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Sunday update on Mehek 30th June 2019

Mahek recalls how she used to cook with her parents, how they died when she was a teen. Shaurya is jittery, he holds Mahek’s hand, she jerks it away, Mahek faints unable to bear pressure. Everyone rushes to Mahek, Karona brings water for her, Shaurya puts Mahek’s head in his lap, she sprinkles water on her face, Mahek wakes up.

Kanta says Mahek you dont look fine, what happened? Shaurya asks if she is fine? should I call doctor? Mahek glares at him and tries to move away from his lap. Shaurya tries to hold her but she jerks him away. Kanta makes Mahek sit on chair, Mahek looks at Shaurya with grudge in her eyes. Kanta asks Mahek what happened? Dolly says this is our fault, I asked Mahek to keep a fast, she didnt eat anything since morning thats why she fainted.

Mansi makes Mahek drink water. Kanta asks Karona that can I request something? dont feel bad. Karona says what is it? Kanta says we want to talk to Mahek alone for once, Karona gets tensed. Karona says yes why not, you dont need to take permission, Karona leaves with her family. Shaurya silently leaves too. Kanta asks Mahek what happened? I am imagining bad things, Jeevan asks everything fine?

Sonal says I think Mahek is sad about Mohit and Shaurya, Mohit promised me to not tell anyone. Ravi asks Mohit what happened? Sonal says Shaurya raised hand on Mohit, all are stunned. Sonal asks Mahek if she is worried about that? Kanta says such big thing happened and nobody told us?

Shaurya raised hand on my son but Shaurya is my son in law, Shaurya did wrong Mahek but he is your husband, there are many things between you both, you both will face many problems together, you both have to decide if you want to fight or solve things by talking. Kanta says to Mahek I am a mother and I would want my daughter to keep everyone united. Kanta says to Mahek that its your work to keep everyone tied and united in relations. Mahek says but there are things which we cant forgive, what about those?

Kanta says we have let you married Shaurya after thinking, if Shaurya hurts our family members then its different but Shaurya is not like that, we have tested him, you cant live like this, you cant fight over every small things, he is your husband, its your responsibility to take care of him and his duty to take care of your needs. Mahek says yes, I will keep in mind.

Karona says to Shaurya that no one will agree that you didnt do it deliberately, everyone will take you as wrong. Shaurya says I am wrong, and I am ready to accept it, forgiving and giving me chance to rectify my mistake is in hands of people whose criminal I am. Karona looks on.

Karona says to Shaurya that no one will agree that you didnt do it deliberately, everyone will take you as wrong. Shaurya says I am wrong, and I am ready to accept it, forgiving and giving me chance to rectify my mistake is in hands of people whose criminal I am. Karona looks on.
Sharma family start leaving Shaurya’s house, Shaurya greets them.

Shaurya touches Kanta’s feet, Kanta says if fights dont happen between husband and wife then its not good, but they have to pacify each other too, I couldnt find more nice guy than you for Mahek, dont disappoint me, if you hurt her heart then you would have to fight with me, understand? Shaurya nods, she blesses him and leaves. Shaurya looks on.

At night, Shaurya is jogging and recalls Mahek’s breakdown, him killing her parents,  Mahek hating him. Shaurya hears some noise from kitchen, he goes there. Mahek is working in kitchen, she keeps crying and crushing spices, she recalls Shaurya killing her parents. She recalls how Shaurya asked her to forgive him, how she lost her parents. shaurya comes there and sees her working andrily, he is stunned.

Shaurya says your hands will burn with spices, leave it, Mahek says dont! she angrily starts cooking, Shaurya tries to talk but she ignores him, Mahek caresses her face and her face burns with spices, she winces, Shaurya says dont punish yoursef, its all my mistake, Mahek pushes him away and tastes spices,she says its not fine. Shaurya says I am sorry, Mahek ignores him, shaurya holds her hand and says listen, Mahek says what to listen? you didnt even give me right to decide if I want to marry you or not, you took my parents, shaurya says I tried to tell you truth but..

Mahek says you knew truth even then you took pheras with me? why didnt you tell me truth first? this is deceiving, you promised to share everything in wedding while you were hiding truth? Mahek tries to crush spices again but her finger gets crushed and bleeds, Shaurya shouts Mahek.. Mahek says you have given me more pain than this and I cant even throw you away, living with you is impossible and I have to pretend that everything is fine? when I see your face,

I feel like shouting to world that you are murderer, Shaurya folds his hands and says it was an accident, Mahek says my parents death was a murder but you deceived me by marrying me, you killed me. Mahek holds hot stove, Shaurya pulls her to him, Mahek cries and trashes in his arms, Shaurya caresses her face, Khamoshiyan plays, Shaurya says I am sorry, I should have stopped wedding, I should have told you truth, you can punish me.

Mahek beats his chest and says why you did it? shaurya says beat me, hit me, bring out all the pain of heart, but I cant live without you, dont go away from me please. Mahek looks in his eyes, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and puts it on his face, Mahek pushes him away and says stay away from me, you have killed my parents, I cant love you, you have just given me pain and cheating, I cant live with you, I want to go home, I want to go to my family, she runs away from there, Shaurya goes behind her.

Jeevan and Mohit comes there, Jeevan says I told you to not do decorations so soon, storm is coming, take decoration down, Mohit says you told me to decorate whole street as Mahek and shaurya will visit soon. Jeevan and Mohit takes down all decoration.

Mahek is running on road in storm. Shaurya is running behind her and asks her to stop. One truck hits Mahek’s shoulder, Shaurya screams for her but Mahek doesnt stop and keep running. Mahek comes to her street. She hears family outside.

Kanta says to family that we have fulfilled promise to Mahek’s mother, we have got happiness after so much time with Shaurya and Mahek’s wedding, I just hope no curse falls on their relation. Mahek stands under heavy rain outside her house and caresses board which say this street is dedicated to her mother, she cries recalling how Shaurya did it for her mother.

Mahek cries harder seeing Shaurya there, Shaurya takes off his hoody and covers Mahek with it, Mahek cries seeing him. Shaurya says you said that I didnt give you chance to take decision? now you have choice, do you want to come with me? or you want to leave me? he wipes her tears, Mahek says I am in such situation where I cant come with me because I suffocate seeing you but I cant go back home because I dont have guts to tell truth to them, humari adhuri kahani plays,

Shaurya moves away from Mahek, Mahek looks away, Shaurya recalls their happy moments, Mohit comes there and says what are you doing here Mahek? Shaurya hides behind wall. Mohit doesnt see him, Mohit calls Ravi. Ravi comes there and says Mahek you here at this time? everything fine? where is Shaurya? lets go inside. Mahek starts leaving with them, she turns and sadly looks at Shaurya, Shaurya looks at her with pain-filled eyes, Mahek leaves, Shaurya wipes his tears.

Ravi and mohit brings Mahek in house. Kanta asks what happened? Ravi says she was standing outside. They dry Mahek’s hair, Mohit says its nothing, Kanta says then why would she come here at night? Balwant says is it something else? Kanta says i dont know. Mahek thinks that I cant tell them truth nor I can lie.

Balwant says to Mahek that you have returned from your inlaws house in a day? what happened? did Shaurya say anything? did his father say anything? should I talk to Shaurya? Mahek says I want to go change clothes. PD says you go. Mahek turns to leave, Jeevan says lets call Shaurya here, dont know if he knows she is here or not. Kanta says lets talk to Mahek first, Mahek sadly goes to her room. Shaurya is going to his house in rickshaw, he is broken.

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Mahek stands in her house and recalls her moments with Shaurya, Kitni girhen baki hain plays. Shaurya gets Kanta’s call, he gets dejected that Mahek is not calling him, he ignores it. Mahek looks at fate lines on her hand. She takes album and looks at her pictures with her parents.

Shaurya recalls Mahek breaking down and hating him. Mahek recalls their wedding moments, they are both silently crying and hurting. Shaurya thinks that there might be someway to solve everything. Mahek thinks I cant bear pain alone, I have to talk to family. Mahek comes in lounge, Kanta says Shaurya is not taking call, they must have big fight.

Shaurya asks rickshaw driver to take different route.

Kanta asks Jeevan if we should go to meet Karona? Jeevan says we will go in morning. Kanta says what if Shaurya and Mahek cant fulfill this relation? what if this marriage doesnt workout? I wont be able to forgive myself, I promised her parents that we will always keep Mahek happy, did we do some mistake in fulfilling that duty? Jeevan asks her to be strong. Mahek is emotional hearing all this.

Shaurya comes to police station, he thinks then goes inside.

Kanta says to family that it was our duty to find good guy for Mahek, is Shaurya not good for our Mahek? Jeevan says everything will happen. Mahek thinks that I can tell them truth, they wont be able to bear truth, they wont be able to forgive Shaurya and themselves after knowing what Shaurya did.

Kanta says to Mahek that whatever it is, you can tell us with open heart, it doesnt matter whose mistake it is or whats the matter. Mahek says Shaurya and me.. door bell rings. Mohit says police has come, inspector comes there and says you have to come to police station with us, all are stunned.

Rajesh reads newspaper and says bloody fool, he tells Karona that Shaurya has surrendered himself in police station, she is shocked.

Karona and Rajesh comes to police station and sees Shaurya sitting there, Karona hugs him. Inspector says we havent filed any case, Rajesh says I will take him, Shaurya says I wont go anywhre. Inspector says he is not leaving, he is saying that his wife will tell his crime so I have called her family. Karona says why you are willing to tell this to world Shaurya? Rajesh says he is going crazy in love, he is doing mistake and being a idiot in love, Shaurya says yes I am in love, I dont care about your face value and fake honor in society.

Sharma family comes to police station, Kanta asks Mahek what is going on? they come inside, Shaurya is there, Shaurya says I have come to surender myself, I want to pay for my mistakes, Kanta says what mistakes? Mahek ties her dupatta and starts beating him, she says I asked you in anger that go to jail so you went to surender yourself? I was angry on you for leaving me at time of pheras, you said sorry then you slapped my brother and said sorry? Mahek beats Shaurya with stick and says I wont forgive you now, what you think of yourself? she beats, Shaurya stumbles backwards, Mahek falls in his arms, Shaurya holds her hand tightly, Mahek whispers I am not saving you but my family, they should not get to know truth.

She moves away from him and beats him with stick, Shaurya holds his stick and smiles at her. Ravi asks Mahek to stop it, Mahek says I wont spare him. Shaurya says I wanted to go to jail peacefully but you dont want that too? Mahek says you are typical husband, you said I can do anything after wedding but now you want me to stop working at food truck? Shaurya says your family can handle food truck, you can handle white chilies, Mahek beats him. Kanta says what is this madness? this is childish, enough, Karona says lets leave. Sharma family starts leaving, Mahek glares at Shaurya, Shaurya is unable to look in her eyes, they both silently leave.

Kanta says Mahek was childish, Karona says it was not her mistake. Kanta says she came home late at night alone? it was her first mistake, I was so worried, if there was really problem between you two then I would have died, Mahek stops her and shakes her head. Sharma family leaves. Mahek leaves with Karona and Shaurya.

Rajesh says to Shaurya that dont do this kind of act again. Shaurya says I would have taken this step 12 years if I knew truth, your so called image wouldnt here today. Karona says what will you get by going to jail? Shaurya says to get punished for my mistakes, to give peace to Mahek’s heart, to repent my mistakes. Mahek comes there and says you wont decide everything, you married me even after knowing truth but you wanted it, now you want to bring truth out because you want punishment? you dont think about my family now? Mahek says to Karona and Shaurya that I am sorry for whatever happened, it was never my intention to dishonor family’s name but now I cant live under one roof with Shaurya.

Mahek says to Khanna family that I will not be able to live with Shaurya. Karona says it was an accident, shaurya didnt even know that your parents died in that accident,we hid that truth from him. Mahek says he didnt get punished for it but I became orphan, I lost my parents and then you hid truth and made me daughter in law of this house? Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand, he says you are right, we did mistakes and its all my fault so you wont go anywhere, I will go, Mahek emotionally looks at him, Shaurya looks away from him, he feels guilty, he holds Mahek’s shoulders and says we will live like you want, if you want to live a fake marriage then we will live it but you are daughter in law of this, you wont leave this house. Shaurya silently leaves, Khamoshiyan plays.

Shaurya is packing bags in his room, Mahek comes there but is unable to look at him, they steal glances at each other when other is not looking, both are in misery. Shaurya brings his clothes and starts packing, Judai plays, Mahek silently weeps seeing him pack. Shaurya looks at their photo on bedside table, he takes it, Shaurya looks at Mahek but she looks away. Shaurya starts leaving, Mahek sobs, Mahek’s dupatta get stuck in Shaurya’s luggage bag, Shaurya turns to look at Mahek, they both sadly look each other, both bend down to pull dupatta away and their faces come closer, Mahek moves away, Shaurya removes her dupatta, he hugs their picture and leaves from there.

Mahek breakdowns seeing him leave, she falls to her knees and looks at their wedding photo.
Rajesh is drinking wine. Karona comes there and is tensed. Rajesh says your son wanted to be hero and left this house and named whole property to Mahek who has become our enemy? Karona says its good that Shaurya is not like you, he doesnt care about business and money only like you, you never understood my tears, she leaves.

Shaurya is in white chilies, its raining, Shaurya stands under shade. Karona calls him and asks if he has fever? Shaurya says I am fine, I will take medicine, dont let anyone that I am here, people will irritate Mahek, Karona says you are worried about Mahek but not yourself? I am coming to you, shaurya says no promise to not come here, he ends call. Mahek is standing behind Karona and has heard call conversation and looks on.

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