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Adi comes on road and sees Jhanvi standing on road, he says excuse me. One beggar kid comes to Jhanvi and says i am hungry, can you give me money? Jhanvi says study and get educated, she gives him chips to eat and leaves in car before Adi can reach her. Adi is dejected that he coudnt stop her.

Adi coms in home, Kaki massages his scalp and says we are lucky to get Nisha and Adi. Kaka says Adi is lucky to get beautiful wife like Nisha, Kaki says i give examples about their couple, they have made peaceful life, Nish dosnt fight with him, doesnt argue or demand anything, they have given us everything, peaceful day too, i am lucky to get Nisha, dont hurt her ever, she takes care of everyone, Adi recalls Nisha’s harsh words. Adi thinks how to stop happiness of this house falling apart?

Jhanvi asks Survi to open door, forgive me, dont let me stay out of house, open door. Maa says they are both dramaqueens, she asks Survi to open door for her, Survi says i hate tears, she opens door for Jhanvi. Jhanvi says uncle calmed down listening to your bracelet’s noise so i couldnt take it back, Survi says in that case i am happy that you gave it to him, you are smart like me, Maa says you both are smart like me.
Nisha is calling and says i have to use fake tears to keep pretending like innocent daughter in law.

Adi comes there and says have you lost it? anything could have happened to baba because of you. Nisha moves his hand away from iron and says you would have got hurt, i care about you, Adi says dont do drama, you are trying to break my family, what wrong they have done to you? Nisha says i hate them, i dont like such happy people and big family, i want them to leave, i just want this house and business in my and your name, till it wont happen, i keep making people dance like tennis ball, you didnt do anything in life but i will do it, Adi says you have everything life, you have love and respect, what you want? Nisha says we love pets too, we respect servants too but i want power, i want money, i want keys of this house, what would i do with this good daughter in law image?

Adi says you get everything in this house, Nisha says i am not beggar, i want my own thing, i want money then i can burn or throw my money away, Adi says thats why elders have power and not you, i am asking you to end all this, Nisha says i want to end this too but my husband who deserves to be CEO is just employee of office and i should own house but i remain in my room whole day, its not okay. She brings out papers and says these are papers for house and for CEO position, sign them, then we will throw everyone out of house and it will be just you and me happily living ever after.

Adi looks at papers, he reads them, lights match-stick and burns papers, Nisha looks at him in shock, Kaki calls Nish. Nisha comes herself.

Jhanvi comes to Survi and says its going to rain so close windows. Survi is closing window when she sees someone’s silhouette in porch of house. Survi comes to Jhanvi and says there is thief in porch, Jhanvi says what should we do? she takes pot in her hands and says dont worry. Jhanvi opens door and is about to hit man but stops. Maa asks how is on door? They see some man standing in darkness.

Man comes in house, Maa is shocked to see him, Jhanvi gets emotional, man gives them cheque and says i send cheque every month but you people dont take it so i came to give it this time, Survi’s college is starting and expenses are too much so take this cheque. Maa says why you keep showing your presence? we dont want your money, we can take care of ourselves, you have chosen your path and we dont belong on it.

Jhanvi asks Maa and Survi to go in room, they leave. Man says to Janvi that i am your father, Jhanvi says you ended our relation the day you left my mom for another woman, we dont need you, she tears cheque and says leave, father leaves. Jhanvi closes door, Survi hugs maa being emotional.
Kaki comes in room, Adi and Nisha acts sweetly, Kaki asks did is disturb you both? Nisha sas not at all, Kaki says to Nisha that tomorrow is pooja for Raj and Neha
and like every year, i want you to prepare parsad, Nisha says dont worry, i will prepare all parsad, i will handle everything, Kaki says be happy always, she leaves.

Adi asks Nisha to not create any problem tomorrow, he leaves. Nisha gets message that tomorrow is party im morning, she says perfect.

Adi comes in gazebo of house. His kids come there and asks him to tell story, they make him eat food, Adi asks what story you want to hear? his daughter asks him to eat and dont talk, Adi laughs and says you asked me for story, she says tell that in breaks.

Maa is crying, Survi is trying to console her. Jhanvi dresses like charlie Chaplin and dances around her mother alongwith Survi to cheer her up, Maa tries to avoid her but Jhanvi waltz with her, Maa tries to act serious but laughs and hugs them both, Jhanvi kisses her cheek. Otherside Adi is eating watermelon with his kids and play with them, his kids sleep in his arms, he pecks their foreheads and prays to God to help him to keep his family united.
Jhanvi is lying on bed and prays that i never become reason of any family’s breakup.

Nisha gets ready. She shows her short dress to Adi and says how is this? I think i should wear it in pooja today. It will look hot right? Adi says you wont do that. I know how you pretend in front of them. She says I love you darling. You know me so well. Should I wear it? Remember there was a time when you liked me in these clothes. You couldn’t take your eyes off me.

Remember our honeymoon? Adi says I hate you and time I spent with you. You don’t have any value for the love I gave you. She says they are doing pooja for us and you are fighting here with me. If Kaki kaku know they will die. Adi says shut up don’t say that about them. They are therefore I am. Her phone rings. Adi is about to pick it. Nisha say bad manners. He says today is pooja don’t create any problem.

Kaki is preparing for pooja. Baba is playing with the kids. Nisha is sneaking out. she texts her friends I will be there at the party at 11. She sees the kids with baba. Nisha accidently shoves baba and all the pooja stuff falls. She says baba are you okay? There was a dia behind you I could burn your kurta. Baba sa thank God you are okay. But this kesar had to be used in pooja. But it doens’t matter as long as baba is okay.

Jhanvi comes to kitchen. Her mom says make sweets with me. jhanvi says why you do all this? Her mom says you got a job, we have to start it with the sweets. Jhanvi says you told me God gives us with our hardwork. Survi says wow Jhanvi devi why don’t you join politics. Jhanvi runs after her. Survi says I have whole day, but you have job you will be late. Jhanvi saus its late. Her mom gives her sweets and says take them to temple.

Nish asks the servant to bring kesar. She says neha you prepare for the pooja I will make sweets. She sees a dia near Neha. Nisha turns the fan on. Neha’s dupaatta goes near candles. Neha’s dupatta gets burned. She screams help. Everyone comes out. Neha is all surrounded by fire. Nisha blows the fire. Kaki says are you both okay? Neha says thank you bhabhi. She saved me. Kaki says God saved you thank you Nisha. Nisha says everything is not going well.

First that kesar and now this. Why is all this happening on a good day. Kaki says but this shouldn’t halt. Nisha says I should go and bring kesar and I will go to temple on the way. You prepare here for pooja. Kaki says yes you should go. Neha change your clothes.

Nisha is sneaking out. She collides baba sa. Her clothes fall down. He says whose clothes are these? Nisha says they chini and Bini’s.

Jhanvi is on her way. Her scooty slips. She says thank God nothing bad happened. Her slipper is broken. Jhanvi says what is happening on first day with me.

Adi is on his way. He says Nisha went to temple? Okay thanks. Jhanvi places a ‘stop pot hole ahead’ board near the roadside where she fell. She leaves. Adi comes and sees the board. He says who did this? People who think of others are rare.

Nisha is partying with her friends. Her friend says you look so hot babes. Another says there was a pooja in your house. Nisha says this is our kinda pooja. My kaki ma trusts me too much that I do everything. Her friend says they are so conservative but you handle them so well. she takes shots and says to my sweet and pious family.

Kaka is in office. kaki calls her and says where are you? nisha went to bring kesar but he isn’t back. Kaka says I have sent the servant. He would be coming any moment.
Jhanvi comes she slips. Her sweets fall out. A girl helps her and places her sweets on side table.

Jhanvi meets kaka and says sir presentation is ready. He says I have to go home there is a function. You show the presentation to adi.

Adi sees the sweets. Kaka comes and says the parsad is here. He takes the box from him. Kaka says I have to go home. Nisha got late in temple. You wait here. That new designer is waiting in the cabin, take her presentation. Adi says in heart Nisha would never go to temple. Where is she.

Nisha is dancing and partying with her friends.

The pooja starts. Pandit ji says call rest of the family too. Kaki says I should call and ask nisha where is she? Nisha is dancing.
Kaki says nisha won’t come till the pooja. She is in temple and there are a lot of people. Adi can’t come either. Please keep this knot of their wedding here as their presence. The pooja is being done.

Jhanvi says where is the sweets box? Where did I miss it? Kaka gives it in pooja. Kaki keeps calling Nisha but she doesn’t pick up.
Nisha looks for the box everywhere. SHe says ma will kill me if I don’t find it.
Pandit ji gets done with pooja. Adi comes in the cabin, Nisha is all surrounded by papers. They are all flying in the air because a peon has opened blower by mistake. Adi sees Nisha.

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