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Jhanvi is leaving Adi’s house but Nisha stops her, Nisha smirks at her and says that thank you for everything but.. no thanks, i called you to help me but you have helped me too much, now get done with it and move on, focus on your life. Jhanvi says and leave you destroy this family? Nisha says that’s none of your business, this is my family and my life, i can do anything with it, Jhanvi says you are torturing such nice people? people crave to get such nice family but you don’t value them, you are running behind dreams that will leave you one day, you say you love Adi? but you torture him, he will leave you one day.

Nisha says Adi is mine and will remain mine, you don’t talk about my life, who are you interfere in my life? you are a friend but you are crossing your limits, Nisha asks Jhanvi who are you to interfere in my life? you friendship limits are crossing way too much, whenever you want, you come in Adi’s life to solve his problems and help, you take so much pain and sacrifice for one person why? you cant fool me, tell me with which right are you interfering in our lives? what relation do you have with Adi? Adi comes there and says I will answer that question for you, Nisha looks on. Adi glares at her and says let me tell you with which relation she comes to my house, you don’t have pure to understand, she is the person who made me smile after 8 years, took care of my family, made me reason to fight, has no selfish behind her deeds, she has saved baby many times, she has humanity relation with me which you don’t understand, Nisha says don’t tell me all this in-front of third person, you don’t compare me with this new girl, this is your manners?

Adi says you don’t talk about manners, you alleged her so filthily, still she came here to take care of baba, Adi says to Jhanvi that i am sorry on Nisha’s behalf, baba needs you, you make him stable, i request you to take care of him, Jhanvi says i want that too, i will see you tomorrow, she leaves. Nisha glares at Adi and says are you serious? he ignores her and leaves, Nisha huffs in anger.

In morning, Adi is doing push ups with Binni on his back, Chinni says to Adi that we are get bored on Sundays so plan something good today, Adi says you both change clothes, i will plan something, they leave. Nisha comes out of bathroom, wiping her wet hair, she sits beside Adi and tries to hug him but he moves away and gets Jhanvi’s message, he starts going to bathroom, Nisha hugs him from behind and says I will do what you want, i will take care of baba too but close chapter of Jhanvi, Adi says stop this drama, Jhanvi is part of this house now, Nisha says she has no relation with us, Adi says there are relations based on humanity, some relations are above blood relations, Nisha says even Kaki doesn’t want her in this house, Adi says you have done what you wanted to and I am warning you to back off, he leaves. Nisha is miffed.

Maa gives parsad to Jhanvi, she says this is for Adi’s baba, you will go there so give it to him, i know you care for him a lot and when i saw him last night, i realized only you can handle him, take care of him till he is not stable, God wouldn’t want me to stop you from doing good. Jhanvi hugs her and says i wouldn’t be able to do anything without your support, thank you. Maa says be careful of Nisha, she can do anything, take care of yourself, Jhanvi says yes she is really smart but i will listen to you this time and will make sure that Nisha doesn’t drag me in her trap again, she leaves, Maa looks on.

Kaki comes in baba’s room and sees Nisha massaging his feet, Nisha says his feet were dry so i am massaging it with oil, Kaki says its really good, you will get everything in life because of this care. Nisha asks Baba what will he have in food? Chinese? Jhanvi comes there and says Maa has given me food for Baba, she has cooked in low oil, i think we should take Baba out, Nisha says i dont think its good idea to take him out, Jhanvi says i asked doctor and he said fresh air is good for Baba, Baba says lets go then. Kaki asks Jhanvi to take care of him, Nisha looks on.

Jhanvi brings Baba in lounge and sees Adi and kids in picnic clothes ready to go, Adi says if baba is going then we will go too, Chinni asks Kaki to come with them too? Kaki says i have to take care of Neha. Aid asks Jhanvi shall we leave? Nisha secretly points Binni to invite her too, Binni asks Nisha to come with them too for picnic, Nisha says of course, i will come.

Nisha with her family and Jhanvi are in park. Baba is sitting on grass, he says there is sunlight above, it hot here. Nisha gives him umbrella and asks him to hold it, then you will not feel heat, Baba is eating and doesn’t want to hold umbrella, Nisha gets frustrated and asks him to hold it, Jhanvi comes there and stand in-front of Baba and provides him shade with her body, she says now you can eat, i will stand in-front of you, baba thanks her, Nisha glares at Jhanvi.

Baba says i want to walk in park, Nisha says okay i will hold you, Jhanvi says he is not that weak, he can get up himself, Baba gets up himself and winces in pain, Nisha says let me help you, Baba says i will walk myself, Nisha says let me take you to walk, she takes baba for walk.

Adi is playing with kids, kids says we need four people to make two teams but we are three in number, Adi sees Jhanvi standing alone, he comes to her and says aren’t you interested in games? come play with us, we need a team-member, Jhanvi says i am fine, Chinni and Binni requests her, Jhanvi nods and they all start playing Frisbee. Jhanvi is in Chinni’s team while Adi is in Binni’s team.

Nisha is walking with Baba, Baba says i like walking, Nisha sees Adi, Jhanvi, kids playing, she thinks no no, she is there with kids and Adi and i am stuck with Baba, she turns to ask Baba to sit down, he sits down.

Nisha comes to play with kids and Adi, Binni says we are full on teams, who will be your teammate mom? we cant take you in our teams, Nisha asks Jhanvi to stay with Baba and she will replace her in team, Chinni says no Jhanvi aunty will stay in our team, Nisha says we will not play in teams, we will play individually so Baba can play with us too, kids get excited. Nisha comes to Baba and asks him to play with them, Baba says lets play, he winces in pain but asks what he has to play? Adi says you have to catch Frisbee, they all start playing Frisbee, Jhanvi tries to catch but Nisha comes in-front of her and catches it. All are getting out of game, only Baba, Jhanvi and Nisha are remaining in game.

Adi says i will throw last, who will catch it will win, Nisha thinks that this is my family, i should have most involvement in this game, not Jhanvi but I will win this game. Nisha, Jhanvi and Baba line to catch Frisbee. Adi throws Frisbee in air and leaves with kids to take them to icecream. Nisha, Jhanvi and Baba run backwards to grab Frisbee. Baba is running backwards to catch Frisbee that is in air, Adi sees him and runs to him stop, Jhanvi sees him too and runs to him, Nisha grabs frisbee and says I won. baba moves backward without seeing and he stumbles on rock, he falls back and is about to hit his back sharp spade that will stab in his back, all are stunned, Jhanvi runs to him and pulls him away before he can get injured, Adi thanks Jhanvi. Baba says you saved me again Jhanvi, i am sure till you are with me, nothing cal happen to me, Nisha sees all this and thinks i have to break this trust.

Baba is sleeping in his room. Nisha comes there and asks him to wake up, he gets scared seeing her. Nisha says dont be scared, i promised to not hurt you, i brought eyedrops for you, they will release your stress. She puts eyedrops in his eyes and smirks, she says sweet dream. She leaves, Baba have itching in eyes, he rubs them.

Baba is sleeping at late night, Jhanvi comes there and wakes up him, he asks who? he sees silhuette of someone standing in dark and says Jhanvi what are you doing at night here? jhanvi says i wanted to talk, i belong to lower middle class family but my dreams are high class, i was taking care of you thinking that you would give me higher class life but you gave me nothing but thank you, now you ask Adi to give 10% share of business to me and if you dont do it then.. she shows him sharp dagger, she says then with this dagger, I will hurt Adi.

Baba says dont do anything to Baba, Jhanvi says if you dont want it then do what i am asking you to do it, this is our secret so dont tell anyone, he says okay and is not able to see her face, just hear her voice, Jhanvi asys goodnight, she lies on bed. Itsw actually Nisha and not Jhanvi, Nisha thinks that because of eyedrops Baba would have blurr vision and wouldnt see the difference between me and Jhanvi and thought I was Jhanvi, sorry Jhanvi but you have to go. Nisha comes out of his room and sees Binni there, she is stunned, Binni says why you are dressed like Jhanvi aunty? Nisha says we will play fancy dress so i wore Jhanvi’s costume, dont tell anyone otherwise i will lose competition, now go to sleep, Binni goes to sleep.

Adi sleeping on Chinni and Binni’s double bed, he wakes up and sees Binni missing. Binni comes there, Adi asks where did you go? she says to drink water, he says water was in this room, now come to bed, he lies her in bed and lies with her, they go to sleep.

In morning, Adi says to kids that i will drop you to school, she jumps happily. Nisha comes there and serve them milk but Adi takes milk glass and says its little hot so drink later, Nisha says i didnt realize it sorry. Jhanvi comes there, kids wishes her morning. Nisha smirks at her and leaves, Jhanvi looks on. Jhanvi says to Neha that i brought sour mangoes for you, Neha thanks her. Raj says she keep demanding things at night too. Jhanvi says i will go and see Baba now. Jhanvi leaves, Nisha sees her going and looks on.

Jhanvi comes to Baba’s room and asks how is he? he says i am fine, Jhanvi says i miss you when i go back home, my sister and Maa knows that I miss you Baba, can I call you Baba? he says yes. Jhanvi shows him mangoes and says i brought it for you, she starts cutting them with knife, Baba gets scared seeing knife, he recalls how Jhanvi(that was actually Nisha) threatened him with knife and asked him to ask Adi to give her 10% share. Baba throws mangoes away and shouts for her to leave, all family members come there, Adi asks what happened?

Baba screams to send Jhanvi away, i cant see her, get out, all are confused, Adi tries to calm baba down, Nisha says Jhanvi he is uncomfortable with your presence? Nisha asks him to calm down, Baba screams to ask her to leave, send her away. Jhanvi asks Baba to hear her but Baba panics. Nisha says dont worry Adi and me are here to take care of you, Nisha says to Jhanvi that i feel Baba didnt like something you said, can you go out for a while? Jhanvi leaves room, all are confused, Nisha smirks.
Jhanvi comes in lounge and starts leaving but sees Binni there, she waves at her, Binni is intensely looking at her but then leaves.

Baba asks Adi to send Jhanvi away, Adi says okay. Adi looks at Nisha trying to read her mind then helplessly looks at baba who is murmuring to send Jhanvi away.

All family members come in lounge, Kaka says i dont know what happened, Jhanvi do you have any idea? Jhanvi says he was talking to me nicely but then got scared, i dont know. Nisha says i am also surprised, he is most comfortable with Jhanvi, did you say something as joke or something? i dont understand too, Adi looks at her and sees her smirking. Adi says to kids that lets go to school. Adi leaves with kids, Nisha sees Jhanvi tensed. Jhanvi goes behind Adi, Nisha says unbelievable.

Jhanvi comes to Adi and says you forgot water bottle of kids, Nisha looks at them from window. Adi says to Jhanvi that stay away from Baba till i comeback, we will know what happened, Jhanvi says it didnt happen, it was made to happen, Nisha did something, Adi says i am sure because she wants to send you away from this house, Jhanvi says i have a feeling that Binni knows something about it, Adi looks Binni and Binni hides in car, Adi says to Jhanvi that dont worry, i am here, i wont let Nisha do anything, he leaves in his car. Nisha sees all this and says oh God Jhanvi just leave.

Jhanvi comes in home, Nisha says i think you should leave, you want good of Baba thats why you were staying here right? now he is not feeling good with you here so you should leave. Jhanvi says i want to know why he is behaving like this now, Nisha snickers and says you were interior designer when i met you then you became doctor when you came in this house and now you are a spy? what are you? James Bond? you know this house was running fine without you, we dont need Jhanvi agarwal to run it, i think you must have some dignity to leave on your own, Nisha says to Jhanvi that you should leave this house now, dont be that much wanna be, i will take you out of here myself, Nisha is about to drag Jhanvi out but Baba comes there and says Jhanvi?

Adi is driving with kids and recalls how last night Binni was awake, how Jhanvi said that Binni knows something. Adi says i was playing video game last night, Binni was awake so she must have seen me, Binni recalls how she saw Nisha wearing clothes like Jhanvi and how she told her that she wore for costume dress competition and dont tell anyone. Adi asks Binni that water was in room then why did you go out? Binni says no, i went to drink water, nothing, no, Adi looks on.

Baba comes to Jhanvi and says you are leaving without meeting me? i was waiting for you, when did you come? she says just now, he says come with me. She asks how is he? He says i was waiting for you since morning, Jhanvi asks Baba that when i left last night, did something happen that you didnt feel good about? Did something weird happen? anything? all family members look on, Baba says yesterday.. yes.. Nisha gets tensed, she says Baba you are not fine, you should rest in your room, talk with Jhanvi in your room, he nods and takes Jhanvi to his room. Nisha says to Kaki that he is not feeling bad, Kaki leaves. Nisha thinks that he will remember everything when he goes to his room as she has put that knife on his wall.

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