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Roshni returns to Sid on the swing. He tells her that he arranged a dinner for Yash and Sam. Roshni says he always does things for everyone but her! They laugh about it.
They get to their suite and find the door open. Sid complains about it and Roshni says she hopes none of their things are missing.

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A Cleaner brings towels to the room. Sid asks him what he’s up to? He says he came to clean their room and Alex said to make sure they are properly taken care of and he only left to get fresh towels. Sid asks who Alexis is? We get a flash of the lady Sid was flirting with at the Pool yesterday. The Cleaner says he’s only carrying out his duty. Roshni tells him to drop the towels and go. She tells Sid to relax and offers him a massage.
The lady from the Pool is watching them from a monitor in the control room. She has several monitors where she is watching the hotel suite and the rooms in DD’s house. She asks if Sid thinks he will be able to manage everything?
Sid and Roshni are dressed for dinner. He takes her to the hotel grounds but tells her to close her eyes.
He finally tells her to open them and she gushes about the place.
Yash and Sam arrive. Sam says the place is beautiful. Sid tells her to thank Yash because he organised it all. Yash is at first confused but then he plays along. A band starts playing and the lady from the Pool who was in the control room earlier grabs a microphone to sing.
A Waiter carries a tray of drinks to them. The lady, who must be Alex, takes a glass of wine from the Waiter’s tray and gives it to Sid. Sid drinks and starts feeling dizzy. He tells the others that he’s going to the bathroom.

The next thing they hear is the same lady screaming and accusing Sid of following her into the female bathroom! She pushes Sid and he falls on the floor in confusion. He tells Roshni he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him but he didn’t do anything. The lady keeps shouting and telling Sid that they just had some laughs at the swimming Pool and he now wants to take advantage of her the same way he chases after girls! Sid tells Roshni he only had a glass of wine and doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way.
Sam tells Roshni that Sid might be fooling her and going after other girls, yet he was claiming they are the best Couple! Roshni tells her to just stop and if she wants them to compete, then they would. Sid says since they are questioning their character, then they would compete.
The lady watches them from a corner, glad that her plan worked and Sid has agreed to compete. She vows to deal with him!
In the morning, the Couples are gathered for the Competition. There are many Couples. The host tells them it’s a treasure hunt and they will be given clues to help them get to the final destination and whichever Couple gets there first, will be crowned best Couple. He says they need to sign contracts stating that they are playing the game of their own volition.

Alex is watching Sid and Roshni through binoculars. The host hands out the contracts. Sid goes through it. Sam tells Yash that they have to win! He tells her not to put any pressure on him. Sid reads the contract and asks why they are being made to sign such if it’s just a game? Roshni tells him to just sign. Sam asks if he’s going to give up? Sid walks away. Alex is disappointed.
Roshni tells Sid that she will play alone if he doesn’t want to. Sid agrees to play. They sign the papers.
The first game is for the husbands to be given questions and if they fail, the Wife gets purnished. The first Man fails and water is poured over the Wife’s head. Same thing with the second husband.
It’s Yash and Sam’s turn. He gets the 3rd question wrong and water is poured on Sam. She complains and blames him for it.
It’s Sid’s turn and he gets all questions right. The host tells Sid to throw a ball into a basket that is far off and if he fails, Roshni will be chained by the legs and thrown into the water and Sid is not allowed to help her. Sid says he’s not playing because it’s too dangerous! Roshni begs him to do it for her. Sid collects the ball. He throws it and makes the basket. Roshni hugs him and says she loves him.
At home, Aisha is playing with a doll. DD takes the doll from her and says she will help make the hair. She shakes the doll and says it’s making a strange sound.
Alex is watching from her control room. DD is about to open the doll but the doorbell rings. She answers the door and her lawyer comes in. She tells Aisha to go inside for a while, then she tells the lawyer that she wants to give Sid and Roshni all she has and Roshni is still a bit childish, so she trusts Sid. He assures her that he would handle the paperwork.

The Couples are now looking for clues. Sid and Roshni are the first to find a clue. They read it and run till they find a little hut. As soon as they enter, the door shuts. Yash sees them and he’s about to open the hut from outside but Sam tells him to leave them. Yash says he can’t just leave them. Sam says she doesn’t care because she wants to win! Sid tells Yash to go.
Yash and Sam leave. Sid finds a way to get them out. Roshni tells him that the next clue is on the roof because she saw Yash go there. Sid climbs the roof and reads the clue out to her.
The next place is the swimming Pool. Roshni runs there while Sid is still trying to get down from the roof. She gets to the Pool and meets Yash. They see the treasure box at the bottom of the Pool and both jump in at the same time. As they swim towards the box, their legs get trapped in chains.
Sam jumps into the Pool and goes after the treasure box. Sid jumps in and goes to help Yash and Roshni free their legs from the chain. Sam opens the treasure box to take out the note in it. She starts rejoicing.
Sid asks the host what sort of dangerous game it is because Yash and Roshni could have died! The host says it was a test to see who would save their partner and Sid did that but Sam went after the treasure. Sam says she doesn’t care because she got there first and won! Yash asks what’s wrong with her? Roshni says she has never seen anyone as selfish as her! Sid says he’s not playing anymore! Roshni and Yash agree to also leave.

Sam says she will play alone and win.
Alex, who has been spying on them with her binoculars, comes with 3 Men. Sid now thinks that she must be the Alex. He remembers when she gave him the drink. He asks her if she’s playing a game? She says he chose to come to the resort and his Wife is having fun. Sid says they are leaving! Her Men stop them and she tells them they can’t leave. Sid says he knew it was a trap! Roshni says they will leave. The Men stop her. Sid is now upset and ready for the challenge. He says they won’t leave because he now wants to play the game!
DD shows Kesar and Resham the logo for their new jewelry line. Resham asks what S and R stand for? DD says they stand for Siddharth and Roshni. Alex is listening to everything through the microphone on the doll.
It’s another day and the Couples are about to play the next round of the game. Sid calls the house but the new cook answers and starts talking gibberish. Sid tells him to let DD know he called. He tries to send her a text but the guards come to take the Phone from him.
DD tells Kesar that she’s worried because she got some missed calls from Sid and she is unable to reach him.
At the resort, they are now in a cave. Roshni and Sam are standing at the top of a staircase with an apple on their heads. Alex tells Sid and Yash that if they miss their targets, then their lives would end. Roshni says she trusts Sid and knows he can do it. Sam begs Yash to be careful.

Yash throws his dagger and Sam bends then she slips and hurts her leg. Sid throws his dagger and he hits the apple on Roshni’s head. Alex says Sam didn’t trust Yash that was why they lost but Roshni trusts Sid. She says in the next round of the game, they would see if Sid trusts Roshni!

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