Kindred hearts update Sunday 23rd June 2019

Sunday update on Kindred hearts 23rd June 2019

Adi takes phone from her. Nisha thinks that someone else is trying to give you advises and you are trying to hide that person’s identity.

Adi comes to office. He asks assistant to change his cabin to CEO’s. Jhanvi hears it too. Adi says to employees that i am the new CEO of this office now. Jhanvi smiles seeing that he agreed with her suggestion, she says good morning, he says good morning.
Adi comes in CEO’s cabin, Raj brings things for him, Raj says i know there is depth behind your actions, tell me full truth, Adi says your trust in me gives me so much hope, i wish kaka could trust me.
Kaki asks Kaka to get ready for office. Kaka says i wont go to that office from now on, kaki says why you are getting sutbborn with Adi? he is immature, Kaka says when kids grow up, they take things from your hands, Adi have become mature, he has taken control of things so i am giving up office, i am giving everything to him.
Adi says to Raj that i will never take kaka’s place, he will be rightful owner of this cabin, CEO’s cabin.
Nisha comes to Adi’s office and thinks that Adi spends his whole time in office so he must have help from here only.
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s cabin, she says to Adi that you become CEO but kept Kaka’s chair in CEO’s cabin, this shows your respect for him. You are doing all this to protect your family, this shows how much you care for you family and can do anything for them.
Nisha comes inside Adi’s office and is looking around to find any clue of person that is helping Adi Jhanvi says to Adi that you have chosen right path to protect your family. Adi says but my family doesnt trust me, they are getting hurt, kaka is not coming to office because of me.Jhanvi says i thought about it and i knew he would not come but i have already found solution of this problem and how to bring him back.

Nisha comes to Adi’s office. Jhanvi is telling some plan to Jhanvi. Nisha hears Adi saying to Jhanvi that if this way kaka will comeback to office then i will do what you are asking. Nisha hides outside his office. Jhanvi comes out of his cabin and goes. Nisha sees her and glares. Adi comes out and sees Nisha there, Adi says what are you doing here? you were checking my phone last night and now here? are you doubting me? she says not at all, i have brought snacks
for you. I thought you are working on this marriage to make it work so i thought i should try too. Adi says i am doing everything geniunely, i hope you are not doing drama this time.Nisha says i know i have done a lot in past but you said you are doing this for Chinni and Binni, i am their mother too so i agree with you. Nisha gives him snacks and goes out of his cabin. Nisha looks at Jhanvi and calls peon, she says to peon that i want to talk to you.
Jhanvi comes home. Adi is at his home, he messages her. Jhanvi calls Adi. Adi sees Kaka there, he talks to Jhanvi and acts like he is talking to client, Adi says what you will take me to court? we have always done good work, dont cancel this deal. Raj says client is not agreeing? Adi says Raj they should not cancel this deal, you talk to him. Raj takes call, Jhanvi asks if Kaka is affected? Raj says little. Adi takes call and says client if you want to go to court then fine, he ends call. Raj says court case will be destruction for us, Adi says someone elder have talked to client then it would have been better but now we have to go to court. Kaka gets upset hearing all this and leaves. Adi thinks that i hope this plan works and kaka comes back to office.
Maa says to Jhanvi that you go to office daily and see Adi with his wife, you might be getting hurt seeing him with someone else, try some other job. Jhanvi says you have taught me to never runaway from problems, i have learned to face my problems and i have done nothing wrong and i will not runaway like i did something not acceptable, i am leaving for office now. She opens door and sees Nisha standing there, Maa is shocked.Nisha says i want to talk to you Jhanvi, can you come out? Jhanvi says you can talk infront of my family, i dont hide anything.

Nisha says fair enough, she says to Jhanvi’s mother that you might know whats going on between your daughter and my husband, its call extra marital affair. Jhanvi says what? what did you see? PRECAP,, Adi was totally right about you, yes I have relation with him but of humanity, trust, empathy and most important of friendship, there was nothing between us and nothing will happen but you see what you want to see, when your heart is dark then whole world is dark for you, you wont trust me but why will you? how can you say all this? i am woman and i know pain of broken house so i would never do this deliberately, when i have seen people not able to come out of this pain for life, she sadly looks at her Maa. Jhanvi says to Nisha that you said i gave advise to your husband but i was the one who gave him advise to agree with all of your conditions,if i wanted to break your house then i wouldnt give him advise to try reconcilation with you again, mine and Adi’s relation is pure and there is not malice and wrong intentions involved in it. Nisha says i am sorry, i didnt know what i was doing, you were right Jhanvi, i was seeing things from my perspective only, i was selfish, i am sorry. Jhanvi says you are lucky to get husband like Adi, two pretty daughters and good household with all the money, Adi is trying from heart this time, please handle him this time and gather all the happiness he can provide you, Nisha nods, she whispers thanks and leaves. jhanvi silently cries.

Nisha sits in her car and wipes her fake tears, she smirks and says very sweet Jhanvi, i was right about you, you like to solve problems of others but i wonder what you get in return? dont worry, you have met Nisha now, i will make sure you get gifts in return for helping my husband, i hope you like surprises, Nisha leaves.
Kaka comes to office and asks peon to bring tea. Kaka comes in cabin and sees Adi talking, Adi says i cant come to court. Kaka says i am sorry, i came without knocking, he asks Raj where is my place in this office now? as Adi sits in CEO office now. Adi says this cabin is of kaka’s, Kaka says i am just mere employee of this office now, ask CEO Adi where i can sit? Adi says i am CEO and i will decide where you will sit and you are going to sit at CEO chair, this is my instruction, Kaka glares at him and sits on CEO chair, Adi thinks that my way is little twisted in handling everything but i hope you understand my intentions.
Adi brings kids home and ask them to change uniform, they leave. He sees Nisha tensed, he asks what happened? Nisha hugs him and says i am sorry,dont get angry. Nisha says i went to Jhanvi’s house, he says why? Nisha says to Adi that i saw Jhanvi talking to you in office and i had wrong thoughts about you two so i went to her house and accused her for having wrong intentions with you, she cries, Adi looks at her stunned and says have you gone mad? are my family members less that you are embarrassing me infront of world? she works with me, are you mad? he gets angry, Nisha says after talking to Jhanvi, i said sorry to her.Adi says i agreed with your demands after talking to Jhanvi and you accused her? i am trying to give chance to this relation but you are turning away from your antics.
Jhanvi asks Maa if she thinks she is wrong? Maa says you are not wrong but i saw my past today, Jhanvi makes her sit down and says dont worry and trust me.
Adi shouts on Nisha, Adi turns and sees someone standing there, Nisha turns and sees chinni standing there, she asks if they are fighting? Adi says no we were talking, Nisha says yes, Chinni takes Adi with her for homework. Nisha takes Adi’s coat and brings out his phone, she says sorry Miss Jhanvi but you wont be able to contact Adi now, she hides Adi’s phone under mattress.

Jhanvi gets Nisha’s message, it reads that sorry to disturb you, we are trying to give another chance to this relation but our past keep coming back, Adi doesnt trust me, he keep doubting so I am leaving his house and going to my mother, take care of him. Jhanvi gets tensed hearing it, she calls adi but his phone is switched off( Nisha has hid it).
Adi comes to his room and searches for his phone but doesnt find it in his pocket, he looks around room but doesnt find it.
Nisha is at her mother’s home. Mother brings food for Binni, Binni says i wont this much, Nisha says me and you are cool Binni but my mother doesnt know it. Jhanvi calls Nisha but Nisha doesnt take it, Mother asks who is calling? Nisha says i found someone too sweet who likes to help everyone and
interfere in everyone’s matter so i thought i should meet her, this world doesnt work alone with innocent people like her so she had to meet someone intelligent like me. Jhanvi calls her again. Nisha gives phone to Binni, Binni says to Jhanvi that my mother is crying, Jhanvi asks where is she? Nisha shows address to Binni, Binni tells address to Jhanvi and ends call. Mother asks Nisha what is cooking in her dangerous mind? Nisha smirks.
Jhanvi is leaving, Maa says you wont involve in their matter anymore, Jhanvi says Nisha needs me, if Nisha leaves Adi and they dont give another chance then Adi will be left alone, i have to help her, she leaves.
Jhanvi comes to Nisha’s mother house as Binni gave her address. She sees Nisha crying, Jhanvi asks what happened? Nisha says i dont know, i am just lost, everything is finished. Jhanvi makes her sit and gives her water. Mother says she is crying so much that even stone can melt.

Nisha says to Jhanvi that i know Adi told you about me, i came to your house and accused you, Adi doesnt want to see my face after that, it happens because of my nature, i feel like i should leave Adi alone, i feel like i should free his life and home, i am just going to go away from him. Jhanvi says breaking relation is not solution. Nisha says i know but i dont think that Adi can give me another chance from heart, you know when we got married, we were so in love but there is only hatred now. Adi is lucky to have friend like you whom he can trust, whom he can share anything with, who can advise him right things, who can guide him but i dont have anyone, nobody is there to give me suggestion so i just think myself and take action, i keep doing mistakes and because of these mistakes, i have lost Adi. Jhanvi gets sad hearing it, Nisha says Adi trust you and i think i can trust you, will you help me? can you tell me what i should to save this marriage? you come to my house, i will tell family that i called for interior work, you see my behavior in house and then suggest me what i am doing wrong and what i should change about me, will you help me? will you come to my house? woman can help woman only, only you can understand my pain. Jhanvi gets tensed, she looks at Binni who pleads her to say yes, Nisha smirks. Jhanvi recalls all her sweet moments with Adi, she composes herself, she wipes her tears and says you go home and take rest now. Nisha says i understand, you know everything about me, after knowing about me why anyone would try to help me? nobody would want to be near negative person like me but i came to you for help because i thought you can show me right path which i cant see but its okay, i understand. Jhanvi starts leaving, Nisha says please help me, she folds her hands and begs saying that i need your help, my marriage will break, please help me. Jhanvi asks Nisha’s mother to drop her home, i have to go, she leaves. Binni asks why she was sad? Nisha says aunty was not sad, she was auditioning for movie, Jhanvi got selected so there will be movie in our house, binni gets excited.

At night, Jhanvi is sadly sitting in her room when she gets Adi’s voice memo. She plays it, Adi says that i saw your missed calls but i couldnt find my phone, i want to meet you right now, i know its very late but try and understand, i wouldnt ask you if its not important, please you have to meet me. Jhanvi looks on worried.
Nisha is sleeping on her bed, she wakes up in middle of night and finds Adi not sleeping on couch. She comes near window and smirks thinking be must have gone to meet Jhanvi.
Adi meets Jhanvi and says i am sorry to call at night, i got to know that Nisha came to your house and blamed you, i am sorry, i didnt know about it otherwise i would have stopped her. Jhanvi says she said it? Adi says yes she told me and then said sorry, she keeps repeating mistakes and was crying like typical Nisha. Jhanvi says she had misunderstanding and she said sorry to me but did you forgive her? Adi says you dont know her. Jhanvi says you keep judging her because of her past mistakes, if you keep grudges against her then how will you give a chance to her in true sense? you have to forgive her and leave past behind. Adi looks at her incredulously.
Nisha comes in lounge and shouts for Adi, she acts like she is dizzy. All family members come there, Nisha says my head is spinning, where is Adi? Kaki asks what happened? Nisha says i saw a bad dream, i felt like someone was killing, i work up with a jerk and didnt find Adi in room, i got worried. Kaka says Adi works late night in office, he asks Raj to call Adi.
Adi says to Jhanvi that Nisha took advantage for all chances, she cant change so soon. Jhanvi says people to mistakes, you have to give her chance, you have to be patient, Adi says i am dealing with patience only, even after all this she is doubting that i am cheating on her? she needs psychiatrist. Jhanvi says Nisha met me and said sorry, she was embarrassed and she wants my help to rebuild your relation with her, Adi looks on.

Raj says Adi is not found in office too, all family members get tensed. Nisha shed crocodile tears and says where are you Adi? is there another girl in your life? Kaka gets worried hearing Adi might be having affair with other woman.
Adi says to Jhanvi that you wont get involved in this, this is Nisha’s plan, Nisha doesnt even say hello to anyone without any ulterior motive, you cant enter all this. Jhanvi says God say that we can get chance in life to do good, maybe her intentions are not right but we can change her, we can change her intentions. Adi says please, why you are so innocent and good? Nisha is not like that, Nisha cant change. Jhanvi says you might not give her a chance but i will help her, i will give her chance, i will try to mend your relation with her, Adi is stunned with her selflessness.
In morning, Jhanvi is getting ready. Survi asks if she sure to do this? Jhanvi says yes. Survi says dont tell Maa that you are going there, tell her that you going to meet your friends. Jhanvi says why should i lie? i am not doing anything wrong. She asks Survi from where she has started to learn to lie? i have seen you talking on calls and hiding phone, tell me who is it? Survi says its college friend, dont tell Maa. Maa asks Jhanvi where are you going? Jhanvi says Nisha asked for my help so i am going, Maa says that woman blamed you for having affair with her husband. Jhanvi says i just want to bring peace in Adi’s marriage, just me a chance to help them. Maa says you want chance? then you have to promise me, Jhanvi asks what? Maa says you will have to marry a boy i choose for you without any question or reservation, can you promise me? Jhanvi is shocked. Maa says what happened? you cant promise? Jhanvi says i promise, she holds her hand and says i promise i will marry anyone you ask me to.

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