother is so shameless, what can they expect from her?
Roshni fumes on Bansi and tells her to leave!
The young man who came with the Woman (Bansi) holds Roshni’s hand and says this is not the way to talk to elders. Sid warns him to leave his Wife alone! He threatens to get the Security to beat Bansi and her family up and throw her out! He tells DD and the others to go inside and he would handle it as the Son-in-law.
Bansi is furious. She grabs DD and asks how she could get Roshni married! Kesar and Sid asks the family to throw these people out! Bansi says this is not right Durga. She says if the secret is revealed, DD would not like it! DD and Roshni’s Grandmother are speechless.

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