King of hearts update Sunday 30th June 2019


Sunday update on King of hearts 30th June

The episode starts with Roshni giving divorce papers to Sid. He asks what is it. She says she feels they should forget each other. Sid is shocked to see divorce papers. She says if he wants to keep her happy, he should divorce and free her. Sid says every relationship has problem, but divorce is not a solution. Roshni says it is issue of my family and she cannot see them harmed. She asks why did he send goons to kill Naani to get into her books later and says she herself heard goon telling you sent him.

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Sid asks if she believes goon more than her husband. She says she does not believe him now and walks out asking again to give her happiness back by divorcing her. Sid panics thinking about divorce.

Roshni walks on road reminiscing her marriage and romance with Sid. Pyar hai ya sazaa….song plays in the background. She then reminisce Simran accepting that she is Simran Khurana and not Kukreja. Sid on the other side is also walking on road and reminisces marriage, allegations, divorce papers, etc.

Roshni reaches home. Naani asks if she met Sid and cleared all the misunderstanding. Roshni says yes and says her and Sid’s ways are different now and she has asked divorce from Sid. Naani asks if she has gone mad and says her eyes have seen ages and she does not see Sid doing anything wrong. DD asks Naani to stop brainwashing Roshni. Roshni shouts to stop their fight. Naani says she can do whatever, but she knows Sid will not divorce her.

Sid beats his manager for taking his name with goon and asks who asked to do this. He says his wife is ill and he needed money, he got a call from someone who asked to take his name and sent money envelope. Sid sees envelope and is shocked to see Yash’s company name on it.

Yash comes to DD’s house. DD tells him about Roshni giving divorce papers to Sid and says it is right time to propose her again and get married. Sid enters just then, hold’s Yash’s collar and asks how can he stoop to such a low level that he sent goons to harm nanimaa and blame him instead. Roshni stops Sid and asks him to keep his goondagiri in his home. Sid asks her to ask if her best friend did not send goons and blamed him and shows envelope. Yash says he gave this envelope to NGO with cheque in it and not cash. Roshni asks Sid to stop his drama and DD asks him to get out and stop interfering in her daughter’s life. Sid says her daughter is his wife and nobody can stop him from meeting his wife. Sid tells Yash his eyes are saying he is innocent, he will catch the real culprit and will drag him here. Once he leaves, Naani says Sid is telling true and argues with DD. Roshni asks her to stop and says she knows what to do. She asks Yash if he wants to marry her.

Sid calls Raj and tells him that he made a mistake of doubting Yash unnecessarily, manager misguiding him, says he will ruin manager’s life. Manager hears this, calls Rajveer and says he cannot continue the drama anymore. Sid takes phone from him, hears Rajveer’s voice and identifies him.

Roshni has answer for his question. She takes out his ring and says she is ready to marry him. DD gets happy and says Roshni has accepted his proposal and now he has to propose her properly. He kneels down and dorns her engagement. Naani gets sad seeing this. DD says she will get sweets for them and asks Naani to accompany her.

Yash sees Roshni sad and says he knows her mental condition and says he hopes her yes is not under pressure and she has same feeling as he has for her, he will give her happiness of whole world.

Sid fumingly goes to his home and shouts at Rajveer to come out. He hears Kritika crying, sees her wounded and asks who did this. She says Rajveer did this. She says she heard Rajveer talking to manager and asking to blame manager. He says he will teach Rajveer a lesson. She requests him not to tell Rajveer anything and says she got family after many years and she does not want to lose it. She holds her legs and pleads again. Sid says he will keep quiet this time, but will not next time. He asks her not to touch his feet again and says he will not spare Rajveer next time.

Naani asks Roshni her decision to marry Yash is wrong as she does not love him. She says people love after arrange marriage and she will also try it. DD says there is no harm in trying arrange marriage. Naani asks without divorce how can roshni remarry. DD thinks Naani is right.

Yash’s sister comes to meet him. Yash informs her about Roshni accepting to marry him. She congratulates him and says they have a lot of work to do. Sid comes there. Yash asks why did he come here. Sid says he came to apologize him alleging him of Naani’s attack. Yash says okay. Sid asks him to come out of fantasy. Yash asks why did he come and created a drama in DD’s house and says he and Roshni have decided to move ahead and Roshni has already signed divorce papers. Sid says nobody can separate him from Roshni and the fact is roshni also loves him. Yash says if he thinks so, he will accept his challenge.

Rajveer finds Sid and Roshni’s divorce papers on floor, reads it and gets happy. He thinks the papers Sid threw as garbage, he will use it and teach Sid a lesson.

Yash’s sister tells him that he is happy Roshni has accepted his proposal, but when her divorce has not happened and her husband is claiming her, then what will he do. Yash says Roshni’s condition is because of Sid and he is sure she will not go back to him. She asks what if Sid lures Roshni again and she goes back, she cannot see him broken. She says she has a way to give this problem a formal route and stop further problems. They reach DD’s house and sister requests for a formal engagement. Roshni agrees.

Sid comes back home and thinks Yash has gone mad and will pay for his madness. Rajveer hears this and calls Yash. Yash picks call and asks what does he need. Rajveer says he wants to help him. Yash sas he does not need his help as he and Roshni are gettign engaged in some time and cuts call. Rajveer smirks.

Rajveer finds Roshni and Sid’s divorce papers on floor and thinks what if Sid knows about roshni’s engagement.

DD gives jewelry to Roshni and says it is her wedding jewelry and it is all she could save. Once she leaves, Naani asks Roshni when she has not divorced Sid and still loves him, how can she get engaged to Yash, she will be spoiling both Sid and Yash’s life. Roshni says she has moved on and her talks will not affect her. DD comes and asks Naani to stop brainwashing Roshni. She calls makeup ladies, and Roshni gets busy getting ready. Naani thinks she should stop Roshni’s engagement and calls Sid, but his phone is not reachable. She purposefully injures Roshni’s right hand and applies bandage all over her hand.

Yash and his sister Mihika come for engagement and Nihika asks Roshni to extend her right hand. She is shocked to see bandage over hand and asks what happened. Naani says she got injured, so she had to be bandaged. Mihika asks he to extend left hand and asks Yash to dorn ring. Rohni reminisces Sid proposing her and her engagement and gets emotional. Everyone clap after engagement.

Simran thinks DD patel’s menace always harms Sid. Rajveer says Kritika is very tensed thinking Roshni will come back and if she comes back, nothing will be normal in this house, Sid goes blind when he thinks about Roshni, but they have to think wisely. Simran says until she is alive, Roshni will come to this house. Rajveer gives her divorce papers and says if they have to keep away Roshni, they have to execute their plan. Simran asks how will they. Rajveer says he will handle it.

Sid on his terrace reminisces Roshni’s fights and repeated requests to forget her, asking him to sign on divorce papers and free her. Raj comes and asks who was behind everything. Sid says Rajveer, but he cannot do anything because of Kritika. Raj hugs and says he is with him.

DD calls pandit and says Yash that she wants to get marriage as soon as possible to get rid of Sid. Yash asks her not to worry, he will keep Roshni happy. She asks pandit to fix marriage on holi festival day. Pandit says it is not auspicious, but she insists.

Naani calls Simran, but Simran picks call and asks her to keep her family away from Sid. Naani says Roshni is getting married. Simran says it is good for both Roshni and Sid and cuts call. She thinks of getting Sid’s sign at any cost. Nanni calls Sid,but his phone is not reachable. She thinks to meet Sid immediately. DD says she cannot do that.

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