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Akash and Jia come in hall. They see a woman. He says why isn’t light opening? Jia says who are you and what are you doing in our house. Where is birju? Lights turn on they scream. There was a sheet on fan. Amabika comes and says are you crazy. Akash says you were scared Jia. Jia says so was you. Rano says what happpened? Ambika says nothing. Rano recalls doing all this. She says see what I do next.

Jia cooks. Rano calls on phone and mixes something in food. Rano comes to Arjun’s room and pretends to look worried. Arjun says you look worried? She says I am worried for Akash. I think he will be going to jail. Arjun says are you crazy. Rano says Jia is giving him drugs. They are illegal and bad for health. He says are you crazy. She can never do this. Rano says I can prove it if you want.

Jia gives Akash juice. Rano comes and breaks the glass. SHe says there was drug in it. Akash says what are you doing? She says there was drug in it. jia says akash doesn’t take drugs. Rano says i saw you mixing drugs in his juice. Jia says are you crazy. She says what new drama is this. Rano says I saw drugs in her hands and she mixed it. Jia says what are you saying. What drugs. Stop lying. Ambika says what if this is truth? There should be drugs in room too. Let me check the room. Akash says this Rano is lying. Ambika says I need ot be sure. Arjun says you trust her right? Then let them search.

Rano and Ambika check Jia’s room. Rano recalls she put something in the room too when Jia was on call. Arjun finds a powder. Jia says this is not drugs. This is iodic powder that I used to detox. Rano says then send it for test. Jia says tests will take so long. But you can send them. Jia says in heart what of these are drugs and rano placed them. Jia says if someone takes drugs it would affect them right? She takes the drugs. Arjun says stop. she takes them. Nothing happens to her.

Arjun says to Rano are you okay now? Nothing happened to her. You have so much time for all this don’t waste our time. Don’t blame jia for anything again. Rano says lets wait. Ambika says enough. Go to your room. Jia starts feeling numb. Arjun and Ambika leaves. Jia faints in her room. Akash says Jia are you okay.. She is nausiac. Akash says open your eyes. He checks her pulse its getting weaker.

Akash goes to take meds. Rano comes to her room and says to Jia oh the drugs are working now. Let me take your picture. she takes Jia’s picture. Jia is suffocating. Rano says you ate it all together I think you will die. Drink this water. She pours water on her face.

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