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Friday update on kindred hearts 5th July

In morning, Nisha comes in Baba’s room, baba is asleep, Nisha looks at him with hatred and thinks that enough Jhanvi, i cant bear you anymore here, i will throw you out of this house and Baa will help me. Nisha brings out Baba’s medicine box, she wakes Baba and asks him to take medicine, he says why did you come? where is family? Nisha says all have gone to mandir, take medicine, Baba says i will take from Jhanvi’s hands, i will not take it from your hands.

Nisha gets angry and says why would you take from her hands? she is unknown girl, i am your daughter in law, Baba says i wont take from your hands, i will take it from Jhanvi’s hands only, he throws medicine from her hand, Nisha is shocked with his behavior. Nisha says why you would take from her hands? what she has? Baba says everything, she has humanity which you dont have, you are not nice, she is nice and takes care of me a lot. Nisha says how she takes care of you? she satisfy you with everything? he nods,

Nisha says tell me have you touched her? he is disgusted, Nisha says you must have touched her, you spend all time with her, Nisha says to Baba that you must be holding Jhanvi’s hand, waist and put hands all over her body? i feel you lie about your Alzheimer, i think this facade so Jhanvi can come to you and you can wrap yourself around her, Baba shouts no, Nisha says you would have felt alone after Adi’s mom left you but now you have Jhanvi, she is young and you have good choice, i used to feel that old people cant bear loneliness and same case is with you, Baba is terrified hearing all that,

Nisha says you are smelling like Jhanvi too, no wonder you keep room closed all the time with Jhanvi inside with you, you must enjoy with her, thats why you both remain inside this room for hours, she looks at Baba’s bed and says this must be the bed you both lie onto and put this bed on fire with your intimacy? Baba is tormented hearing all this.

Baba glares at her angrily, he comes to her and slaps her across the face, Nisha falls on bed with impact of it, she looks at Baba incredulously, they both look at each with anger filled eyes, Nisah gets up and says what happened? you couldnt bear the truth? Baba says go away, go away from my eyes, he yells at her to leave, Nisha says slapping me wont change the truth. Jhanvi enters home and hears Baba yelling, she goes to his room.

Nisha says to Baba if he is restless that Jhanvi hasnt come till now?
Jhanvi comes there and asks what happened? what did you do? Nisha says i didnt do anything, Baba slapped me so ask him, she leaves, Jhanvi asks Baba what happened? Baba coughs and says you go away, be away from me, dont come near me, please leave, Jhanvi is confused.

Nisah comes out of Baba’s room, she recalls how Baba slapped her, Nisha says you have slapped me Baba but you will feel its pain for life now. She fumes in anger.
Baba asks Jhanvi to go away from him, Jhanvi tries to put hand on his shoulder, he jumps away and says dont touch me, leave now, Baba recalls Nisha’s words that he must touch her all the time.

Jhanvi asks him to lie on bed and rest, Baba recalls how Nisha said that they must get intimate on bed, he screams and cries no no no, dont touch me, Jhanvi asks him what happened? Baba says i beg you to leave, i am pleading you, Jhanvi says please, Baba says i am your like father right? she nods, he says you are like my little daughter, stay away from me, he cries in pain and agony, he sobs saying you are my daughter, i am folding my hands and begging you to leave

Family comes home, they see Nisha lying on floor and crying. Neha and Kaka makes her get up, Kaka asks what happened to you? Kaki and Raj comes there too. Nisha says i went to give medicine to Baba but he was asking about Jhanvi, it was his time to take medicine so i asked him to take it but i dont know why he slapped me so hard, all are stunned, Kaki says to Nisha that what are you saying? Baba cant do this, Kaka says Baba has never raised hand on anyone, i dont think he could slap you, i am not able to believe it,

Neha says why you are not taking Nisha seriously? she wouldnt say such important thing without any reason or would lie about it, we know Baba’s health is not fine, he gets irritated and he is not normal, i think we all have threat from Baba’s condition, what if he hurts my baby later? i am scared, Kaki says enough, you are in this house for days, why you are scared? he didnt do anything, Neha says sorry to say but last time when he started screaming, he cut Raj’s hand with knife and slapping Nisha is a crime. Jhanvi comes there, Kaki asks how is Baba? Jhanvi says he is not fine, Raj goes to check on him. Neha says to Nisha that i know this is our family but what happened with you was very wrong and you dont need to remain silent about it, Adi comes there and gets angry hearing that about Baba, he goes to answer Nisha but Jhanvi says Aditya not now, Baba is very ill, go to him first, he nods and leaves, Nisha looks on.

Adi comes to Baba, Baba is shivering with fear and pain. Adi asks what happened? did you raise hand on Nisha? what happened, tell me, Baba is crying. Jhanvi says when i was coming here, i heard Baba yelling and when i came here, it felt like Baba slapped Nisha, Adi asks Baba to not remain silent, tell me what happened, Baba asks Jhanvi to leave and never comeback again, he hugs Adi and sobs, Adi asks why he is saying that? Jhanvi is heartbroken to see his state. Adi lies Baba on bed. Jhanvi turns to leave but see CCTV camera in Baba’s room, Adi looks at it too, he look at each other then at camera.

Adi plays CCTV footage of Baba’s room, all family members see Nisha going to Baba’s room, they see the video but are not able to hear audio so they see Nisha saying something to Baba which made Baba aggravated but Nisha kept torturing him with her words, they see Baba trying to go away from Nisha but Nisha pointing at bed and then Baba slapping Nisha, all are shocked, Adi says this was half truth, now Nisha will tell whole truth, Nisha what did you say that Baba had to slap you? he never even raised his voice but what did you say that provoked him so much? what did you say? Baba raised hand on you only but if you dont say truth then I wont spare you, Nisha tensely looks at angry Adi.

Adi asks Nisha what did you say to Baba that he had to slap you? you must have provoked him, what did you say to him? Nisha recalls how she alleged Baba and Jhanvi’s relation, alleged him of having affair with her. Adi says Baba just raised hand but if you dont tell truth then i wont spare you. Nisha says i was just giving him medicines but he slapped me, Adi says you.. Kaka says we need to know truth before saying anything to Nisha, i know something happened with Baba that he slapped her but that doesnt mean Nisha is wrong. Nisha says Baba is elder and we all love him so we can end this matter, Neha says but.. Nisha says no, there are many issues in this house because of me and my family is important me and i dont want anything happen to them. Kaka says you have proved that you ar respectable daughter in law and have values, i am sorry on Baba’s behalf.

Nisha thinks that I have collect their respect to break it apart later. Police comes there, all are stunned. Adi looks at Nisha. Police says we got call that there was physical assault with a lady in this house and we have to investigate. Adi says nobody called. Nisha says nothing like that happened here, Kaka says you must have misunderstanding, nothing happened. Inspector says we got call against Jandesh Jindal that he slapped his daughter in law Nisha. Adi says how dare you Nisha? you called police? Nisha says this is our private matter, so why would i call? inspector says it means he raised hand on her? call him.

Kaka asks who called them? Inspector says number is registered on Jhanvi agarwal, all look at Jhanvi. Jhanvi says i didnt make any call, i was with Baa whole time. Jhanvi looks at Nisha and gets is that Nisha made call, she says Nisha you? Nisha says stop blaming me for everything, Adi says because you are wrong. Kaka says enough, Nisha is not wrong everytime and what enmity do you have with our family Jhanvi? i promise you i wont forgive you for this.

Jhanvi says you can check my phone, i didnt call. Jhanvi checks her phone and there is call made to police from her phone, Kaka sees her call log, and glares at her, he is disappointed. Inspector says this is domestic violence and we have to take Baba for investigation, please cooperate, Adi leaves. Nisha smirks.

Adi comes to Baba’s room, he wakes him up and says police has come, Baba says why? what happened? Adi says you raised hand on Nisha, Baba says why would I raise hand on Nisha? i dont remember anything, Adi sadly looks at Jhanvi.

Kaka says to inspector that he has Alzheimer and his mental state is not well, we cant stress him anymore, Raj says you can even talk to his doctor, Kaka says investigate here, i know he did mistake and we dont know why it happened, he never got angry let alone slapping anyone. Inspector says domestic violence is crime, if crime is proved then he can go to jail, all get tensed.
Baba says to Adi that i wont go, save me. Adi says i will be with you. Jhanvi asks Baba to calm down. Baba says you? you stay away from me, just go, Adi asks her to go, Jhanvi sadly looks on. Adi takes Baba from his room.

Adi brings Baba in lounge, Baba gets scared seeing police, he says save me, Adi says i am with you, Nisha thinks that Baba you slapped me? Adi says to inspector that I will go with him, inspector says you can come to police station but he has to go alone, we will take medical care. Adi says cant you understand? he is not well, inspector says cooperate with us, let him go.

Kaka says he is not well, it would be good if someone goes with him, inspector says we cant do that. Adi says fine, i will see how you take him alone then, inspector asks policeman to arrest him, Adi grabs his collar and says I told you that he will not go alone, get lost, he pushes him away, inspector says Aditya i arrest you for raising hand on on-duty policeman, Adi says yes then arrest me, if this is way to go with him then fine, Nisha looks on. Inspector arrests both of them.

Adi and Baba sits in police jeep. Kaka consoles Baba that nothing will happen. Jhanvi is tensed. They leave. Kaka asks Raj to call our lawyer, they leave. Nisha turns to go in house but Jhanvi grabs her hand and pulls her away. Kaka asks what is this act? Jhanvi says please, i cant stay silent anymore, she says to Nisha that i know you called police from my phone and blaming me? i dont have any prove but that doesnt mean you can do anything with Baba, atleast think about his health, what did you do with him that he is is tensed?

Nisha says stop accusing me, he was scared of you, he was asking you to leave, i should ask you what are you doing with him that he is getting more sick? what you want to prove with all this? just leave, Nisha says to Jhanvi that you have no place in my family and house, you get lost from my house, she grabs her hand and is about to drag her out but Kaki stops Nisha and says Jhanvi wont go anywhere, Nisha looks on. Kaki says Jhanvi is not wrong, you are wrong, Baba never misbehaved with him because of sickness but what you did that he had to slap you? not only Jhanvi but i also believe that you did something wrong.

Kaka says no Nisha can never do wrong with Baba and she would never call police and disrespect us, you dont blame her without any proof, Kaki says you are taking her side still? Kaka says you are blaming your daughter in law for this stranger girl? all proofs are against Jhanvi, she called police and they took Baba away, when you will understand the truth? Kaki is frustrated, Kaka says to Nisha that Baba shouldnt have raised hand you, i apologize, Nisha says dont say that, this is our family matter and should remain same, we should think how to bail Adi and Baba out, Kaka nods and leaves.

Nisha leaves. Kaki is tensed, Jhanvi asks her to not lose hope, i will prove that I didnt call police and I will find out what Nisha said to Baba that he had to do that, dont worry. Kaki nods and leaves. Jhanvi is worried.

In lock up, Adi asks Baba what Nisha told you? i have to know what Nisha told you that you had to slap her. Baba weeps and shivers. Baba recalls Nisha’s harsh words, he cries and says no no no.. Adi hugs him and consoles him. Baba says i cant tell you, it was so cheap and dirty talk, it feels like she has snatched my clothes from me, my respect and honor is lost, i am not like that, Adi says dont worry. Adi thinks that what Nisha told him that have hurt him this much?

Jhanvi comes home and hugs her Maa, she tells everything to her. Maa says as far as i know Nisha, she must have said something so so cheap that made Baba slap her. Jhanvi says yes thats why he was scared of me too but what Nisha must have said to him?

Nisha calls her mother and says you have to do this for me, i want to destroy Jhanvi’s reputation so much that she cant enter my house again and i will teach lesson to Baba that he will not be able to forget, she ends call and looks on.

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