King of hearts update Monday 24 June 2019

Monday update on King of hearts 24th June 2019

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Raj is with a travel agent, begging him to check if they can find any reservation under Roshni’s name.
Sid calls his Dad to let him know he’s on the way to meet Roshni at the International Airport. He begs his Dad to Send someone with his passport and to book a ticket to any destination so he can be allowed inside the Airport. Raj calls someone and tells him or take Sid’s passport to him.
Roshni enters the Airport and gets to the ticket counter. Sid rushes in and gets to another Counter, begging them to tell him what flight his wife, Roshni Patel is on? The ticket Officer tells him that they are not allowed to reveal Passenger’s details to anyone.
Roshni proceeds to the checking area.
Raj arrives at the Airport and calls a higher authority. The boss authorises the ticketing Officer to give them the information. The Officer tells Sid that Roshni is on a London flight and boarding through gate 4.
Roshni sits in the waiting area.
Sid rushes in, but the Passengers are already about to board. He looks around and doesn’t see Roshni. He runs to the counter and asks if Roshni has boarded? The Airline Officer says Roshni hasn’t boarded. He gets confused and says he wants to check the Plane. The lady says he can’t be allowed on the Plane because his ticket is for another flight.

Roshni is outside the Airport with DD who informs her that Sid is at the Airport, so they need to leave. Roshni is surprised to know Sid is at the Airport. They get in a Cab and before the Cab moves, Roshni hears Sid calling her name. She turns to see him, but he doesn’t see her.S id is yelling her name and crying. Roshni is very sad, but she leaves with the Cab.
Sid breaks down outside the Airport. Rabba… song… plays in the background. He sits on the ground and starts crying vigorously and shouting Roshni! (surprised nobody arrested him for creating a drama at the International Airport)….
Some months have passed and Sid now has facial hair. He enters Roshni’s Old room and begins to talk to her photos as if she is there. He tells her that he can’t concentrate on his work lately, he sees her everywhere and feels her presence; he agrees it’s madness, but he’s been mad at her, ever since they met. He reminds her of the memories they made, eating candyfloss and when he took her on a bike ride. He talks about when she tried to cook and the food tasted awful. He begs her to come and feed him the awful food one more time. He says he knows he lied, but he wanted to save their relationship and he wanted to unite her with her Mum.
He laughs and says now Roshni and her Mum are together, but he is alone.
His father enters the room.
Raj says he couldn’t sleep, so he thought of paying Sid and Roshni a visit. He says he knows they work together, but they hardly talk these days, and he knows Sid will always come to Roshni’s room. He sees a card with Sid and asks if he has written Roshni another letter, and if he thinks she will ever respond? Sid says he doesn’t know, but he still has faith that his love will bring Roshni back to him, and they will be together again and happy. He says he believes in their love and Roshni means the world to him.

Raj leaves the room and Sid talks to Roshni’s photo again, saying he knows her Mum will try to keep them apart, but he won’t stop!
DD and her family have moved into a small, but decent apartment.
The doorbell rings. DD tells Pratima to make her a quick breakfast before she leaves for the Office. The door bell keeps ringing and DD says she will get it. Grandmother and Pratima panic when DD heads for the door, so Grandmother pretends to be in pain.
DD turns around and says she will get her painkillers.
When DD leaves, Pratima rushes to the door to meet the Courier Man. She signs for the letter and takes it to Grandmother. It’s a letter from Sid.
Grandmother tells Pratima to hide it.
Grandmother brings out the letters Sid has been sending for Roshni, she adds the latest one, then hides them all back in a drawer.
Pratima says she wishes they could deliver at least one of the letters to Roshni. Grandmother says DD sent Roshni away, thinking Sid would stop looking for her, but she knows Sid won’t give up. Pratima wonders if it’s possible for a woman to stay away from her husband for this long?
A Private Investigator tells Sid that Roshni has been found in Thailand.
Raj tells Sid they will now be able to find her.
DD’s Lawyer says they need her and Roshni to be around to fight the case brought against them by the Khurana family. DD say it’s not possible, Roshni won’t be coming, so he has to think of another way. She thinks of Roshni on her way home.
Sid tells the Investigator to track Roshni’s exact location in Thailand.
DD tells herself that Roshni is in Bangkok and she hopes the Khuranas do not discover her whereabouts for the next 6 months!
Roshni is in Bangkok working as an Executive assistant. She tells her friend who is also her boss that he will be late for his shoot. He asks if he looks good? She says he’s good.

He asks if he has to keep track of the time while flirting with her? She asks if that’s what he’s doing? He says it is.
He says he will see her later and he runs off. Roshni calls him by his name, Yash. She tells him he’s forgetting something and gives him his watch. He says he doesn’t know what he would do if she’s not around to take care of him.
Simran asks Rajveer why the company is incurring so much losses?
She says he’s shown he can’t run a business and her dream of having her Son-in-law take over her business is destroyed!
Krutika asks him how hard it is to run a business? She says she doesn’t want to go back to Poverty and at this rate, they will soon be bankrupt! Rajveer says he did not want to say it, but Sid has been spending so much money lately hiring Private detectives to look for Roshni!
Krutika apologises to Rajveer and says they didn’t mean to offend him.
Simran says she will talk to Sid, 6 months is enough time to get over anyone, and Roshni would have moved on by now!
Roshni coordinates things on the set of the photoshoot and Yash admires her as she works. She says she wants to brief him on the day’s schedule.
She tells him all he has to do. He says he’s become so dependent on her and he no longer feels the need to find a wife. Roshni says she is his executive assistant.
Yash says she has brought new life into his existence. Roshni tells herself that it was he who did that for her.
She remembers when they met in Thailand and he told her she’s his best friend and he will help her out.

Roshni thanks him in her heart for everything and helping to make sure she doesn’t miss Sid at all.
Raj tells Sid to wait till evening when be gets information instead of pacing about all day. He suggests they watch a football match. Sid says he’s not interested.
Yash is on TV and he introduces Roshni as the woman who helps him out and the one behind his success.
Sid has his back to the TV, and he’s not watching.
Simran comes to the Office to see Sid.
She uses the remote to turn off the TV and says she’s as much a shareholder of the company and so, is Rajveer!
Sid tells Rajveer that not everyone is allowed in his Office! He tells his Mother that her loving Son-in-law cooked up another story to mislead her from the truth. Simran says Sid is wasting money on a person who isn’t worth it!
Raj enters and tells Simran to keep her voice down! She says she wants the employees to know their boss is spending their money hiring people to look for his ex-wife! She says Rajveer told her about it, and without his help, she wouldn’t have known who was responsible for the losses the Company has suffered!

Sid says all the wrong people were hired by her, they are only concerned about gossip to create a rift between people, and if Rajveer doesn’t mislead her with gossip, he won’t be able to do want he has come to do which is to divide the family. He says he will tell her the reason they suffered huge loses. He takes her to the main Office and he addresses the staff, saying that his Mum just accused him of using their money for his personal gain. He asks when they get their salaries? They say first day of the month. He asks for someone from the account department and tells him to bring their balance sheets and anything his Mum might need to go through, including his own personal records.

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