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Jodha Akbar 5 April 2020: Hameeda tells Jodha that Jalal’s getting well is being celebrated and poor are being alms so asks Jodha to come with her to see the happenings. The people are wishing for Jalal, MA is miffed at the proceedings.

Jodha also gives away her bangles, Hameeda asks if she prayed for Shehenshah but Jodha replied that she prayed for a son, brother and a person who saved her from the tiger. Ruks also comes and tells MA that the entire kingdom is praying for Jalal and leaves. MA thinks that she cant become shauhar ki biwi.

Rahim meets Jodha and asks her to tell him the story of Shehenshah and tiger. She tells him the same with all the emotions and then he carries fruits to Jalal. He tells J that Jodha has sent the fruits, makes him take one bite of apple and leaves. Ruks says that she punished Jodha for her folly as she slapped her, Jalal says that her gunaah is too big for such a small punishment, though he implied something else. But Ruks as usual did not get the import.

Javeda is serving wine to AK, AK takes a wrong name of a girl, he says it does not matter and that he loves her a lot and gifts her a diamond necklace. AK snubs Javeda when Sharifuddin comes and informs him that Jalal is safe. AK gets furious at the defeat of his men and Sharif tells him that Jodha saved Jalal. Both wonder when will they take revenge and till then bide their time.

Jodha is sitting silently when Ruks came, passes some snide comments,she says that her slaps did not leave any mark, Jodha tells she can give some more if she wants. Ruks take the lep which saved Jalal and puts it on Jodha’s cheeks and tells that it will have a desired effect on her as it did with Jalal.

MA tells Resham how easily Jodha got away from the gunaah by just making medicine. She asks Resham if she wants to see Jodha as MUZ, and says that after Ajmer trip, Jalal has changed and Jodha -Jalal relationship is getting a different meaning. This is a very scary thought but she can see that its happening very fast.

Moti sees Bharmal and tells Jodha, she wonders why and runs off to Jalal’s room. Bharmal greets Jalal and MA and says that Sukanya’s marriage is fixed and its only due to Jalal. Jodha overhears that. Jalal says that it will bring the two kingdom together. Bharmal invites everyone to Amer for Suku’s wedding and Jodha-Jalal will perform all the rituals

Ruks comes to Jalal’s room, asks the people to give them a privacy, Jalal says to blurt out the anger before putting meds on him. Ruks asks him the 3 questions about Bharmal’s invitation and Sukanya’s marriage. Jalal answers her questions. Both discuss and finally Ruks tells him that he is not going to Amer. Jalal says that haq jataa ke haq chhen liya.

At the court, Jalal tells Bharmal that he accepts his invitation, Hameeda and Jodha are happy while MA,Sharif and AK are surprised. MA tries to say sth when Jalal asks her to discuss the gifts with Hameeda.Bharmal takes the leave while Jodha looks on at Jalal .

MA,AK and minister are discussing how to tell Jalal not to go to Amer. Jalal comes there and tries to prove his point. The minister says that an army will accompany Jalal and Jalal says that he can do so but he will definitely go to Amer. MA is exasperated.

Jalal is looking at his wounds in the mirror when Jodha comes there. Both have a face-off about Jalal saying his own wounds leaving a mark and Jodha furious at the fact about the army he is taking to Amer. Both volley questions at each other, implying loaded meanings, Jalal at his naughtiest evil best riles up Jodha and finally she leaves in anger. He talks to himself that why did he not ask her to put lep on him but thinks that all this can be done in Amer too.

MA comes to Ruks and informs that Jalal has accepted Bharmal’s invitation. She asks her if she understands the intent behind all these actions. Ruks again rubbishes everything, MA tells Ruks that Jalal is getting closer to Jodha and tells her to save her Begum-e-Khaas title. MA asks Ruks to prove if she really can rule Jalal’s mind.

Sharif and AK plot a scheme against Jalal and are happy that Amer will be tainted.

Ruks comes to Jalal and asks why cant he say No to going to Amer. Jalal says that he loves Jodha, he is fallen head over heels in love with Jodha, Ruks is stunned/shocked but then Jalal laughs it off. He once again tells her that its only because of siyasiti maamla that he is going to Amer to attend wedding. He tells her that he doesnt have heart and will never have one. Ruks heaved a sigh of relief and hugs him from behind and tells him to be back soon. She says that she wont ever go to Amer and the reason is known to him. Jalal looks on out of the window.

Amer is getting geared up for the wedding preparations, Dadisa asks Bharmal if she has sent invitation to Pratap’s family, Bharmal doesnt want to do so but Menavati also tells him to send an invitation. Pratap’s family accepts it. Pratap is wondering what to do as Bharmal is now his enemy as he has relations with Jalal. The chief guru discusses this matter with Pratap and tells him to go to Amer as he will come to know about Jalal and assess his strength too.

Jalal comes to know that Pratap will also attend the wedding, he is also eager to meet his enemy and Pratap also decides to go to Amer.

(For the uninitiated, Pratap and Jalal were sworn enemies, Pratap was 2 years older than Jalal and both had a marvellous history of how they became kings and challenged each other)

Hameeda with Jiji Anga, Gulbadan are looking after the gifts which had to be sent to Sukanya, Jodha comes there and is overwhelmed with this gesture.Her eyes welled up with this love and respect.

Jalal with his family started off for Amer, BDas and Bharmal are looking after security arrangements for Jalal’s safety. On the other hand, the enemies (Rajvanshis) along with Pratap discuss how to kill Jalal and make the most of the situation. Pratap disagree with their plans of killing him in stealth while on Amer soil but at the war front when Jalal will come face to face with Pratap.

Javeda is unable to sleep at the night camp, sees MA and asks her to be with him and both have a cute nok-jhok saas-bahu moments. Jalal asks a maid about her khema, chief minister tells him that he knows that Jalal wants to go for nauka vihaar Hameeda comes and says that Jodha will accompany him ;)They come by the lake, he extends his hand for Jodha, she puts her hand in his after initial hesitation, she trips a little and catches hold of his arm, BG plays :Pboth settle in the boat, have their tu-tu main main , she notices a wound on his hand and tends to it, he asks her to carry lep with her everywhere, she rises in anger but again falls on Jalal, he holds her and gives the dupatta which had fallen off, Jalal notices some people and they start hitting them with arrows, Jodha and Jalal are trying to dodge the arrows, Jalal says that he will not let anything happen to Jodha.

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