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King of hearts September teasers

Roshni is upset Raghu read her diary. He tells her not to react so people don’t realise that he’s not Sid. He asks if she would have liked him to give the wrong answer to the questions in Court so her Mother would remain in jail? She doesn’t answer. He says she owes him extra money for getting the 3 moles on his back because for the rest of his life, he will be stuck with the tattoo. Roshni asks him to stop it and tells him he could never be like Siddharth! Raghu says really and smiles as she goes. They take DD home.

Shabnam brings a prayer platter to welcome her. Roshni tells her to stop the drama! Shabnam says DD has just returned and must be welcomed back.
She says DD killed Sid because he tried to take advantage of her (Shabnam).
DD says she will show Shabnam how a genuine welcome is, the day she throws her out of the house!
Raghu says the sooner one puts their enemy in his place, the better. Roshni says good triumphs over evil.
DD takes the tray from Shabnam and says from today, her, Roshni and Sid will make sure Shabnam learns her place in the house! She dips her finger in the Vermillion and put it on Raghu and Roshni’s foreheads and then applies it on her own forehead.
Shabnam watches in shock. DD gives her back the platter then holds hands with Raghu and Roshni and walks inside.
Roshni’s Grandaunt wheels her Sister to the door. Roshni’s Grandmother gets emotional seeing DD. DD tells her Mother that now that she is back, everything will be okay. Aisha says nobody wanted to take her to see DD. DD says she missed her. DD kisses her and says she will not leave her.

DD sees Mona and Kesar. Mona asks her how she is doing? DD ignores her and tells Grandmother she wants to go and freshen up. Kesar says he is happy as she came back home. She ignores Kesar also.
Shabnam stops DD as she heads for her room. She reminds DD that she owns the house now so DD can take another room. She pulls DD by the arm and says I will show your room! Roshni tells her to leave DD alone! Raghu/Sid follows her.

Shabnam takes DD to the guest room DD gave her to stay in. She says if DD is not willing to stay in the room, then DD can leave her house! Roshni hugs DD and says she will set everything right.
Shabnam goes to DD’s old room and enters the bathroom. She opens the tap to wash her face and she sees her face red. She sees bloody water from the tap and gets scared. She runs back into the room and she’s frightened to see the curtains blowing in the wind. She sees bloodstains everywhere, and sees footprints and hears Sid’s voice.
She screams in fear.

Mona and Kesar knock on her door. Shabnam rushes out of the room. Raghu is sitting in the living room. DD and Roshni ask Shabnam what’s wrong? She says there was a ghost in her room! She holds Raghu and says he was the one!!
He asks how be could be here and in her room as well? He says he thinks she’s a murderer and her victim’s ghost is back to haunt her. She tells him to come with her and see.
They all follow her. There is no blood stain anywhere in the room.
Raghu gives Roshni a signal and smiles.

Shabnam says there were blood stains everywhere, including the mirror! The mirror is spotless. She says how can this happen and tells that she has seen it with her own eyes, as there were blood stains everywhere. She tells Kesar to go and check the tap in the bathroom because it’s running blood. Kesar checks and comes back to say it was Water.

Raghu says he has heard of such before but he doesn’t know how people stay in haunted rooms because he can’t stay in one. He says if he was in her place, he wouldn’t have stayed here and wouldn’t have given this room to his enemy too.
Shabnam tells Mona that she will share her room. Mona refuses but Shabnam orders her strictly. Mona agrees. Shabnam says she will stay in Mona’s room while DD can have her room back. She leaves with Kesar and Mona.
DD and Roshni thank Raghu. Raghu marks his words that Shabnam gave back DD’s room with her own wish. He asks her to enter her room. DD says you have done so much for us. Roshni thanks Raghu. He nods.

Shabnam is lying in bed. She couldn’t sleep in the night. She gets a Phone call and a Man tells her that someone played a prank on her to get her out of her room. He says the Man in her house is an impostor and says he can help her. Shabnam asks who are you? He says he will call her again and ends the call. He reveals his face and it’s Pinto.

Raghu is at Pinto’s place. He is dressed as Raghu. He gets upset and throws a fan against the mirror. Pinto asks why he’s acting out when he told him to call Shabnam after entering the house, as he wants to ruin everything.

Raghu says the truth was almost revealed to Roshni and because of his weakness, she came so close to him and he nearly revealed he was Siddharth and not Raghu! He says if Roshni knows, all will be lost!

Raghu holds the diary and says he wouldn’t have answered those questions in Court that day if this diary was not with him. He says he was able to answer Roshni’s questions in Court by using this diary, as he has taken help from its blank pages to answer her, but the secret will only be between him and Pinto that he’s not Raghu but Siddharth Khurana.
Raghu asks why he didn’t at least tell Roshni? Sid says the person who wishes ill on his family will have to pay for what his family has gone through!

He removes the band from his head and changes into a suit. He says his plan is at its verge of success and that is because of him. He says he wants to know about the truth? He tells him to listen.
He remembers the day he was shot by Shabnam and a flashback is shown, Pinto notices Sid lying in an unconscious state and takes him to the hospital. Sid gets in a coma state. Fb ends. Sid says the only reason he was able to cheat death was because he had Sundari’s blessings and Pinto’s friendship.
A flashback is shown again. Pinto saw Sundari at Sid’s hospital bedside and asked the Doctor who she was?
The Doctor told him her Son died few days ago and seems to think Raghu is her Son and she has been taking care of Sid ever since.
Sid had intended to go back home but when he returned, he saw Roshni’s Grandmother had almost fallen down the stairs in her Wheelchair because of Shabnam, so he left before anyone could see him and vowed to seek vengeance! Fb ends.

Sid says that day, he wanted to slap Shabnam so hard and then throw her out of the house, but thought that decision taken in a hurry and anger is always wrong. So he decided to make Shabnam lose, and that was why he became Sundari’s Son, Raghu the Mechanic and his (Pinto’s) friend.
He says he was the one who damaged Roshni’s Car so that she could come to the garage that day and made her see him. He recalls all the latest happenings and says everything was done according to plan. He says he has a deep regret for humiliating Sundari in Court after she took care of him by declaring her mad infront of all; he told the Doctor at the hospital to tell Sundari that he’s her Son, Raghu and his face was damaged in the accident. He says he wonders what would happen when she finds out he’s not Raghu?
Pinto says he knows Sid would never abandon Sundari but it’s time for him to exact revenge on his Sister-in-law.

DD goes to the dining table in the Morning and sits to have food. Shabnam sees her and gets upset that DD is in her seat. She asks how she dares to sit in her seat when she couldn’t sleep because Mona was snoring!
DD says it’s Karma. Shabnam takes DD’s apple from her.
Sid appears and pours water in Shabnam’s face. He says he had to bring her to her senses! She vows that they will all pay, then she storms off.
DD thanks Sid. He acts surprised and says her stay in jail made her humble. DD tells herself that sometimes, he behaves like Sid.

Raj and Simran return home. Simran asks Kritika where Sid is? Kritika says he’s at DD’s house. Simran says she would not let him stay there any longer and says she didn’t give birth to him to stay at his in-law’s! Raj begs her to wait.

He asks Kritika if Sid didn’t talk about them? Kritika says he didn’t and there is something he’s hiding. Simran says she won’t allow him to stay there!

Roshni tells DD that her Grandmother will be fine now.
Some of DD’s workers come to see her at home to welcome her back. Shabnam tells them she’s their boss and not DD! They tell her DD is their boss and has always treated her like family whereas Shabnam hasn’t paid them for 6 months. Shabnam tells them they will all pay for humiliating her!

Roshni goes to Sid and asks if he did it? He doesn’t give a direct answer. He says intelligent people needs only one sign. Roshni gets impressed with him.
Shabnam is in her room, thinking of what to do to Sid. She gets a text telling her that if she wants to know who the impostor is, she should come downstairs. She tries to call the number but it’s switched off. She decides to go downstairs. She gets there and Sid sees her and pretends to be on a call. He says the job is done; he has signed all the cheques and will deliver the consignment soon.

Sundari appears from nowhere and hits him on the back of the head with a stick. He faints and she puts him in a Van. The driver of the Van drives off immediately.
Shabnam follows the Van in her own Car. Sundari thinks Pinto gave her a good idea. Sid is in pain. Sundari says you are my son Raghu and she can’t let him stay there. She tells Sid that she wants to save him from those people. She takes him to a hut and he regains consciousness.

He looks out of the window and sees Shabnam approaching. He asks Sundari where she has brought him? She says they are out of Mumbai and they will go home soon. He starts yelling so that Shabnam can hear him. He says he doesn’t want to pretend to be Sid again and wants to live peacefully as Raghu!
Roshni enters the hut.

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