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King of hearts August teasers

Sid and Roshni come upstairs with Aisha.
The Parents are surprised to see Sid carrying a Child.Simran asks who she is? She smiles looking at her.Sid says it’s a long story. DD accuses Sid of going around picking random dirty street kids!
Roshni tells DD that she’s just a kid.
She takes Aisha from Sid and says she wants to go and help freshen her up.
DD tells Roshni to leave her because her (Aisha) hands are dirty.
Roshni ignores DD and takes Aisha to the bathroom.
Raj asks Sid where he found her?
Sid tells them everything and says he was surprised that Aisha had DD’s address with her.
Jigna says it’s bad news because gangs do this sort of thing all the time!
The Parents roll their eyes but Roshni’s GrandAunt says Jigna has a point!
She tells that she’s sensing danger and says the girl is so tacky and Middle class and what if their Roshni gets any illness from her?
Her Sister asks her not to listen to Jigna, and says the girl is still a Child. Sid says we shall inform the Police so that her Parents can be found. DD asks what does he want to do? He wants to keep her here in her house?
Sid says it’s their responsibility to help find her Parents.
DD says her house is not a hotel and they can’t keep her here!
Sid asks if he should throw her out on the Street?
DD says she would throw her out!
Roshni returns with Aisha in clean clothes.
She looks upset and says she would take Aisha to her NGO where she would feel more welcomed and there won’t be anyone to fight over her there.

DD says Roshni is fighting with her for this little girl?
Sid says she will also come with her. Simran asks him to go quickly.
Sid goes after Roshni.
At the NGO, Roshni introduces Aisha to the other kids who welcomes her warmly.
Sid tells Roshni that he still doesn’t understand why Aisha had DD’s address.
Sid’s GrandAunt goes to DD and apologises for trying to impose her customs on them.
She says what she wants is for the baby to be safe.
She asks if she can arrange a prayer ceremony?
DD says she can go ahead but she doesn’t want anything to stress Roshni.
Sid’s GrandAunt says she won’t be stressed.
DD gives her the go-ahead to make the preparations.
As Sid’s GrandAunt walks away, she vows to teach DD a lesson for messing with her!
Roshni gives the Kids presents and Chocolates.
Aisha asks for more.
Roshni says there is no more.
A boy gives his Chocolate to her and says he will be her big brother. Roshni tells him that a new guest is coming. The kids asks who?
Aisha looks toward the window and sees a silhouette.
She walks towards it.
Roshni tells that she is going to be a Mum.
Roshni sees Aisha there and asks her what she’s looking at?
Aisha points and hugs Roshni.
Roshni and Sid look but can’t see anyone.
Sid goes outside to look.
Roshni gives Aisha water and tells hee not to be scared as there’s no one there.
Sid returns and says he didn’t see anyone.
He gets a call from the Police.
He tells Roshni that he has to go to the Station because the Police are investigating the note Aisha had with the address.
Sid’s GrandAunt is setting up for the prayer session.
Her Sister asks how many people she has invited and if it wouldn’t be a bother for DD?
Someone rings the bell and the neighbours enter complaining to DD that her Son-in-law is busy having them investigated when they know nothing about the Child!

Sid enters with the Police and tells the neighbours that DD had nothing to do with it.
He says the girl had the address of this building and they are looking for clues to lead to her Parents. The Inspector tells that they want to unite the girl with her Parents and needs to enquire.
The neighbours are silent.
DD apologises to them on Sid’s behalf and says he should have been more considerate and tells that he doesn’t know about the word ‘Privacy’ as he goes to anyone’s house at any time!
Her Mother asks why she’s talking ill of Sid?
Sid’s GrandAunt apologises to the neighbours too and invites them to the prayer session tomorrow.
DD swallows hard but she can’t say anything.
The neighbours leave and DD starts berating Sid!
She asks if he needs his head checked!
Sid says he made a Child’s problem his responsibility and if a Child’s welfare doesn’t interest her, then maybe she’s the one who needs her head checked. He asks if he should fix her an appointment?
DD says it’s waste of time talking to him! She says he wants to help everyone but can’t help himself!
She asks where Roshni is!
He says he left her at the NGO and will be going back for her.
DD tears into him for leaving Roshni behind and taking care of others. She scolds him for his carelessness!
Simran tells DD it’s enough as she will no longer put up with the way she insults Sid and that She’s proud of Sid and Roshni. She asks him to go to Roshni.
DD gets upset and leaves the room.
At the NGO, Roshni tells Sid that she doesn’t understand why the girl’s Parents abandoned her?
Sid says they can’t judge her Parents till they know what happened and maybe her Parents are searching for her. Roshni says she is so cute and hopes to help her.
Some of the kids tell Roshni that they have to leave for dance rehearsals.
Roshni tells Sid to take the kids while she stays with Aisha.
Sid says he doesn’t want to leave her all alone.
She assures him that she will be fine.
He begs her to take care of herself and his Princess. Roshni says Prince. Sid laughs.
As he turns to leave, his shirt hooks unto a nail sticking out from the bed.
He tells Roshni he doesn’t feel good about leaving.

She assures him again that she will be fine. Sid leaves. Roshni looks on.
A figure wearing a black hooded jacket and a big ring on his finger, walks away from the NGO.
DD panics and tells her Mother that Roshni’s call is not connecting!
She complains she can’t reach Roshni at all and it’s Sid’s fault!
Her Mother tells her she searches for tension everytime. She asks her not to worry as Sid is with Roshni.
It’s raining and Sid is worried about Roshni.
He is with the kids at the Venue of the dance rehearsals.
Roshni calls Sid and he tells her that he will reach there as soon as possible but Roshni says she called to let him know she’s fine and he shouldn’t drive in the storm.
Aisha draws a painting of a Man in a clown costume, wearing the same ring the figure walking away from the NGO was wearing.
Roshni asks Aisha to come so that they can sleep.
The figure walks back toward the NGO.
DD is still worried.
Her Mother says she spoke to Roshni who is fine and waiting for Sid to pick her up from the NGO as he went with the kids to their dance Venue.
DD asks did you hear Mum! She blames Sid again and says Roshni should be Sid’s priority and says she has a bad feeling and can feel Shiv’s presence, as though he wants to protect Roshni!
She says Shiv might return in the form of a baby and if anything happens to the baby, then Shiv can’t return to her! Her Mother asks her to think positive and assures her all will be fine. Suddenly Roshni’s photo frame by DD’s bedside falls down, confirming DD’s doubts.
DD and her Mother are shocked.
The figure keeps walking towards the NGO.
Sid is still waiting for the storm to calm so that he can take the kids to the NGO and join Roshni.
Roshni is sleeping on one side of the beds at the NGO with Aisha.
The figure gets to the NGO.
He opens the window and jumps in.
He approaches the bed where Roshni and Aisha are sleeping.

Aisha wakes up and he covers her mouth, stopping her from shouting.
He puts a knife to Roshni’s neck.
Just then someone knocks on the door.
Roshni wakes up and the Man hides. Roshni sees Aisha scared and asks if she has seen a bad dream?

She opens the door and it’s Kesar and DD.
DD tells her to get her things!
She complains that the room is dark and asks why there is no electricity here? She asks why the Window is also opened?
Roshni says she closed the Windows.
DD tells her to hurry up!
Roshni says she will go with her on the condition that Aisha comes as well.
DD says she can come but only for the night.
Roshni pulls Aisha to her.
Aisha points at the corner the Man is hiding and says there is a ghost.
Roshni looks but doesn’t see anyone. She tells Aisha that ghost doesn’t exist.
She locks the doors as they leave.
In the morning, Sid wakes Roshni up with a hug. He says he missed her.
Roshni looks and can’t find Aisha.
They go in search of her.
DD asks what is happening? Raj says she was with you. Simran also says the same thing. Roshni says she doesn’t know where she went to.
DD asks her to think about herself as she is pregnant. DD asks them to think about Roshni, and take care of her breakfast.
Roshni’s GrandAunt asks Roshni not to panic.
Sid says she must have hidden somewhere.
DD goes to the Kitchen and sees Aisha eating fruit and messing up the Kitchen. She shouts.
The entire family gather in the Kitchen and laughs seeing Aisha. Aisha is sitting in front of the fridge, eating everything she can find.
DD gets upset.

Roshni stops DD from scolding her. Sid says he will teach his Kids to tease their Maternal Grandmother (DD). Everyone laughs.
Roshni and Sid take Aisha away.
The living room is set for the prayers.
Sid’s Grandmother tells Jigna to get some more sweet balls.
Simran tells her Mother-in-law that her Sister has gone all out to prepare for the prayers.
Her Sister joins them and says they will need more sweet balls.
Sid’s Grandmother tells her that she already sent Jigna to get them.
Her Sister gets upset and says Jigna shouldn’t have gone to get them!
Jigna is in the Kitchen.
She sees the sweet balls that Sid’s GrandAunt has kept there and decides they are enough so she doesn’t need to get anymore

She picks up one to eat but Sid’s GrandAunt stops her and says they are for the guests!
Jigna leaves the Kitchen.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells herself that nobody will know they are poisonous! She laughs.

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