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Ajay, Nikki, Pammi and Rohit are going back in car and arguing with each other and Nikita scolds them and tells we have to find who this khurana is, Nikki says some people take seriously if you save their lives. Ajay tells PD is 90 year old but she hit mom so hard. Nikita drives towards hospital.

Shuarya says to Khurana that he wants to know about him. Khurana says you both have exciting life, he ask that he has heard that they lost their property. Mahek tells it’s because of my fault, Shaurya holds her hand and says it was not your fault,it was all Ajay and Rohit so relax. Khurana tells he is happy to see them so much in love like he use to share and love his wife but she left, to God’s house and I am alone, I keep fighting cases, she keep reminding me of her, she use to make tasty dishes , and kheer.

Mahek says I cook kheer too, she invites him to come to their house. Shaurya says we should leave now. Shaurya and Mahek comes out of his wardroom. Mahek says we should consult him about property. Shauray says we dont have money to pay for rickshaw and you want to consult Digvijay and that too in hospital? lets go, they leave but Digvijay has heard them.

Ajay, Pammi and Nikki comes to hospital. Ajay says I dont like hospitals. They try to find out about khurana from receptionist but she doesn’t give her any details. Nikki takes her aside and pays her 10k and tells atleast tell us his room number. and let me go for 10 second, receptionist tells that its room 102. Nikki goes near his room. khurana PA comes there and asks who are you? you were there in Mahek’s house. Nikki doesnt answer him and leaves after clicking khurana’s picture and thinks she has to find out who he this man is.

At night, Shaurya is lying in porch and watching the moon and mahek is watching the moon from Window.. She calls him and tells were you sleeping, he tells no I was dreaming and lift the phone in dream. Mahek says dont make fun of me. She says we should have consulted Khurana as he is a big lawyer. Shaurya tells I know this lawyers, he just wanted to thanks and he will forget soon, if we go to his office, he wont even recognize us. Mahek says its useless to talk to you. Shaurya says love listen, I want to meet you, Mahek says all are sleeping and you should sleep too. Shaurya ask he needs something from her as he saved the house.

Mahek tells everyone is sleeping if someone sees than, Shaurya tells so what we are married and young. Mahek says you are unbelievable, she disconnects the call.. Shaurya gets up to go to Mahek’s room, he sees Jeevan moving around so he stealhly leaves from there.

Shaurya comes in the room and goes and hugs kanta thinking she is mahek. Kanta screams in sleep. Shaurya recognizes its Kanta and runs away. Kanta shouts thief thief… All wake up and come in the porch. Jeevan wakes up and asks where is thief? Balwant asks Shaurya to call police, Shaurya gets tensed, Mahek glares at him, he hints to remain silent. Mahek eyes Shaurya and asks Kanta if it was slim thief? Kanta understands, she holds Shaurya’s ear and says thief was like this, atleast know where you wife is sleeping before wanting to hug her, Shaurya blushes and leaves.

In morning, Kanta’s brother come home. Kanta ties rakhi to him. Sonal says to Mahek that you might have not tied Rakhi to him but his relation with you is always strong. Mahek gets teary eyed. Vicky makes Mahek sit down. Shaurya says to Sonal that I do all responsibilities as brother so tie Rakhi to me. Vicky asks Mahek to tie Rakhi to him as he is her brother, Mahek prays for Mohit’s life.

Mahek ties Rakhi to Vicky and Sonal ties Rakhi to Shaurya. Jeevan says we should go now for work. Shaurya says lets go to work Vicky, they but but are stunned to see Digvijay on door, Mahek says you here? digvijay says I came here to eat your kheer. Mahek greets him, he meets whole family.
Mahek makes kheer for Digvijay, Mansi says we just invited him but he came here really, Kanta says kits good to make relations.

Digvijay says to family that God makes families like Shaurya and Mahek rarely, they saved my life a Gods. Harish says this house is nice but if there was AC here then this would be heaven for me, are you feeling hot here? Digvijay says not at all. Mahek brings kheer for Digvijay, he eats it and says wow daughter, this kheer is amazing. Kanta says you are not the first one to praise her like this.

Digvijay asks Shaurya when will we start working on your case? all get tensed. Digvijay says you have paid my fees by saving my life and you have made me greedy by making me eat this kheer. Shaurya says what are you saying? Digvijay says I am taking about case to bring back your property, your good days have comeback, I will fight your case and we see what happens to your enemies.

Shaurya says we might be able to pay you with this kheer but how will we pay other organizations and police? Digvijay says I have earned name in society so I take this responsibility of handling organizations. Mahek says why you are wasting time on our case? Digvijay says to eat your kheer? jeevan says we have started lunchbox service so we will deliver it to you daily. Digvijay says I have fought cases for wrong people my whole life, maybe this accident was a lesson and i want to do the right thing now. Mahek says we cant explain what it means to us, Digvijay says I am helping you like you helped me without any expectations. He asks Mahek and Shaurya to come to his office.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to Digvijay’s office. Digvijay says Ajay and Nikki trapped Mohit in betting case and he ranaway and then Nikki made Mahek sign property papers? Mahek says I felt weak without Shaurya and signed papers Nikki gave me. Shaurya says we all feel weak sometimes and we all make mistakes. Digvijay says its time to rectify mistakes, we have to find Mohit now. Shaurya says how will we find him? he must have lost major money and must have only 25lacs, Mahek says Mohit have cut off all relations with us.

Digvijay says we have to find Mohit if he is alive, you know anything can happen in this case, Nikki and Ajaya hired goons and goons can do anything for 25lacs too.. Mahek gets tensed. Digvijay says I am sorry to make you tense, I am sure Mohit is alive but he can be in any condition. Mahek says okay, we will find and try our hardest to find him. Digvijay says thats the spirit, your family will help to make sketch of goon which was behind Mohit and then we will file case to police, Shaurya says but without proof police is not listening to us, Digvijay says you called me famous lawyer so I have perks in police stations too, Mahek looks hopeful.

Mahek is going back home on her scooty, Shaurya is sitting behind her and says your scooty drives so slow that we can buy skates instead. Scooty breakdowns, Shaurya says thats why you are always late, you should leave it here, Mahek says I have strong bond with this her, Shaurya says do you tie Rakhi to it? Mahek says you have to live with me but keep burning in anger. Mahek and Shaurya comes to mechanic. Shaurya says we should hire rickshaw and leave scooty here, Mahek asks mechanic to work fast. Shaurya and Mahek sits down to wait till repair is done. Shaurya gets up and murmurs that I will take Jeevan’s cycle from next time.

Mahek asks if he is hungry because he blabber in hunger only. One man says to Shaurya that dont be hungry, you can take these snacks from me, they are amazing. Mahek takes snacks from man and eats it, she says they are amazing, Shaurya taste it. Shaurya says no, you know your weight is increasing because of eating this junk, thats why your scooty cant handle your weight. Mahek says my scooty used to drive fine but you have brought whole gym weight to it and it brokedown. Man says to Mahek that you both are real husband and wife, you can fight on anything. Mechanic says scooty is repaired, fees is 500/- Shaurya pays him. Mahek thanks man for snacks, she puts remaining snacks in bag and leaves with shaurya.

Digvijay calls Shaurya and says I have talked to inspector, he will cooperate with us to find goon which was behind Mohit.

Nikki calls her man and says find out who this man who was saved by Shaurya and Mahek, she ends call. Inspector calls Nikki and says there is one news I want to sell, you know Advocate Digvijay Khurana is helping Shaurya, inspector tells her everything. Nikki is shocked and thinks that he is very powerful man, I have to do something before its too late.

Nikki comes to Rohit and Ajay, they are busy in watching movie, she switches off TV. Rohit says I will cut your hands, you dont behave like woman, Nikki says you both are not men too, you are passing time here and there Shaurya is taking help of Digvijay Khurana, he is biggest lawyer of India, Shaurya saved his life and now he is helping them, they are finding goon which you put behind Mohit, do something before Shaurya finds him, Ajay and Rohit leaves to find goon. Servant Awara hears everything.

Vicky comes to Shaurya and Mahek and says Awara called me and told me that Ajay and Rohit have gone to find the goon which was behind Mohit. Shaurya says to Vicky that we should go behind them, he asks Mahek to call Digvijay Khurana and let him know, they leave. Mahek calls Digvijay.

Ajay comes to his godown. Ajay meets his goons and ask them ti leave city. Awara follows Ajay and shares godown’s location with Shaurya. Ajay starts leaving godown with his goon. Shaurya arrives there. Shaurya and Vicky sees Ajay on road with his goons, Shaurya ask rickshaw driver to stop, he does. Shaurya comes out of rickshaw. Ajay attacks him but Shaurya grabs his arms. Nikki arrives there in her car. She asks goons to sit in car, they go, ajay pushes Shaurya away and runs to Nikki’s car, they all pile in her car and drives away before Shaurya can get up and go behind them.

PD is sitting with family, she talks about old days and says to Sonal that when Kanta was pregnant, she used to go on walk with Jeevan and Jeevan used to get tired but would always go with her, Sonal miss Mohit, she gets sad and leaves. PD says I shouldnt have talked about this. Kanta says this is not your fault, Mohit has left his family, Mansi asks her to have hope, we will find Mohit, Kanta says days are passingby and hope is losing, all get sad.

Mahek wipes Shaurya’s wounds and says why you have to get in fights alone? Digvijay comes there, he says police is finding Ajay’s goons. Shaurya says Ajay and Nikki took goons and ranaway with them so why police is not catching them? Digvijay says Ajay and Nikki have broken any law, police would call it personal animosity and wont go behind them, our only witness is Mohit, he can help us. Kanta says my son is a coward, he is hiding dont know where. Dolly says dont worry, have faith in God, God always come to help, atleast that what people believe in our society so dont worry. Mahek and Shaurya looks on. Mahek dresses Shaurya’s wounds.

In morning, all family members are waiting for Gopal function to start. Mahek goes to bring scented candle. She takes it from stand but other things fall from her hands. She says I am clumsy. Sharma family comes out of house and see Gopal’s function going on. Kanta prays for their problems to be solved in Gopal.

In house, Mahek is cleaning things she mistakenly spread on floor. She finds a newspaper in it, she is shocked to read it, her eyes bulge out of sockets reading something on paper.

Gopal function ends, Sharma family goes in house back. Mahek comes to family huffing, she says Mohit.. Mohit is in Raj Bimla.. all are stunned. she shows newspaper to Shaurya, there is a picture of event in Raj Bimla in which Mohit is seen in the background. Shaurya says we should go there soon, Mahek thanks Gopal for helping them. Kanta says I pray that you both get successful.

Mahek gives her cash to use. Kanta says in childhood, you, Mohit and Nehal used to play hide and seek, he used to hide anywhere and tense us, even today my son is creating a problem for all of us, Mahek says we are all responsible for his state, he didnt stray away, he just wanted to give a good life to his wife and baby, dont worry we will bring him back. Jeevan says we have Shaurya, he will make everything fine, we are getting habituated to Shaurya, Shaurya smiles.

Digvijay comes to Sharma house. He gives tickets to Shaurya and Mahek. Digvijay says this picture in which Mohit is seen, its of an event of Janmashtami there, Mahek says we have to find him in event? Harish says then we will get AC in our house, Mahek and Shaurya please search him fast, Balwant laughs at him. Shaurya takes Pd’s blessing, PD says take care of yourself and my Mahek. Mahek says to Sonal that I promise you, we will bring Mohit back.

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