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At DD’s place, the Cook is trying to remember who called for DD. Resham and DD tell him to think and tell them who called. DD threatens to hit him with her shoe. He says he can’t remember. DD orders him out of the room!

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At the hotel, Alex says the game is now in the final round. Sid and Roshni are sitting at a table and holding hands. Alex says it’s a truth or dare game and Sid would have to kiss her. Roshni says she’s done! Sid says they are leaving! As he gets up, Roshni’s hands are cuffed to the Chair. One of the bouncers ties a rope around her neck and is pulling hard on the rope.
Sid sees how distressed she looks so he says he would to it. He gives up to meet Alex. Roshni tries to tell him not to. When Sid gets to Alex, he leans in for the kiss. She puts her hand over his mouth and says she never said he was to kiss her lips. Sid looks at Roshni, embarrassed. Alex offers him her hand to kiss. He kisses it and Roshni is released.
Sam and Yash are brought in… Alex says Sid doesn’t look like he wants to play anymore but he has to because the game will only end when she says so! Alex tells Roshni that she has to take one of the bouncers in the room and get intimate with him. Sid loses his temper and threatens to kill Alex! Alex takes a gun out and points it at Sid. Roshni pleads but Alex tells her she has only till the count of 3! Roshni goes to one of the Men and they start leaving the room. Sid goes ballistic.
One of the Men is holding him so he can’t go after Roshni. He kicks and screams for her not to do it! Roshni is crying as she goes with the Man. Sid manages to free himself. He screams for Roshni to stop! He holds the gun and tells Alex to shoot him! Alex is shocked. Sid is able to get the gun out of her hand. He tells her that they would now leave the hotel! He takes Roshni. Sam and Yash follow. Alex yells for Sid!

Sid and Roshni pack up their things front the hotel room. Roshni apologises to him for getting them into trouble. Sid tells her it’s okay. They get to the door and it’s locked. Sid tries to make a call but the Phone is dead and there is no signal on his mobile Phone.
DD is driving home with Aisha. She drives over a broken glass and gets a flat tyre. She gets out of the Car and sees there is nobody nearby who can help them. Her Phone also doesn’t work.
Sid tells Roshni to follow him. He climbs into the air vent and she follows.
Yash and Sam are walking through the woods of the hotel ground, trying to get away from the bouncers.
DD panics when she sees a Car approaching. The driver gets out and it’s Bunty. She tells him what happened and says she has a feeling someone was watching them. They follow Bunty in his Car. When they leave, a person emerges from the bush with the joker tattoo on his hand.
Sid and Roshni get outside. They meet Sam and Yash. The bouncers appear and throw a large net over them. Alex comes to them and reminds them that she said they won’t leave till she says so! She leaves and the bouncers lift the net. Sid and Yash quickly turn the net over the bouncers, trapping them. Yash tells Sid that he and Roshni should run in an opposite direction.
Sid and Roshni run till they find some Motorcycles. Sid takes one and they ride away. As they leave, Sid looks around the strange place. Alex sees the bouncers and yells at them for allowing Sid and the rest to escape! She orders them to go and bring them back!
Yash and Sam drive up to Sid and Roshni. Yash says he doesn’t know what sort of place they were in and he doesn’t think they should tell anyone about it when they get home. Sid says they can’t tell their families so they don’t get worried.

DD is back home, worried. She decides to inform the Police but Sam and Yash walks in. Sid and Roshni follow. Reham and Kesar come out to see them. Resham asks Sam what happened to her leg? DD says Roshni is also hurt and she needs to know what’s going on. Sid says they went for some sports and in the process, they got hurt. DD tells them to go and freshen up.
Sid is in an Office. The person he meets with says they had no idea such a thing was happening at the hotel; the event was organised just for Sid and he paid for it. Sid is shocked as he checks his bank records and sees he was billed for everything. He calls the hotel and asks for information on Alex. The hotel says they can’t tell him anything. Sid says he needs to know because his credit card details were obtained and he was charged without his knowledge. The hotel spokesperson says all they can tell him is the event was organised by a glamour modelling agency. Alex is listening by the door.
Sid comes to the modelling agency and asks for Alex. He sees her photo amongst the ones displayed on the wall. He tells himself that he finally found her… Her game is over now, and his game starts. He says he will host the game for her!
Alex is at her home. She hears the doorbell ring and answers. A Man in a hooded top pushes her to the ground and grabs her by the neck. Sid arrives at Alexis’ place. He finds the door open and walks in. Someone is watching him and holding the joker card. Sid sees Alex sitting in a Chair that is turned away from him. He turns the Chair around and he’s shocked to see she’s dead, bleeding from the mouth. He sees a Computer monitor on the table and sees a clown laughing at him. The Clown tells Sid that he would make him and his family go through the same thing he had to go through! He has photos of Sid and Roshni’s family members. He holds Roshni’s photo and says he will make her go through pain!

Sid panics. The Clown says Sid loves her a lot and lives for her. He grabs Aisha’s photos and says she’s so lovely. He holds Sid’s Parents’ photos too and tells him that he would be separated from them all! He warns Sid not to tell the Police otherwise, he would not see his family anymore!
Roshni and Aisha are dressed to go out. They see the Chauffeur. Roshni asks if he’s new? The Chauffeur says Sid sent him and she can call to confirm. Roshni says it’s fine.
Sid runs to the Police Station. He is about to report the story when he gets a text reminding him he was warned not to go to the Police or he would lose something precious! Sid calls Roshni and she tells him she’s on her way to lunch with him and the driver he sent is bringing her. Sid tells her he didn’t send anyone and she needs to get out of the Car! The Chauffeur jumps out of the Car. Aisha and Roshni scream.
Yash and DD are outside DD’s showroom. Some Men are holding a wooden board up on the roof. They throw it down. Yash pushes DD out of the way.
Sid is with Roshni now. She says they were lucky that the Car came to a stop. She gets a call and freezes. Sid and Roshni return home to meet DD and Yash hurt. DD tells her what happened. Resham enters the room moaning. She tells them she didn’t know there was oil on the floor so she slipped and hurt herself. Roshni asks what’s going on?
The TV comes on and the clown is singing. Sid tries to turn off the TV with the remote but it doesn’t work. Roshni turns it off from the socket. Everyone looks around.

Sid gets very worried and goes to the Pool area to think. He thinks who is doing all this and someone is observing him. Yash taps him on the shoulder and he turns around in shock. Yash asks what the problem is because he has been acting strangely since they came back from the resort? Sid says it’s nothing, just some tension in Office. Yash says if Sid doesn’t want to talk then he would tell his Parents! Sid calls him back and makes him promise not to tell anyone. Yash says he won’t tell. Sid says he has seen many challenges, many bad people, but he has never been this scared, so anxious. He tells Yash everything. Yash asks him not to worry and go home and check.

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