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Saturday update on King of hearts 6th July

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DD tells Roshni to get her a glass of water. Pratima gives her the water and DD asks where Roshni has gone to?
Grandmother says Sid came earlier and took Roshni away.
DD starts complaining. She tells them that she is going to get Roshni and bring her back home!
Grandmother prays to God to intervene.
At Sid’s house, Simran asks Raj where Sid has gone to?
DD enters with some Policemen asking for Sid! She tells the Policemen to search the house!
Simran says it’s typical of DD!
Raj cautions Simran.
Grandmother comes in and begs DD to take it easy.
Krutika comes out to plead with DD.
DD tells them to arrest Simran because she is responsible for Roshni’s disappearance!
Simran is shocked.
DD asks where Sid and Roshni are!
Sid and Roshni arrive.
DD tells Roshni that they have to leave! Roshni says she’s sorry she can’t leave, she has to stay in the house with her husband. DD asks what is this new drama and why would she say that! Roshni says it’s not a drama and it’s the order from the Court that she lives with Sid for 3 months.
Raj and Grandmother smile happily at one another.
Simran says she will go to Court and have it overturned!
Sid says it’s not an option, they are supposed to give their Marriage a chance but it’s not possible because Roshni doesn’t want to believe him.
He says the judge says if after 3 months they still can’t resolve their differences, then the divorce will be granted, but if they try to disobey the Court and stay in different houses, then he won’t grant a divorce.
Roshni says the Judge also directed that they have to love like a Married Couple.
Raj and Grandmother are happy.

DD says she will hire better Lawyers and prove that the family tortures her!
Roshni says it’s not possible.
DD asks why?
Sid says because he and Roshni came together intimately as husband and wife some days ago.
Grandmother is excited.
Raj say it’s very good!
DD and Simran are horrified.
Simran says she knew Roshni would take advantage of Sid!
DD gets upset and yells that they got Money, but not class! Sid tells them to stop arguing; they have to live with the Court order!
Grandmother says it’s true they can’t do anything about it. Raj says in that case, they need to do a proper ceremony to welcome them.
Roshni says she looks forward to the Ceremony.
Raj tells Grandmother that they should have the Ceremony.
Grandmother suggests they get what they need.
Roshni, DD and Grandmother go out of the house and stand in the doorway.
Raj and Krutika start the ceremony to invite them in.
Simran stands by, but doesn’t participate.
Sid is nowhere in sight.
Raj calls for Sid and tells him to join Roshni at the door like a real Couple.
Simran asks Raj what he’s doing?
Raj says he’s been waiting for this day and it has arrived.
Krutika covers Roshni’s head with a ceiling and Raj performs the ceremony.
Raj say ideally, a Mother-in-law has to perform the Ceremony, but Simran is allergic to happiness.

Roshni kicks the pot over and enters the house. Sid and Roshni begin to argue.
As they walk in, Sid trips and almost falls, but Roshni holds him and prevents him from falling.
Grandmother and Raj tease them.
Grandmother takes a photo of them.
Raj tells everyone that he’s going to the temple with his Son and daughter-in-law and whoever wants to come with them can come along.
He leaves with them. DD and Simran yell at each other again.
Grandmother leaves with DD.
Raj takes Sid and Roshni to the temple in the house. Krutika joins them. Raj prays for them and blesses them. He tells them to touch his feet and get his blessings. They both do it at the same time and bump heads.
Raj prays for them to always be happy and to do things together as a Couple.
Raj gets a call and goes to take it.
Sid walks away.
Krutika tells Roshni that she is happy she came back with Sid.
Simran and Rajveer are watching them. Roshni says she will have to set things right in the house again, since Krutika’s Mother and the rest of her family caused her family so much trouble, so she will cause their own family trouble in return!
Rajveer tells Simran not to do anything out of anger; she is upset with Roshni and what Roshni did is not right and she’s already showing her true colour! He says it’s just 3 months, then Roshni and Sid will be divorced!
Roshni enters the living room and looks around remembering when she and her family lived in the house.
She walks to the pool area and looks at the dry Plants. She remembers when her Mother told her to water the plants everyday. She starts to water the plants. Roshni makes her Mum a promise that she will get her house back and she won’t even have to wait for 3 months!

Sid enters the pool area, drinking a cup of tea. He tells Roshni that if she has anything to say, she should say it to his face!
Roshni says she doesn’t need to, because it will mean stooping to his level! She tells him to stop listening to what she will say about him because her words will only make him angry.
As she walks away, Sid says her Mum is the one who is angry.
DD enters the bedroom and sees Grandmother packing up Roshni’s clothes into a suitcase. She tells Grandmother that she won’t go to give Roshni her luggage! Grandmother asks why? DD says she doesn’t trust her anymore and she does not understand why she was so happy to perform the ceremonies!
Grandmother says to DD, relationships can be made or broken by putting a signature on a piece of paper, but to her, it’s about nurturing, and when such relationships start falling apart, it is their duty to save them and not tear them apart. She says Roshni has gone to her husband’s house against her will, but she agrees with what the Judge said.
DD carries the suitcase and heads to the living room.
Yash is in the living room, he says he heard all they said and he will be happy to go and drop Roshni’s luggage for her.
Grandmother tells DD that it’s not right and Pratima should do it instead.
DD gives Yash the suitcase. She tells Grandmother that she wants Sid’s family to know that Roshni is not helpless and she has someone who is ready to wait for her! She tells Grandmother that Roshni is her daughter and She’s the one who gets to make decisions on her behalf!
Grandmother tells her that she’s giving Yash false hope and it’s not right. She tells her to stop ruining Roshni’s life because she will be the reason Roshni never comes back!
She makes her a promise that Roshni will not return home, but stay with Sid. She walks out, leaving DD irked.

Sid goes to the room and pulls down all of Roshni’s photos. He puts them in a bin and sets fire to them.
Roshni asks what he’s doing! He says it’s something he should have done a long time ago, they wasted their time making wedding vows and it’s time to undo those vows! He drags Roshni and starts walking around the fire, saying from now on, they are not related and they won’t take each other’s responsibility; from now on, they will be living in separate homes and he breaks all ties with her! He says she wanted this and he has fulfilled her wish.
Roshni is in tears.
Sid says there’s nothing he can give now, she will be a part of his life for 3 more months and he will see that She has a lot of fun. He walks away and she breaks down in tears  looking at the burning pics.
Sid goes to the hall and asks the Servants to get his file. Sid hears the doorbell ring and answers it.
It’s Yash and he’s standing with the suitcase. Sid says he doesn’t know what he has come for since the Judge didn’t mention that the person Roshni is in love with is supposed to live them.
Yash says he doesn’t want to talk to him! Sid says he doesn’t want to talk to him either and he will call Roshni to come out and see him. He tells Yash not to come into his house.
Yash is inside the house, but stands close to the door.
DD calls Yash on the phone and Yash tells her that he saw Sid and he’s misbehaving again.

Sid gets upset and tells Yash to go outside! Yash walks out and Sid shuts the door in his face.
Yash calls Sid from outside. Sid opens and Yash tells him to call Roshni. Sid says he won’t, since Yash already said he always misbehaves!
He takes the phone and asks DD if she didn’t teach her yes-Man some manners, he came to his house and he’s being rude!
Sid enters the room and Roshni is making the bed.
Sid lies in the bed with his shoes on.
Roshni complains!
The Servant comes in and says the Man is still waiting outside for Roshni.
Roshni asks him who it is?
Sid says it’s his Wife’s boyfriend. She yells at him why did he not inform her before, and goes to meet Yash. Yash speaks to her holding her shoulder. He tells her that her Mum told him to bring her luggage. Roshni asks if Sid said anything to him? Yash tells her not to worry about it as it’s only for 3 months.
Sid appears and tells Yash to hands off as he is touching another Man’s wife! Roshni takes bag and gets in.
Simran sees someone walking out and asks Sid who was he? He says your daughter-in-law is calling her people to torture him mentally. Simran sees Roshni and decides to treat Roshni harshly!
Roshni drags her luggage inside and the Servant offers to help her, but Sid tells him to leave her alone, and says Roshni does not need any Male’s help, and asks him to bring milkshake. He taunts her that her Mom did not offer him even water till now, but he’s not like that, and will give her milkshake.

At night, Roshni is getting ready for bed.
Sid tells her he’s on his side of the bed. She tells him they have agreed to live like strangers, so he should stay on his side! He keeps pillow between the bed. She goes to sleep.
Sid puts on his earphones and starts talking to a Client in a loud voice.
Roshni gets upset and takes out his earphones, complaining about the noise! Sid warns her that she’s never going to interrupt his call ever again!! He pulls her out of the room and tells her to sleep out, and that this room is his, and though she is staying for 3 months, she is just a guest here! He shuts the door in her face, but it’s obvious he feels bad about what he is doing.
Roshni goes to the Pool area to cry.
Raj comes, wipes her tears and says fathers don’t like their children crying, and begs her not to cry, saying he’s her father-in-law and will always be. Roshni says she doesn’t know what to do?

Raj agrees Sid is not treating her well and says they have to work it out between them, and he only hopes the circumstances will change. He says no matter what happens, she will always be his daughter.

Krutika joins them and says her father is right and Roshni will always have a place in their family. She assures her that Sid loves her and things will eventually work out.
Raj takes Roshni back into the house.

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