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Arjun meets Bablu, he says I  got money too. Lets celebrate diwali now. Her name is nice. Why am I a better person with her? Jia comes there. She says you are the best person in this world. He says forgive me I can’t help any more. She says one last time please. He says no not possible. She says please.

Arjun takes her in his car. Arjun says where do we go now? She says police station. Arjun says in heart did she recognize me? Jia says I saved a girl from kidnap. I want her address. He heaves a sigh of relief.

Nisha is looking for file. She finds Jhanvi’s picture and bangles instead. She throws them and says Samar you kept them safe? You still miss her? He says its just data relax. We have lost more than them. She says if I ever find anything related to Jhanvi again I will burn it. You better focus on work. Where are the files? He gives her files.

Jia says are you sure this is the place? He says yes this is address police gave. He says I should go now. She says will you leave me here alone? He says I will wait here and yyou go do your work. Please hurry up. She says okay.

Chini is preparing for diwali. She says constable said they will text me her phone number. Kaki says I said we should get new lights. Lights turn off. Chini says let me check main switch. Kaki says happy diwali adi jhanvi. Door knocks. Kaki says who is it. She trips in lights and falls. Jia comes in and says are you okay? Lights turn on. Kaki’s specs are fallen. Jia says Kaki ma..Kaki puts her specs on.. Jia says I Jhavni. Kaki is in shock. Jia says what is your condition. Kaki says who are you.. Your face. Jia says I am your Jhanvi. I am back, Kaki says thats not possible. You are someone else. You can’t be Jhanvi. Stay away from me. You are her doppelganger. Someone sent you.

Jia says I know you are scared but I am back. Its all my mistake. I shouldn’t have brought Nisha back. Because of me you lost your son. I am really sorry. Because of me you have to live here. I am your Jhanvi. Kaki recalls Chini’s words. Jia says remember when we were going to paris you gave me our family sari. We went to temple. Nisha and Samar came there and killed us. We tried to save ourselves but we failed. She is crying. Kaki hugs her and cries.

Chini comees there and says you came back. Jia says you grew up. I am sorry i didn’t recognize you that day. Kaki says where were you all those years? Jia says I was born here. Then we shifted to UK. When I was 7 mummy papa died in plane crash. I manage everything alone.

I see flashes of temples. I had questions and came here for answers. You and Chini are the answers. Kaki says sometimes we don’t know what God plans. I am so happy you are back. I lost all the hope. Chini never gave up. She handled everything alone. She told me one day you would come back. Kaki says adi didn’t but you are back.

Jia says this is all my mistake. Chini says no. Nisha will cry now. Kaki says God will punish her for her sins. Chini takes off garland from Adi and Jhanvi’s photo. She says we don’t need it anymore.

Kindred hearts August teasers

Jia caresses Adi’s face. She says just like I am back I am sure Adi will be back as well. Somewhere he would be looking for us, my heart says he is around. We will meet him soon enough.

Arjun says when bablu gets to know what I did for Jia he will be shocked. Chini gives jia food and they eat together. Jia says that driver was waiting outside. He must be hungry too. Chini says let me bring him. She goes out and asks Arjun to come in. She says Jia is calling you. Kaki makes Jia eat. Arjun comes in. Chini says dadi.. Jaju looks at him. Arjun says its the same aunt who gave me the thread. Kaki says come in. Thank you for bringing Jia here. You look tired. Freshen up I will serve food. He says okay. Jia says to Arjun I am sorry. So much is going on. Please eat before you go. he says I wanted to eat home food too.

Nisha comes outside Chini’s house with Samar. Nisha says they live in such a dirty place. but we have to come here for that Kaki ma. Jia recalls her death. She says nisha did so wrong. She killed us and then ruined your lives. She will be punished. Kaki says she has money and power. We cant mess with her. Nisha says knock the door. The door opens. Kaki ma is dazed to see them. Kaki ma gets worried. Nisha says welcome your daughter in law on diwali. Chini saw them already and hid Jia. Nisha comes in. She says Chini my baby. Why do you live in this slum. I didn’t give birth to you to live in this area. Come with me and live in my big house. You will get what you want and you will enjoy there. CHini says you can’t afford to give me what you want. Go from here.

Arjun says where am I stuck. Jia puts hand on his face. She says i am hiding from someone. He says what did you do? I can go right? She says no their personal matter is going on. Stay here please. Nisha is about to sit. Kaki says I didn’t ask you sit. Nisha says when you came I served you finest cocktail and now when I am here you are not giving me water. Chini gives her empty glass and says this is all we can give you. Go from here or we will call neighbors in. Get out. Nisha throws the glass. Nisha says its diwali. I came to meet my daughter. She takes out diamond earrings. Kaki says we don’t want it. You must have a reason behind all this. Nisha says relax. Don’t hyper or you BP will shoot. Chini try to understand.. Chini shoves her hand. Chini goes from there. Chini comes to Jia crying. She says that Nisha.. Jia says what is she here for? Chini says what if she sees you? I can’t lose you again. Arjun gives her water.

Nisha says I came here in this slum wasting my time. There must be a reason behind it. She gives Kaki maa some amount and says congrats. The land of ma durga temple is sold. Kaki ma is dazed. Nisha says you will stay away from this deal. Kaki says how can you do this… That land is ours. That temple is ours. Samar puts money in her hand. She says take this money from here. She throws it away and says go from here. Nisha says why did you have to give her money? And you.. Don’t take it I don’t care. Don’t come between my deal. If you try to mess I can do anything. Kaki says you will soon lose. you haven’t left temple from your lure. See what is gonna happen to you. Go from here. Nisha throttles her. Jia and Chini are looking from behind the door. Samar says leave her Nihsa. Nisha says I didn’t leave God would I leave you? That deal is very important to me even more than Chini. If you do anything i wont take time to repeat the history. i have two pawns this time too. Your Chini and you. She shoves Kaki ma. Nisha says hoh are you okay? just be on my side. I can get this chawl redeveloped for you. I wa thinking a small blast is needed before a big one. She picks a dia and says a trailer. She is about to fire her sari. He sari catches fire. chini comes out. She blows the fire.

Chini says are you out of your mind? Dadi are you okay? Chini says your bad days have started. The God you are going to sell will punish you. Nisha says my good time is going on. You will see. Anyway I am getting late. happy Diwali. She leaves. Jia asks Arjun to put the glass on table. The glass drops from his hand. She says can’t you be silent? nisha stops and comes in. she says what was that noise? Kaki says no one. Go from here. Nisha says there is someone there. Chini says go from here.

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