Kindred hearts update Saturday 6th July 2019


Saturday update on kindred hearts 6th July 

Adi brings Baba home, Raj says its good they ended matter seeing Baba’s condition. Kaki says i will bring breakfast for him, Nisha says i will take care of Baba. Kaki says you leave it, i am here to take care of him, she leaves with Neha, all leave. Adi glares at Nisha, he recalls how Baba told him that Nisha said such filthy words to him that he feels naked and his honor is lost, he grabs her hand and brings her to room, she throws her on floor, he comes near her and says how dare you? what did you say to Baba?

Nisha says i said nothing, Adi says you said something to him that he couldnt bear it, he grabs her face, Nisha says stop it. Adi gets Sameer’s call and says what? He switches on TV, reporter says that Jindesh Jindal was arrested for domestic violence against his daughter in law Nisha, Adi says see your act, he raises hand to slap but grabs her face and says you should be ashamed, he leaves angrily, Nisha sets her hair again.

Kaka says to family that all news channels are showing same news, he gets call from society member, member asks what did Baba do? dont disrespect Jindal family, he ends call. Kaka says people are taunting me today, this is happening because of that Jhanvi, Adi and Nisha comes there.
Jhanvi and Maa see news how Baba slapped Nisha, reporter says domestic violence is cheap. Maa says Nisha have disrespected her own family. Jhanvi says Adi and Baba are out of jail but this is too much, I have to prove that Nisha is wrong here. Survi comes there and says my phone has problem, its not recording videos, Jhanvi hears it and gets some idea, she leaves in haste.

Adi asks Baba to eat something, he shakes his head. Chinni and Binni comes there, Baba asks them to come near him, Chinni says Baba hit Mama so we wont come near you, we hate you, you are not good, Baba says i didnt do anything. Adi says like when you do something wrong and i scold you, your mama did wrong and he scolded her. Nisha comes there and says I didnt do anything so dont fill my daughters against me, she says to kids that Baba is ill so you should stay away from him, dont come to his room, play in garden, they leave. Baba cries hearing all that, they hear Kaka shouting and goes down.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house, Kaka says how dare you come here? how dare you call police? people are taunting me, Baba is getting more ill, in a blink you destroyed my respect, i dont know why no one stop you from coming here, Kaki says calm down, Jhanvi can never do it. Jhanvi says I have come to prove that I didnt call police, i know call was made from my phone but I didnt do it, Nisha did it, Kaka says stop saying rubbish, why would she do it? Jhanvi says If i prove that Nisha made that call then will you agree that she is not right for your family like Adi says? Nisha says stop putting blame on me, Jhanvi says i will prove you wrong.

police’s number is 100 which is emergency number and every call is recorded on that number, I have asked police to send that recording and then we will know who called them, Adi says Jhanvi is right, i know commissioner, I will call him and get that recording, Adi goes to call, all leave. Nisha glares at Jhanvi, Jhanvi smirks, Nisha huffs and leaves.

Nisha calls her mom and says you have to do my work, ask dad to find some connection in police department, Adi has asked for some recording, Adi should not get it. Adi comes there and takes phone from her, he says I have already called for that recording, game over Nisha, i will never forgive you for what you did to Baba. Everyone will know who called police and media and then you will have to tell what you said to Baba to make him react like that and then even Kaka wont save you, no one is going to save you now.

Jhanvi is standing sadly outside Baba’s room. Kaki comes there and says thank you, Kaka said so much against you but you are still doing so much for this family, once we get that recording then we will know Nisha’s truth and Kaka’s blind faith will go away too. Neha comes there and says some NGO women have come.

NGO women come in Adi’s house and says to Kaka that how can father in law raise hand on daughter in law? where is she? Nisha smirks and thinks that Adi can try to trap me but nobody can trap Nisha. Adi says to NGO women that Baba is ill, Kaka says this is our personal matter so you dont have to get involved in it, we will solve it. Chinni whispers to Adi that mama said if you want these women to go away then go to room, Adi nods and leaves.

Adi comes to Nisha in room, Nisha smiles evilly and says Adi i can make everything fine, I can send these NGO women away too, i will tell them that nobody slapped me, it was rumor, Adi says you wont do it without any gain. Nisha says i dont want that recording to get to house, Adi says it means you called police right? Nisha says we know truth, you save my game and I will save your family’s respect, these women wont spare Baba, they will torture him a lot and i know you cant see him going to jail, like you care for your family’s reputation in world, I care for my reputation in your family. Adi thinks and says fine, lets go, Nisha leaves.

Nisha comes in lounge, all NGO women are there, Nisha says to NGO women that what is this way? you people come to any house blaming them because of some rumor without any proof? Baba is like my father, he can never hurt anyone, let alone me, you have heard rumor, it was all fake, I am pleading you that nobody hit me in this house, it was all rumor so you all leave, NGO women turn to leave but Adi says stop, Adi says to women that whatever Nisha said now is all a lie, all are stunned.

Nisha says what? Adi says it was all a lie, she got slapped and immediately she called police, not from her phone, using someone else’s phone to trap someone, she is doing this drama now because she is stuck, I will get that proof soon and everything will be cleared, since wedding, she just care about money and power, i gave her everything but she tried to snatch my family’s right and when I didnt let it happen, she hurt them, I am sure she must have said such bad things to Baba that he had to slap her, she is so poisonous that she can say anything rubbish, that audio clip is coming and will clear everything, I wont let trap any innocent person in her trap.

Sameer comes to house and says Adi I have found recording, Jhanvi says thank God. Adi says now it will be cleared who made that call to police, Adi takes recording drive. Sameer puts in player, Nisha is tensed.

Sameer comes to house and says Adi I have found recording, Jhanvi says thank God. Adi says now it will be cleared who made that call to police, Adi takes recording drive. Sameer puts in player, Nisha is tensed. Adi says to Kaka that you can recognize your daughter in law Nisha’s voice right? Adi plays recording, its not Nisha’s voice but some male voice playing and voice is not clear in the recording, Adi says what is this Sameer? Sameer says only this recording was available, it will take time to get another copy. Kaka asks Adi what is this drama?

Nisha smirks and says to NGO women that this is personal matter of my family, please leave, they leave. Nisha says Adi that was not my voice, Adi says it was your voice, Kaka says it can be Jhanvi’s voice too, Jhanvi made the call, you should thank Nisha that she is saving our reputation and you are blaming her? Adi shouts that i dont believe this, i know there would clear audio recording in police, i will send to forensic lab but will bring out truth, Adi throws Nisha away and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to Adiin garden, Adi is angry and huffs. Jhanvi says to Adi that as many times as I go to Baba, he just ask me to go away, I am sure something happened that is related to me, we have to bring him out of trance, I have an idea. Adi says i am going to go against Nisha now, Jhanvi holds his hand, he gets lost in her eyes, Jhanvi leaves his hand and says be careful, i will wait for you, Adi thanks her, he gets in car and leaves.

Nisha comes to her room and says how Adi could do this to me? he tried to double cross me, if Adi finds that real recording then everyone will know that i made call to police. Nisha gets call from NGO woman, NGO woman asks her money for creating drama in their house, Nisha says first break reputation of this family then you will get money, she ends call. Nisha says Adi you cant get free from me easily, i have to do something, i have to.

Adi’s family sees reporter talking about their domestic violence case. Reporter says Aditya has filed complaint against his wife Nisha in police today. Adi comes there, Kaka says are you happy now? are you happy to break respect of this house? me and Baba spent years to build this respect and you broke it in a blink and didnt think twice? Adi says your daughter in law have already broken respect of this house, its time to bring her truth out.

Kaka says everyone fights in family but we have to remain calm, i am just telling you to keep strangers away from my family, from the time Jhanvi has come out family, we just have fights in family, i know you dont trust Nisha but you dont even trust your Kaka? Kaka holds his shoulders and asks if he has faith in him? Adi moves his hands away and says i am sorry but I dont trust you, if you dont trust my words then after knowing truth, how can i believe you?

i am giving you and myself last chance, if its proven that Jhanvi made this call then i will do as you say, i will spend life with Nisha but if its proven that Nisha made that call then you will do as i want, then this divorce will happen and you wont stop me because then it will be proven that Nisha can even put family in danger to save herself, this woman doesnt deserve to remain in this family. Adi turns to leave, he says to Nisha that just few days, just few, he leaves. Nisha looks on.

Nisha comes to her room and drinks whiskey, she wipes her angry tears. She calls someone and says I am Nisha Jindal talking, i want to meet you, its some big important work, she ends call and looks on.

Adi comes to Baba’s room and asks if he took medicine? Jhanvi didnt come today? Baba says its good that she didnt come and try that she doesnt come from now on, Adi asks why he is saying that? Adi gets Jhanvi’s call and says what? I am coming, he ends call, Baba asks what happened? Adi says come with me, i will tell you, he takes Baba with him.Nisha comes to some dark godown, she looks around. She waits, some goon come there, Nisha says this is big work so concentrate on it.

Adi brings Baba to Jhanvi’s house, Baba panics knowing its Jhanvi’s house. Jhanvi’s Maa welcome them in house, Adi makes Baba sit down. Adi nods at Maa. Maa says to Baba that Jhanvi respects you a lot, Baba says Jhanvi is really nice, she is like my daughter. Adi asks where is Jhanvi? Maa says she is in her room, i am trying to talk to her but she seems scared and is not talking with anyone, Baba gets worried and asks what happened to Jhanvi? Maa says dont know.

Goon says this task is very dangerous, Nisha says and you like taking dangerous tasks, make sure that whole pace gets burned down fully. goon says its not easy, Nisha says thats why I have come to you, you will get every weapon you need there to burn it down, but I want my work done, goon nods.

Adi brings Baba to Jhanvi’s room. Jhanvi is sitting in corner, Adi says Jhanvi is so scared, she thinks that Nisha will do something that will snatch everything from Jhanvi, she is not listening to us, you make her understand, she listens to you. Adi comes to Jhanvi and holds her hands, he says dont be scared, I am with you, i will be always with you, you have always tried to bring happiness in my life, i promise to not let pain come in your life, i will protect you no matter what, they look at Baba, Baba gets tensed seeing Adi holding Jhanvi’s hand.

Nisha gets kerosene containers in her car’s trunk, she calls goon and says i have done preparation, you come there, she recalls Adi words that he will divorce her soon.

Nisha drives her car to police station. Her car gets stopped at checkpost, policeman says I have to check your car and car’s trunk, Nisha says okay i want to meet commissioner, she acts like calling commissioner, she says yes commissioner I am outside your office, they are checking my car and taking too much time, policeman checking her car looks up at her thinking she is calling commissioner, he asks her to open car trunk so he can check, Nisha gets tensed.

Baba sees Adi holding Jhanvi’s hand, he panics. Baba comes to Adi and says dont touch her, leave her hand, Adi please dont touch her, he recalls Nisha filthy comments about him touching Jhanvi intimately, Baba says to Adi that dont go near her otherwise Nisha will blame you too for having an affair with her. Adi says me too means? Maa is stunned to hear it, Baba says if she can blame me for having an affair with Jhanvi at this age then she can put that blame on you too, when she came to give medicine to me, she said such filthy words to me, she said that i like to touch Jhanvi, that i am alone and having a relation with Jhanvi, that we close doors and remain locked for hours, she said such cheap words, Jhanvi closes her eyes unable to hear it, Adi is disgusted hearing all that.

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