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King of hearts August teasers

Roshni comes to sit in her haldi Ceremony. Her GrandAunt says a girl only glows in pregnancy or in her haldi.
Roshni’s Grandmother says our Roshni is always glowing. Krutika compliments her. Roshni’s GrandAunt says she will apply haldi (turmeric paste) first!
A Veiled Woman comes and stops her. Roshni’s GrandAunt says who is this tribal woman, a blo*dy middle class! Krutika apologizes and says she is an elderly Woman from her Village. The Old woman asks who will apply turmeric paste on Roshni first? She says she will apply it. The Old woman starts coughing.
Roshni’s GrandAunt gets irked and says disgusting! DD asks to take her to the bathroom. Jigna tries to spy. Kesar scolds her and asks her to do her work!
Roshni’s Grandmother asks to start with the rituals. Roshni’s GrandAunt applies turmeric paste on Roshni’s face.
Krutika asks her to go in and clean her face, so they can take a selfie. She goes inside and sees Sid. Sid says surprise!! (The old Woman turns out to be Sid).
Roshni says it is obvious! He says he has the right to apply Turmeric paste on her first. He applies the paste on her hand sensually… Roshni closes her eyes and feels his touch. Mere Rubaru Plays…
Sid is about to kiss her, when Roshni’s GrandAunt calls her. Roshni asks him to go. Sid says he will not and asks what is cooking between the ladies? Roshni says nothing.
Roshni’s GrandAunt thinks Roshni is wasting time in her room and goes towards their room.
DD asks the Servant to keep the shoes at a side. She understands that the old Woman is Sid by looking at his shoes. She comes there and asks Sid to think about the situation! She reminds them of the insult because of both GrandAunts!
Roshni feels dizzy and gets unconscious. DD asks her to be careful. Sid calls her name! DD says it is not right to get unconscious in this condition. Sid asks what has happened to Roshni and wakes her up. Roshni gets up. DD asks Sid to go from there and not trouble her! Sid says he didn’t know that Roshni would faint with his joke. DD says you are also in your immature mood, and asks him to be serious! She says the old ladies are guests in the function and they may create problems. She repeats if Roshni or her ba… she then says if anything happens to her, then she won’t be able to bear it.

Sid apologizes. DD asks him to go home and come as a groom in the night! Sid thinks they are hiding something from him.
After Sid leaves, Roshni tells DD that Sid has to know being her baby’s father. DD says if we tell him about it, That old ladies might know about it, and create problem in the Marriage! She says we have to keep silent till she gets married.
Raj is on the Phone with a member of the Press asking Raj about Sid’s upcoming wedding?
He tells them that he will let them know when it’s time.
He informs Simran that they should keep the wedding low profile because the media always makes a fuss over everything, and they will bring up Sid’s first marriage, the divorce and his engagement to Misha.
Simran and Grandmother agree.
Grandmother’s Sister complains she already told her friends that the wedding will be on TV, so they have to do a grand wedding!
Simran says we should also inform DD as well. Sid’s GrandAunt asks Simran not to inform DD as it is their decision! She says people should know about our prestige, and says the Media will come for sure!
It’s the day of the wedding.
DD helps Roshni get ready at home.
Simran helps Sid get ready at their place.
Roshni tells her Mum that it’s a strange feeling.
Sid tells his Mum he can’t believe he will finally get married to Roshni.
Roshni tells DD that she will unite with Sid, and have his baby inside. Roshni says she will finally be able to tell Sid that she’s pregnant for him and he will be so happy.
Roshni tells that he loves her very much and no one could have ever loved her that much.
Sid tells his Mum that he will ensure Roshni is never unhappy again.
DD’s Aunt complains that Sid’s family are late for the Ceremony again!
Sid and his family arrive and Roshni’s family watch from the penthouse, then they go to the door to welcome them.
DD performs the ritual to welcome Sid inside the house and to take off the evil eye from him. He smiles.
Sid is happy she is a part of the Ceremony, unlike the first time he got married to Roshni.
Sid’s Aunt asks why they are not performing the rest of the rituals!
Roshni’s GrandAunt says they are just starting and DD needs to pinch Sid’s nose. Sid says it would be fun and asks DD to come. He dodges the pinch several times but eventually allows her to pull his nose.
A Photographer starts snapping photos and DD asks who invited the media?
Simran says her Mother-in-law’s Sister did, and they couldn’t stop it.
She apologises. Roshni’s Grandmother says they also have one here too, signaling at her Sister. She asks Sid to step inside the marriage venue.
They go inside the house.

Sid sees Roshni coming down the stairs and he’s held spellbound. Mere Rubara song plays… as Sid looks at her lovingly. Everyone smiles seeing them.
Roshni gets dowstairs and shyly stands beside Sid. The Priest asks them to do the garland ritual and Roshni tries to put the garland on Sid.
Some Men carry him up, so Roshni is unable to reach his neck.
Kesar carries Roshni up.
DD, Simran and the Grandmothers panic. Roshni makes him wear the garland.
DD tells Kesar to drop her!
Sinran and both Grandmothers concur.
Sid and Roshni sit for their Marriage.
When it’s time for the ritual before the fire, the Women panic again.
Sid’s Grandmother asks Roshni’s Grandmother if she’s thinking the same thing as her? Roshni’s Grandmother says it’s the same.
They (DD, Krutika, Simran, both Grandmothers) all gather in a room and say they forgot that when a Woman is pregnant, she can’t dance around the holy fire.
Sid’s Grandmother says they need to tell the Priest to change the ritual and perform the other one.
Sid’s Grandmother asks how they can convince their Sisters to allow it?
Kritika says she has a plan.
Roshni feels nauseous.
Kritika goes down and tells the Priest to reduce the flame as Roshni is not feeling well.
She says Roshni has also been sick and can’t stand the smell of ghee.
Roshni’s Grandmother says she will suggest another ritual.
The two GrandAunts don’t agree with her.
Jigna says the second ritual (Gandharva Vivah) is only performed when the bride is pregnant.
Everyone looks in horror!
Sid stares at Roshni.
Roshni’s GrandAunt asks if she’s pregnant?
She doesn’t respond.
Roshni’s GrandAunt asks Roshni to tell the truth. Sid’s GrandAunt pops her eyes out in shock.
Sid asks her and she has no choice but to admit.

He smiles and he’s happy. He asks if this is the truth? He asks am I going to be a Dad? Roshni smiles. Sid has tears in his eyes.
He hugs Roshni.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells Roshni’s family that she has brought shame on them and tarnished their reputation!
Roshni’s GrandAunt says it’s Sid that couldn’t control his hormones!
Sid’s Grandma asks Roshni’s Grandma what hormones is? Roshni’s Grandma says she will explain later.
Raj says if Roshni is pregnant, then it’s a wonderful news.
Sid’s GrandAunt says she will think if Roshni can be the daughter-in-law of her house!
The GrandAunts start arguing about the wedding.
Roshni gets up and tries to go, but Sid stops her and says it is enough!
Sid tells them he has had enough!
He tells his GrandAunt he’s been hearing her nonsense since so many days now and tells her to choose her words carefully because she’s talking about his Wife and unborn child here!
He says his family is going to be complete and it is a big day for him. He says he won’t let anybody spoil it; When he and Roshni doesn’t have any problem and they are not shameful about it, then what is her problem!
He says he’s proud of Roshni and will always be! He says this is his Child who is in her womb.
He tells his GrandAunt that he and Roshni have been married before and they’ve always loved each other and he won’t let anyone ruin their happiness again; He says he accepts Roshni as his wife in every births and they will always be together and nobody will be able to keep them apart!
Everyone except the Aunts clap.
Roshni hugs him and gets emotional.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells Simran to make Sid understand that this wedding can’t take place.
Roshni’s GrandAunt says she won’t let them get married either!

Simran takes some water and puts out the fire, then she tells the Priest to go ahead.
DD also tells the Priest to proceed.
Simran says the Children have suffered enough because of the differences in their families and especially because of her and DD, so she won’t let it happen again! She promises to keep the family united. Everyone claps for her.
She tells DD that they have to promise that their Children’s happiness will be their priority.
DD nods.
Roshni’s Grandmother tells her Sister to just let it go and she can leave if she doesn’t want to stay.
Sid’s Grandmother tells her Sister the same thing.
The Wedding rituals continue.
Sid and Roshni exchange garlands and looks at each other happily. He fills her forehead with Sindoor (Vermilliion). DD looks on happily. Sid makes her wear the Mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace).
Roshni’s Grandmother gets emotional.
The Priest declares that the Marriage is complete and asks them to take their elder’s blessings.
Later on, everyone is looking for Sid. They all wait for Sid. Simran asks Roshni not to get tensed that Sid would come in sometime.
Sid returns and apologises and says he went to the bathroom.
Sid’s GrandAunt tells that she is seeing the first bride, who is not crying. She says she has noticed Roshni is not sad about leaving her family!
Roshni says she’s going to her other family, she knows they love her and she has the best husband in the world!
Roshni goes to DD.
DD tells her not to say anything but to promise to take care of herself.
Sid bends to touch DD’s feet but she tells him to just take care of Roshni.

Sid’s GrandAunt asks if DD was saying that out of love or it was a threat?
DD says it was out of love.
Simran assures DD that she will keep Roshni happy, as she is their daughter and not daughter-in-law. She says they are waiting for their Grandson or Granddaughter.
One of Roshni’s relatives gives Roshni a pot with a plant and says she has to carry it to her in-laws’ home.
DD says it’s too heavy and Roshni won’t be able to hold it for long.
Sid carries the pot instead and says he will hold it as no ritual is more to him than Roshni and his Child.
Roshni is escorted to the door.
She hugs everyone emotionally and gives DD a hug and leaves with her in-laws.
DD tells her Mother that she’s worried about how Sid’s GrandAunt will treat Roshni.
Her Mother says Sid will take care of Roshni.
Roshni arrives at the Khuranas.
Simran performs the Welcome rituals with everyone’s acceptance. She asks her to step inside the house and kicks the pot. Roshni steps inside, kicks the pot and keeps her feet in the coloured water.
Simran takes them to the inhouse temple. Roshni prays to God to make her good a daughter-in-law, Wife and Mum so that she can give happiness to her family.
Simran blesses her.
Sid takes Roshni to his room and she’s shocked to see he has decorated the room with baby photos and toys. He makes her wear happy Mommy shoulder band, and a baby’s tiara. Roshni is touched with his gestures.

She says so this was why he was in the bathroom for so long.
He says he didn’t know she was coming with a baby, so he had to quickly make preparations.
He promises to treat her like a queen and make sure there is no sadness in her life, only happiness. ☺️ Mere Rubaru plays…
He makes her sit on the bed and touches her stomach to feel their baby.

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