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Sid is at his family home. He has hired four bodyguards for his father. Raj complains that he doesn’t need them. Sid says his business is thriving and he can never know. Bunty enters the room laughing over a Video he’s watching on his Phone. Sid sees it’s a Video of the Joker talking about Children drinking Milk to get energy. Sid panics as he wonders if the Joker is planning to do something to Aisha.

DD is having a meeting with her lawyers at home. Roshni, Yash and Sam are present. The lawyers ask DD where her Son-in-law is? Sid arrives, still looking worried. The Cook offers Yash some tea and as he pours the Milk, Sid remembers the Joker’s words. He tells the Cook to take the Milk away! He asks where he got it? The Cook says it’s from the cow. Sid says the Milk is poisoned. He grabs the tray and the milk spills. Roshni says Yash drank from the Milk and it was okay. One of the lawyer tells DD that her Son-in-law doesn’t seem to be feeling fine. DD and Roshni are embarrassed. The lawyers leave. Sid apologises.

Raj is at the Office. As he walks out, the guards follow him about. Raj orders them to leave him alone as he’s only going to get Coffee! The Men retreat. He turns around when he feels someone watching him. He sees the Joker for a split second but isn’t too sure of what he saw.

Sid is in the bathroom, washing his face. Roshni asks what’s wrong with him because he just ruined the meeting and DD’s hope was crushed because of him! Sid asks why she doesn’t just trust that he knows what he’s doing! Aisha enters the room and asks why he’s yelling at Mummy! Sid orders her to her room! She says she won’t leave till he apologises to Mummy! Sid yells at her to go and she runs away. He immediately regrets his tone and apologises to Roshni. She walks away.
Sid gets a call from his Mother telling him that she hasn’t heard from his father since he said he was going to get Coffee at the Office, now his Phone is switched off. Sid recalls the Joker’s message and rushes out of the house. Roshni thinks everything is fine, and Sid is not hiding anything from her. Sid gets to his father’s Office and asks where his father is? One of the Men says Raj ordered them to leave him alone. Sid says if any harm comes to his dad, he won’t spare them! Simran suggests they go to the Police Station. They hear Raj’s muffled voice calling for help. They all rush to the elevator and see him trapped inside. The Janitor helps to force the door open. Raj says he got stuck because the elevator wasn’t working and couldn’t get his Coffee.
The Office Assistant brings him Coffee. Sid hits the mug and it falls to the ground as he recalls the Joker’s message. Raj asks him what’s going on? Sid says it’s nothing, he just cares about his dad and he needs to be careful because if he goes missing, then he will get tensed. Raj says all is well and there is no problem. Sid asks the guards not to leave his dad even for a min else… Sid asks himself who the Joker could be and what he wants. He thinks he’s definitely missing something.

At night, when everyone is asleep, Sid takes Aisha’s dolls and examines them. He wonders who the Joker could be? He wonders if it’s Shabnam? He thinks about Shabnam’s threat and thinks no. He picks up a male doll and thinks of Yash then says it must be Kunal. He thinks about Kunal’s threatening words and says it is Kunal. He thinks why would Kunal and Shabnam be attacking from hideout? He then thinks it might be Rajveer, and thinks he is dead. He thinks he’s losing his mind, and tells himself that it must be someone else. He picks up the Joker doll. The Joker is watching from his monitors. Sid asks the doll who he is and what he wants with his family, then he flings the doll.
Aisha and Roshni wake up in the Morning. Aisha slept in Roshni’s bed. She sees a lot of balloons decorating the room and calls Roshni’s attention to it. Sid enters the room dressed as Charlie Chaplin and performs a funny skit. Aisha laughs but Roshni is not amused. She soon let go of her anger and thanks him for his performance. Sid says his air got tight thinking of how to make her smile? He says Wife should forgive her husband and love him immensely when he asks for it. He asks if she will forgive him? She takes off his moustache and he moans in pain. He asks if he can get a family hug? Aisha says Papa… you are the best! DD enters the room to see them in a hug and she smiles.
At the dinner table, DD tells Sid that she has high hopes for him and they all have high expectations of him but he’s been acting strangely and she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He says it’s fine and nothing is wrong. Resham complains about her Phone that’s not working and it often happens when the clown doll comes close to it. Sid wonders why the Phone will stop working because of the doll? He picks up the doll and tells Aisha that it’s very beautiful. As he walks away with it, Aisha begs him to give it to her because she wants to play with it. He runs to the terrace and she follows him.

He pretends to throw it to her but throws it into the pool and makes it look like an accident. He tells her he’s sorry and will get her another. The rest of the family gather to watch. Yash appears from nowhere and takes the doll out of the Pool.
Sid takes it from him and says he’s going to dry it. He enters the bathroom and takes the doll apart. He finds the Camera and tells himself that there must be other Cameras around the house and thinks he might have been seeing the activities from the Camera. He thinks to make a plan ahead of Joker and defeat him!
He returns to the living room wearing the mask of a Joker to make Aisha happy. He tells her that he would have a party for her tomorrow. Everyone is happy. Sid says he has done some mistake in the past, but he now wants to make everything fine. He tells Aisha that he can do anything to put a smile on her face. Aisha is happy and hugs him. Sid thinks Joker might have seen him from any of the Camera and will definitely attend the Party. Yash tells Aisha they would have a lot of fun!
Next day, the food is all set for the Party. Resham picks up one of the Cupcakes to eat. DD tells her to put it back and reminds her it’s for the Party and Resham needs to help Samaira.
Samaira is in the room, on the floor and clutching her leg. Yash rushes in and asks what’s going on? Sam says there was nobody to help her to the bathroom and she had been calling Resham for long but she didn’t answer, so she slipped on oil as she tried to go by herself. Resham says she’s lying because the help cleaned the room and there was no oil. DD says the help was working with oil earlier and must have spilled some.

Resham insists Sam is lying and asks them to check with the help. Yash says it is okay. Sam asks Resham to get her room cleaned properly next time!
The Party has started and there are a lot of Kids around. A Clown is entertaining them. Sid is waiting for the Joker to show up. Roshni tells him to come with her so they can check that everything is in place. He tells her to go alone. He tells himself that he has to keep an eye on Aisha. His Phone starts ringing and he tells Roshni to stay with Aisha while he goes to answer the call. Pinto is the caller. He tells Sid that he found out that Kunal is back in his Village and has married someone else but he didn’t get any word on Shabnam so she might be the one behind everything. Sid carries on talking to him.
At the Party, the Clown opens a large box and the Joker comes out. The Children are delighted. The Joker grabs Roshni and acts as if he wants to stab her. Sid walks in and his heart stops. The Joker let Roshni go, then he releases some smoke into the air. Everyone covers their eyes and he runs out. Sid chases him out of the house into the street but he eventually gets away.
DD is complaining about Sid’s weird behaviour at home. She tells Aisha that they should cut the Cake. Aisha says she wants to wait for her daddy. DD tells her to cut it and rub some on her daddy’s face when he gets back. Aisha cuts the Cake.
Sid corners the Joker as he comes out of an alley. He grabs him by the throat.

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