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King of hearts September teasers 

Raghu is lying spreadeagled on Roshni’s bed. Roshni enters the room and says it’s her bed! Raghu says he can’t sleep on the balcony because he loves the bed and once Roshni pays him his Money and he becomes a millionaire, he will buy the same type of bed. Roshni drags him down to the floor, then lays on the bed. Raghu drags her down as well. Roshni starts hitting him with a pillow and he hits back.

Shabnam enters the room and asks why they are fighting? Roshni and Raghu are shocked. Shabnam says she heard everything. Raghu goes to her with an angry expression and asks what she heard! She becomes nervous and says she heard what they said.
He tells her that he and Roshni are husband and Wife and need their privacy, so next time, she must knock before entering! He shuts the door in her face.

Kritika goes to the Mechanic garage where Raghu used to work. She meets the Owner and asks to see Raghu. The Owner tells her that he has been fired. He decides to get someone else to help fix her Car. The Owner calls Pinto.
When he leaves, she sees a book (Register) that contains employee’s information. She thinks Pinto will not tell her anything and checks the register instead. The Owner comes with Pinto, but Krutika hides. She tears the page with Raghu’s information out. She asks herself how it can be Raghu when it looks like Sid?

Roshni and Raghu are at the Police Station. The Policemen are shocked to see him. Roshni asks the Inspector not to give a shocking expression as the Man standing infront of him is her husband, Sid. Raghu tells the Inspector to sign DD’s release papers so they can go back home, as DD is innocent, and was locked inside the jail since 6 months for the crime she didn’t do. The Inspector hesistantly signs on the papers. Roshni and Raghu leave the Office holding hands.
DD is released from jail. Roshni and Raghu receive her. Raghu is chewing gum and not acting like Sid. He tells DD that it’s because of him that she has seen the light of day again. He asks for her blessings so he can take care of her household then he touches her feet. DD tells Roshni that Raghu’s mannerisms are just like Siddharth’s. Roshni says he’s not Siddharth! DD asks why he has tears in his eyes then?
Shabnam says as he is not Sid, but his lookalike. Everyone is shocked.

Shabnam arrives with some Policemen and says Raghu is an actor and an impostor! Roshni says he’s her husband! Shabnam orders the Policemen to take DD back to her cell! Roshni insists he’s her husband! Shabnam says she has the Court order and until it is proven in Court that he is Siddharth Khurana, DD remains in jail!
Roshni cries begging Raghu to do something. The Police takes DD inside. Roshni asks Shabnam what she has done? Raghu tells Roshni that they will destroy Shabnam in Court. He tells Shabnam that DD will be out soon and she should mark his words, Siddharth Khurana is back and he has come to save his family! It was Raghu’s dream.

Raghu is woken up from his sleep in shock as water hits his face. He sees Roshni and she says she couldn’t think of anyway else to wake him up. She asks how he can still be sleeping on such an important day when they are supposed to be going to Court!

Everyone is in Court.
DD’s former lawyer, Tiwari, who betrayed her is the Prosecutor. He tells the Judge that Sid is an impostor and there is a witness to attest to that. Raghu and Roshni looks worried.
Kritika takes the witness stand. She tells herself that she won’t let the impostor play with Roshni’s feelings!
The Prosecutor calls Raghu to the witness box, addressing him as fake Siddharth Khurana. Kritika says just being a look alike won’t help him and he needs to be kind like Siddharth. She asks him to answer some questions. She asks him for the name of Roshni’s first boyfriend? He tells her it’s Krish Mehta. Roshni is shocked. He tells Kritika that Roshni is his Wife and she can ask him anything about Roshni. He says he promise her that he will tell her everything about Roshni. Kritika asks for the name of DD’s other Child? Raghu hesitates. Roshni’s lawyer objects, but the Judge over rules the objection.
DD is already in tears because she believes he won’t know the answer. He surprises them by saying it’s Rohan. He says his Mother-in-law and Father-in-law had problems due to finances and Rohan couldn’t be saved. He tells the story about how DD’s marriage to Shiv fell apart and how she built her business.
Kritika says she has one last question, she asks for their Mother’s first husband’s name?
Roshni panics because even she doesn’t know the answer. Raghu says the name is Dev Sharma. He says her biological father and his Mum’s first husband is Dev Sharma. Kritika with teary eyes runs out of the witness box to hug him and apologise for doubting him.

The Judge says this case has become interesting. He adjourns the Court session and says it will resume about lunch break.
Roshni drags Raghu out of the Court. She tells him that she doesn’t know the answer to the last questions so he should tell her if he’s Sid? She holds him and cries, but he pushes her away and reminds her that he is not Sid, but Raghu the Mechanic and feigns anger that she didn’t prepare him properly for the questions! He shows her a diary and says it’s Sid’s diary and he has written all about his life in it. Roshni is shocked. He starts to read out what is written in the diary. Roshni closes her eyes and remembers the moments with Siddharth. Mere Rubaru plays… He watches her.

The Court is back in session.
Roshni tells the Judge that Sid is her husband. Shabnam interrupts her.
The Judge tells her to take the witness box if she has something to say. Shabnam says she never expected that Roshni would make a stranger pose as Sid and share her bed with him. She says she feels bad for her real Brother-in-law. Roshni warns her to be quiet and mind her language! Shabnam says she has a witness and it’s Raghu’s Mother, Sundari. Raghu is shocked.

Sundari enters the Courtroom and says he’s her son, Raghu. The Judge tells her to stand in the witness box.
She shows the Judge photos.
Raghu has tears and fear in his eyes. The Judge goes through the photos and Sundari asks if he can see the photos are of Raghu from when he was a child. The Judge sees the photos in the album and looks at Raghu/Sid.
Shabnam smirks and recalls meeting with Raghu’s Mum a day before. A flashback is shown, Shabnam says it would be fun today!

The Prosecutor says it’s been proven that the Man is not Siddharth Khurana and DD has really killed her Son-in-law, Siddharth Khurana! The Judge is about to give his verdict and says this Man is… Raghu asks to be allowed to speak. The Judge says the decision has been done. Raghu insists and the Judge grants him the permission to do so.
Raghu says he tried to hide the truth for so long, but the truth is that Sundari is not his Mum. Sundari asks why he’s lying and says Roshni must have done some magic on him!
Roshni is crying. Raghu tells her she’s not his Mother. The Prosecutor says this is wrong! Raghu says he’s Siddharth Khurana and he’s alive and asks them to accept it. He tells Sundari that the person who died was never Siddharth Khurana but Raghu the Mechanic. Sundari says he’s lying. She asks why he’s lying and says he is her Raghu and asks him to tell the truth. Raghu says she is not wrong either… He tells the Judge that she believes he’s her Son but the truth is that she’s mentally ill and that’s why she believes her Son is alive and he tried to make her understand but she refused to and he thinks she needs Medical attention. Sundari begs him to tell everyone he’s her Son. Raghu is in tears.
Sundari rushes to Roshni and attacks her. She is escorted outside.

Shabnam says she wants to say something. The Judge asks her to come to the witness box. She steps into the witness box. She says if he’s really Siddharth Khurana, then there should be 3 moles on his back. The Judge asks what is this nonsense! Shabnam tells that she knows because he tried to take advantage of her before he died and she saw it. Raghu looks worried. The Judge asks Raghu/Sid to show his marks on his back. Roshni looks scared.

Kritika calls Raj on the Phone to let him know Sid is alive and that their happiness is back. He can’t believe it. He says he will be returning home with her Mother. He gets happy and says his Son is alive! He calls for Simran and goes to inform her.

Sid/Raghu opens his shirt button and removes his shirt. Everyone looks on anxiously. Shabnam smirks, but to everyone’s shock, there are 3 moles on his back. Raghu turns and shows his back. Shabnam is shocked to see three moles on his back. Roshni is surprised and shocked. Raghu/Sid wears shirt back again. Siddharth tells Shabnam she has lost! He tells her that she pointed finger on his Wife’s character, but maligned her own reputation when she asked him to show the moles. He asks if there are any more questions?

The Judge rules that he is Siddharth Khurana and frees DD of all charges and apologizes to DD. He also orders an investigation into the Police’s handling of the case for filing a wrong case.
Roshni rushes to hug DD. Siddharth goes to them and Roshni hugs him tightly. He switches to Raghu again and asks how he performed? He congratulates DD and goes to Shabnam.
He tells Shabnam that DD is coming back home to take over the house again! He reminds her that he told her that he would get DD out of jail. He tells her this is her bad time and he has come back home to save his family and to teach her a lesson!
While they are waiting for DD to get to sign her release forms, Roshni stops Raghu to ask him how he got the moles on his back? He asks if she is feeling shy? He says he read it in the diary. Roshni says Sid wouldn’t write it in the diary. He says he read it in her own diary.
She is stunned.

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