King of hearts update Friday 14th June 2019


Friday update on King of hearts 14th June 2019

The episode starts with Sid reminisces all the incidents till now where Rajveer was involved and thinks how could not he identify the betrayer, thinks he is both thug and intelligent, he has to do something to get his truth out. He then thinks he cannot expose him without any proof, and if he does, Roshni and Mona’s relationship will be ruined, once again whole family will be ruined, he will not let that happen. He has to plan it now.

Simran hears Krutika speaking on phone and saying she will come right now. She asks here where is she going at midnight. Krutika says if it is midnight, then she should go to her husband’s room and should not question her. Simran says she has right to ask her. Krutika says she is going with her boyfriend and says she should show her concern to Roshni instead. Simran asks where did Roshni come between them. Krutika says she knows everything, gets out of house and leaves on bike with her boyfriend. Simran sees them and thinks who is this guy, she has to find out.

Roshni wakes up in the morning and sees Sid awake. She asks if he did not sleep whole night. He says he slept. She says she can see his red eyes and says she will get something for him. She goes into kitchen and sees servant weeping and asks why is he crying. He says he is working here since many years and even got scolded by DD, but this time Sam slapped him for breaking his vase by mistake.

Sid comes down after getting ready and sees whole family enjoying tea. DD asks him to join them. Roshni angrily comes there and slaps Sam. Mona gets angry and asks why did she slap her elder sister. Roshni says when Sam cannot respect her elders and slap them, why should she respect her, she slapped our cook. DD and Naani are surprised to hear that. Roshni says cook broke Sam’s vase by mistake and Mona scolded him, even then Sam slapped him. Sam says she did not slap him and he is telling lie. Mona says she believes her daughter and cannot bear humiliation now, so she will go from there. DD asks Roshni to apologize Sam, even Naani ask. Roshni angrily apologizes Sam. DD asks Mona to calm down as it is common in family. Mona says she will talk to her later and will console her daughter first. Everyone leaves, leaving Roshni sad. Sid says he knows she is not wrong and Samaira lied. Roshni says cook is working here since many years and Sam slapped him, even then everyone is believing her. Sid asks her to clam down and stop this issue right here as it is a family issue and should not be dragged. She smiles and leaves. Sid thinks even he is going through same issue and will have to show Rajveer’s truth to everyone.

Sid meets his dad and tells him about Rajveer. Raj says he wants to know about us, so he was insisting to meet me. Sid says he does not know if Rajveer was really working in US as he was planning to get into good books of DD and earn money, says Sam was telling he was investment banker. Raj says he is a fraud and is intelligent, they have to be very careful.

Sid reaches IT office and asks officer if RV import and export company name is registered. Officer asks why he wants to know. He says he wants to open company in his grandpa’s name. Officer asks to show his ID and says that name is already registered. Once Sid leaves, he informs Rajveer about Sid inquiring about his company. Rajveer thinks before Sid can inform family, he should to something.

The episode starts with Rajveer angrily holding Sid’s collar and asking why is he inquiring about him indirectly instead of asking him directly. Sid tells his justification. Mona shouts at Roshni and Sid that they should stop troubling her daughter and son-in-law, else she will leave this house. DD comes there and asks what is happening. Everyone stand silently.

Roshni sees Sid sad and says he was trying to cheer her up in the morning and now he himself is sad. Sid asks her to not leave her whatever it happens. She says she will not and hugs her. Sid thinks if she is with him, he can get Ravjeer out of DD’s family and protect them. Roshni reminds him about a dinner party with NGO kids and Raj/Simran.

Simran gets ready for the dinner party and asks Raj if they can take Krutika. He says she will create problem again. Krutika comes and asks why are they going alone for the party. Raj says she has to stop thinking that they are her enemy and says when she will mend her ways, he will proudly tell whole world that she is his daughter, Krutika Khurana, but till then… He takes Simran with him.

At a dinner venue, Roshni asks Sid if he needs baby boy or girl. He says he already has a girl whom he adopted some time ago whose name is Roshni. She laughs and says she needs a son like him and he says a daughter like her. Raj and Simran come there and get happy hearing their conversation. Sid and Roshni see them and invite in. Simran asks about NGO kids. Roshni calls kids. Simran distributes gifts to them. Roshni asks where is her gift. Simran gives he bracelet and she likes it very much. Krutika watches everything from car and gets jealous.

Sid asks Simran she gave gift to Roshni and even kids, but where is his gift. She gives him sweet/til laddoo. He says it is his favourite. Simran asks him to share it with Roshni. He says then Roshni has to share her gift with him. Simran jokes that he can wear her bracelet to the office and laughs. She says she will feed ladooo to her daughter Roshni form her hands. NGO kid says Sid that he wants to pee. Sid says even he wants to and asks Raj to accompany him. Raj understands his singal signal and leaves with him. Roshni says Simran that she is lucky to have such a good husband and in-laws and soon they all will be together in one home. Simran says they will. Krutika gets jealous even more seeing them happy.

Raj says Sid that he knows what is going in his mind and asks him to not take much tension. He says it is a critical issue and he did not realize Rajveer is the betrayer, he is afraid that it will be too late before he tells about Rajveer’s truth.

Raj asks him not to do anything before he gets adequate proof. Krutika throws bottle at Sid and hids. Sid gets angry, but Raj drags him from there.

Rajveer gets call form his associate about Sid inquiring about him and gets angry. Sam asks him to take him out for a party. He shouts at her that he is in stress and she wants party, says DD’s family is treating him as thief and not jamai.

Krutika sees Roshni and Sid’s romance and gets more jealous. She thinks she will not let them in peace.

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