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Nisha is tensed. She comes to dining table and sees family sitting in lounge. Adi comes there. Kaki says i have cooked your breakfast, she is about to cross the the line which Adi created but kaka calls her out, she stops. Nisha looks on. Jhanvi comes there. Nisha smiles seeing her.Adi recalls how Jhanvi told him that Nisha called her to help her to save their relation. Kaki asks her to come inside. Nisha comes to jhanvi and brings her in house to her side of house. Baba asks how she is? she says i am good, how are you? Baba says i am good now that you have come. Nisha says i called her, house environment is not good these days so i thought to change interiors, Jhanvi is really good in her work. Kaka says this is great idea, Jhanvi is very sincere girl, Kaki asks Jhanvi if she will have
breakfast? Jhanvi says i had it. Nisha takes Jhanvi to her room.
Jhanvi comes to Adi and Nisha’s room, Jhanvi sees guitar on cupboard’s roof and recalls how Adi played for her. Nisha says i didnt think you would come here to help me, i feel positive energy now that you are here, i feel like everything is going to be fine now that you are here. Jhanvi stares at napkin and recalls how Adi offered her napkin once.Nisha asks what happened? Jhanvi says nothing, Nisha you can save your relation you, you have lost trust which is most important in any relation. Adi’s family is most important to him and you have done wrong by separating him from them, you have put him down in his family’s eyes who are everything for Adi. Nisha says you are right,i was selfish but how to come out of this mess? Jhanvi says own your all mistakes, accept infront of family that you did all mistakes, tell them that everything that happened wronged in this house, happened because of you, i know this is not easy but this is good way to make place in Adi’s heart. Nisha looks on and thinks about possibility.

Nisha comes in lounge and sees family and Adi there. Jhanvi nods at her hinting to go ahead.Nisha says Kaki, Kaka i want to say something. Kaki asks what happened? Nisha sits on her knees, she says dont be miffed with Adi anymore, dont be angry with him kaka, whatever wrong happened in this house or our relation, it happened because of me. I am responsible for weakening this relation, Adi is not at fault, he loves you all a lot, it was my fault that i couldnt understand relations, i couldnt accept this family and care for them, this separation happened because of me too, Adi didnt do anything wrong, forgive him.Kaka makes her stand up and says did Adi raise hand on you again? did he force you take all the blame? Adi says i didnt.. Kaka says enough, i didnt know that you would stoop this low, how more cheap can you be? its not our upbringing, dont bring shame to us in this age.Nisha says this is not Adi’s fault,i am not doing it on anyone’s saying,i was not influenced by anyone. Kaki says promise me, swear on my name that no one influenced you to say all this? Nisha helplessly looks at Jhanvi hinting that she influenced her. Kaka says Adi enough, why you are using her shoulder to shoot? Adi says i wish you could see who is using who, Nisha has blinded you all, Nisha has been fooling you all for years. Kaki says we are your elders, atleast respect that, try to save your relation. Nisha leaves from there. Kaka says Adi i am ashamed of my upbringing today, all family members leave. Adi is hurt and pained. Jhanvi gets worried seeing him dejected.
Nisha sits in her room and says where is Jhanvi? Jhanvi comes there, Nisha says did you see it? i told truth to everyone but they trust me so much that they dont believe me. Adi hides behind door and hears everything. Nisha says i am so frustrated, Jhanvi says its okay, most important thing is that you tried, Adi looks on.

Kaka says i dont know why Adi is doing all this, Nisha is trying to save their relation and he is not cooperating, Kaki says Adi is trying to save relation too, he divided house because of that, Kaka says you are taking his side without thinking? Kaki says you are doing same thing with Nisha, maybe we are not able to see everything clearly, maybe Adi has something to inform too.
Nisha says to Jhanvi that its not working out.Jhanvi says dont worry,i will think of some solution. Nisha thinks that you can think anything but i just wanted to win your trust and i have won it.Nisha says i am clustrophobic, i cant stay here, i am going to mandir, she smirks at Jhanvi and comes out of her room.
Nisha calls Kaka and says cane we all go to mandir together? i am missing you all and i cant be with you all with this separation line in house so please come to mandir with me, bring Raj and Neha too, kaka says okay we will come, she ends call and smirks.
Scene 2
Jhanvi’s Maa says to God that why you are doing this with my daughter? why you have made her go to place which is going to hurt her? She sees Survi’s phone ringing and is about to take it but Survi takes her phone and says its just prank call, Maa leaves. Survi takes call and says i am sorry, Maa was near.
Nisha is in car with family,Kaka says i know you are in pain Nisha, you can tell us. Nisha says its nothing, i have decided to renovate house to end all negativity, i have decided to have fast on occasion too, i am going to do pooja in mandir with all pooja stuff, oh sorry, i forget things needed for pooja at home, can we go back and take it? Kaka says sure, he asks Raj turn back car to house.
Adi says to Jhanvi that Nisha cant change, whatever happened today after that i fell in my family’s eyes even if unintentionally. Jhanvi says i just wanted to give her chance, Adi says you dont know her, she can change things and turns tables in a blink. Jhanvi says you maybe right but we have to have faith and give it a chance. Adi says you dont trust me too right? Jhanvi says i can never not trust you, i am here just for.. i mean we have to be positive and try to make things work. Adi says to Jhanvi that i have been put down so much in my family’s eyes today, you dont know Nisha, she made it all look like i had forced to take all blame, she has made you part of her plan, she even used you, dont get in her trap. Jhanvi is giving advise to Adi and standing right beside him, both have put hand on chair’s headrest but their hands are not touching. Family comes in house and sees them talking in hushed voices and standing close to each other. Kaki glares at Jhanvi, Nisha smirks. Nisha says seems like there is important discussion going on between them regarding renovation. Adi and Jhanvi turns to see family standing there. Kaki says Jhanvi you didnt leave till now? Jhanvi says i was leaving only, i had to talk something,she says bye to Adi and leaves. Family looks at Adi with accusing eyes, Adi leaves. Nisha smirks triumphantly.

Maa calls someone and says i am finding groom for my daughter, if you know anyone suitable then inform me. She ends call. Jhanvi comes there, Maa asks what happened there? Jhanvi says everything was normal, Maa says you didnt go there to enjoy, we know who is there and what can happen there. Jhanvi says you take a lot of stress, she tells her everything how she advised Nisha to accept her mistakes. Jhanvi says i feel start is good and everything will be good. Maa says i just pray that nothing comes infront of you, nothing should hurt you. Jhanvi says you are like Adi, you dont believe anyone, Maa says i am like Adi, we have both been hurt and i cant see you getting hurt, you are so naive that you trust anyone and you might end up getting hurt. Survi asks Maa to calm down, i am hungry,
she takes Maa away. Nisha calls Jhanvi and says thank you, i saw different emotions in Adi’s eyes today other than hatred, you know Adi asked me to make coffee for him today after to many years, this all happened because of you, (Nisha is actually sitting in her room and looking in her mirror). Jhanvi says thats great news, you make coffee for him, its good start. Adi comes there and lies on sofa. Nisha ends call and drinks wine, she thinks that one day this all will be true, what i want will happen and Adi will have to become mine, only mine.
In morning, Kaki sees mushrooms in kitchen and says who brought it? dont you know Neha that Adi has allergy with them and he gets fever with them? Neha says its not for Adi, its for us, Nisha says she didnt know Adi’s allergy, i am making Adi’s breakfast without mushrooms, Kaki says even we wont eat mushrooms, the things that hurt Adi will not come in this house, she leaves. Nisha looks at mushroom and smirks. She takes one mushroom and mixes it in her dish, she thinks that kaki gave me good idea, Adi you would have to bear pain a little because if you dont stay at home then how will Jhanvi come here? Sorry baby but i have to do this. She dishes out breakfast which has mushroom and says breakfast ready my darling husband.

Nisha brings Adi’s food in lounge. Raj asks baba to do mediation, Adi says he is right, you should do it, baba says i dont like it, i cant concentrate, Nisha asks Adi to have breakfast, Adi says i am not hungry, Raj says eat it, we will have a long day at office so have breakfast. Adi says okay and goes to eat breakfast. Raj asks baba to do mediation, he says i wont. Jhanvi comes there and says lets do something else, close your eyes and dont open it till i say. Adi sits down to have breakfast. Jhanvi crosses line of house and goes to kaka’s side of house to help baba mediate.
Kaki asks Kaka why he is not going to office? Kaka says i dont want to go, you know no client was threatening him, he did that drama to bring me to office, Kaki says Adi is stubborn, he does what he wants, Kaka says you are still taking his side? Kaki says she just called you to office, he didnt do anything, Kaka says he has cheated your motherly love. Jhanvi comes there and says sorry to interrupt but Adi values kaka, he knows your experience and he respects you a lot, he wants you to assist him with your valuable advise. I am going to start renovating.
Nisha sees Adi sweating. Nisha calls Jhanvi and says bring fever medicine. Jhanvi asks for who? Nisha thinks she wants to know everything, Nisha says Adi has fever, i am worried for him, bring medicine for him. She ends call. Jhanvi tells Kaki about Adi’s fever and goes to him. Jhanvi says what happened to Adi?

Nisha checks Adi’s temperature and says you have high temperature, lie on bed, Jhanvi comes there with medicines. Adi tries to leave but gets dizzy, Nisha makes him lie on bed. Jhanvi asks what happened to him? Nisha says he was getting ready to go to office but fainted, he has 104degree temperature, i will call doctor, Adi says i dont need anyone, Nisha says your health is most important, atleast dont argue on that point, she gives him medicine and leaves him with Jhanvi. Jhanvi sees Adi having headache and in pain. Nisha sees them alone in room, she smirks and leaves.
Nisha comes in mandir of home and says God help me, i just want to make my Adi fine, i want to take care of him. Either make Adi fine or give me right to take care of him. Jhanvi comes there and says you love Adi a lot? Nisha says love and care both but i am sad that even in this condition, Adi is not trusting me and not giving me second chance, you saw how he is not listening to me, i know i did mistakes but trust me, my heart is really pure, i have to take Kaki to mandir, she has to do pooja and there is no one at home, can i ask you for favor? Jhanvi says yes, Nisha says Adi is sleeping but if he wakes up and needs anything then take care of him, i will comeback fast but no one is there to take care of him, also no one is allowed to come to our side of house. Kaki comes there and asks how is Adi? Nisha says much better, we shall go to mandir, kaki says what about Adi? Nisha sys i have fasted for Adi, i will pray for his health in mandir, lets go. She comes to Jhanvi and whispers to take care of Adi, she leaves.
Jhanvi stands near Adi’s room door. She is about to leave but Adi calls out for water. Jhanvi comes in, she pours water and makes Adi drink it, she touches his forehead and sees his temperature, she says i have to call doctor.

Scene 2
Nisha says to Kaki that i am worried for Adi, i will call home, you go and sit in car. Kaki goes to car. Nisha calls Kaka and says i am worried sick for Adi, he has 104degree fever, i am going to mandir to pray for Adi so can you go and take care of Adi? i even dropped aarti plate because i was worried, kaka says everything will be fine, Nisha says what if anything happens to Adi when no one is with him? i know house is divided and you are not allowed on our side of house but house is divided not relations, can you please go and look after Adi till me and kaki comes back from mandir? Kaka says okay fine, i will go and take care of him, Nisha thanks him and ends call, she evilly smiles.
Jhanvi says to Adi that i have called doctor but you have to eat something to take medicine afterwards, Adi says i dont want to eat anything, he coughs. Jhanvi says okay take medicine, she helps him to lean on bed, she puts hand on his shoulders to support him get up. Kaka comes in house and sees line dividing house, he recalls how Adi divided house, he stops for a moment but then crosses line and goes to Adi’s room. Nisha and Kaki comes home too. Nisha says go to Adi, i told kaka too so dont worry about division in house, you go to his room, i will bring wet stripes for him, Kaki goes to
Adi’s room, Nisha smirks. Nisha sees baba and asks where is he going? baba says Adi is ill, i am going to see him, Nisha says if you go to him then he will be more ill, baba asks how? Nisha says i am here, you remember i can hurt? baba says dont do it, i wont go to him, he leaves.
Adi coughs, Jhanvi asks if he is fine? she makes sit up and puts hand on his shoulder to hold him while she makes him drink water.Kaka and Kaki comes there with Nisha. Jhanvi puts wet stripes on Adi’s forehead to lessen his fever, she tends to sickness, sitting beside him on bed while Adi is sleeping dazedly, Kaka and Kaki are shocked to see Jhanvi tending him, they see Jhanvi giving him medicine and making him drink water by lifting his head and sitting beside him on bed. Nisha comes there with wet clothes and sees them sitting close on bed, she smirks seeing Kaka and Kaki’s reaction. Kaki says Jhanvi?

Jhanvi says Adi’s fever was not going down so i put wet stripes on his head, Kaki says we were coming home only, you didnt need to do it, Jhanvi gets embarrassed and says i will leave Jhanvi is leaving Adi’s house but Nisha and kaka stops her. Kaka stares at her with disappointment and leaves. Nisha says i wanted to say something. Kaki comes there and asks if everything is fine? Nisha says yes, Kaki glares at Jhanvi and leaves. Nisha says thank you, Adi is lucky, you are such nice friend, you took care of him and helping me too, i dont know how to thank you, Jhanvi says i should leave. Nisha says you saw my behavior in house, am i doing something wrong? Jhanvi says no, Nisha says we will meet tomorrow, jhanvi nods and leaves. Nisha blows kiss in her direction and smriks.
Kaki is putting wet clothes on Adi’s head, she sees rashes on his neck, she asks Nisha if Adi ate somewhere out? Nisha says no Adi’s food was sent from home, why? Kaki says he
has allergy which happens when he mushrooms, Nisha recalls how she deliberately mixed mushrooms in his food. Kaki says if he didnt eat outside and food was sent from home then how? Nisha says he might have allergy from something else too, there is pollution and weather is bad too, dont worry, i will take care of Adi. Kaki nods and starts to leave but says Adi knows that he shouldnt eat mushrooms then how can he eat deliberately? i dont understand, she doubtfully looks at Nisha and goes out of room. Kaki thinks that if Adi was made to eat mushrooms? Adi knows that he is allergic so he wont eat himself so was someone deliberately made him eat?
Survi and Maa are looking at pictures of boys. Maa sees Jhanvi and asks her to see pictures of grooms. Jhanvi says i promised you that i will marry guy of your choice so you shortlist it, i will meet him later. Maa says i didnt bring it to select boy, i just wanted to see if you will fulfill promise or you would change after meeting Adi? Jhanvi says what has happened that you need to take my test? i know i have feelings for Adi and they might not go away but i have limits and i know how to follow them, when i said that i will marry guy of your choice then i will, i wont break your trust.

Maa says i trust you thats why i let you go his home even after knowing that you will be hurt, what happened there? Jhanvi says Adi is ill, Nisha was fine, she is not as good as she tries to be but i think she is trying to change because of fear of losing her husband.
Kaka is in gazebo. Kaki comes there, she recalls how she saw mushrooms in kitchen and how Neha told her that Nisha was cooking for Adi and wont use mushrooms. Kaka sees her lost and asks what happened? he makes her sit down and says your face is red and you are sweating, are you fine? she says yes, Kaka says you are worried about Adi, it must be common viral. Kaki says he has allergy of mushrooms, his whole body has rashes. Kaka says Adi never slip ups in his food then how he ate mushrooms? Kaki says Neha brought mushrooms today but i asked her to throw it away, Nisha cooked food for Adi and Nisha saw mushrooms in kitchen.. Kaka says you are trying to say that Nisha deliberately made Adi eat mushrooms? Kaki says i just know that its allergy, kaka says dont brag about your motherly love, Adi proved us wrong, it might be some viral, or he might have eaten mushrooms but not at home, Adi got ill and you started doubting Nisha? this is poison which is Adi filling in minds of all, i am telling you clearly that if someone doubts or even says a word against Nisha then i wont bear it, he scowls at her and leaves. Kaki cries.

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