Twist of fate update Wednesday 1 April 2020

Twist of fate 1 April 2020: The episode starts with a prayer and Gayatri mantra. Temples are shown. Crowd is seen getting excited on a rockstar’s song. Rockstar sings Sadda Haq Ithe Rakh… song. Praya comes and asks Bulbul to wake up. Both their faces are shown. Bulbul catches Pragya’s dupatta. She asks her to leave her dupatta. Bulbul says she was dreaming about Abhi. Pragya says he looks like a monkey and thinks to drag him from TV and comb his hair. Bulbul says she loves him. Pragya says he loves himself. Bulbul says not to talk about love as she herself is marrying a person whom she does not know at all. She says she is taking a risk by marrying a stranger. Pragya says he is not stranger as she spoke to Tarun and goes into flashback where Tarun calls her and asks her to meet at a bus stop. Pragya agrees.

Pragya goes to bus stop and meets Tarun. He greets her hello. She says if she came late. He says even he came just now and says his house is small and his parents wanted to ask a house in dowry, but he refused. A bus comes and Tarun says this bus goes to her college and even his office. They both alight the bus. He takes a full day pass. Pragya asks if he takes full day pass daily. He says he travels a lot in his marketing job and saves 900 Rs monthly. Bulbul asks Pragya if she is marrying him as he saves 30 rs daily. Pragya says he is practical like her and if someone marries a person, their thinking should be in a same direction. Pragya says she has saved 1.5 lakhs for Bulbul’s marriage. Bublbul says she does not need her money as she will elope and marry. Their mom comes and asks them not to fight.

Pragya is in a hurry to go to college. Mom says mama/mami are coming and asks her to wear bangles, then go to college. Bulbul asks mom to tell Pragya not to go to college on her marriage day. She asks her what did she ate while she was pregnant. She says gauva. Bulbul jokes she must have eaten raw one, she Pragya is very hard emotionally. Bulbul wants to take pics, but mom stops her. Bulbul says she must be neighbour’s daughter. Mom says Pragya is her daughter and she took bulbul from outside. Pragya laughs listening their conversation. Mom performs premarriage rituals on Pragya and gets emotional.

Suresh is shown driving scooter. Shopkeepers scold him for seeing that Suresh face. Suresh stops at Pragya’s house and calls her. Bulbul jokes that Pragya’s would be has come. Daadi asks Pragya to wait until he correcs his pant and spectacles. Man sees street light fluctuating. He thinks he will complain about it. He goes and starts fixing the night bulb. He gets electric shock and falls down. Whole locality laughs on him. Pragya helps him get up and asks if he is alright. He says he is fine. Daadi says people were waiting from 4 days for this to happen. Pragays gets into Suresh’s scooter and they leave. Bublbul and daadi waves them bye.

Pragya and Suresh reach college. Student there tease Suresh that he will look around, will correct his spectales and then will march parade. She says looks like Pragya is dating Suresh. Another student says why will Pragya date him, he is face is so weird like a old ambassador. Suresh hears them and says he will teach them a lesson. Pragaya says it is her marriage day and not to fight with anyone.

Stff are having lunch in their lunch break. They see Pragya and congratulate her for her marriage. They give her bouquet as a fairwell gift. One teacher praises her for helping her by giving her FD money. She asks her to be like that forever. Suresh scolds office boy for selling small water bottles instead of 2 liters one. Office boy says he has to give auto fair also. Suresh takes 20 rs note from office boy’s pocket and says he cannot escape from him. He happily shows money to the whole staff. Lady asks Pragya if she is happy. Pragya says yes. Pragya asks Suresh why did he make a drama for 20 rs. He says it was her fairwell and office boy tries to steal money every time. Pragya asks if he is coming for her marriage. He says he cannot come as he does not have a suit. She says it is not a reason. He says he does not like big functions. He says she is doing a mistake by marrying a stranger and says she will get a better guy. She asks who. He says a better guy like…he does not say the name. He says she has done double MA and many more qualities of her and says he is not fit for you. He says people come to marriage for food, not to see bride and groom. He says she has to tolerate him whole life. She asks what she should do then. He says he does not know. She asks him to come then. He says he does not want to come. She says she comes when his scooter breaks down, etc., and asks him to come as she wants to tell her last good night. He says she does not come to say him good night every day. He understand it is 10 p.m. when she comes and he switches off the light to save money. He says he does not have suit, tie. She says he has yellow tie. He agrees he will come to her marriage as she is insisting, but she is doing wrong. She says wrong as you made a delay… He looks at her. she then says delay for the class. She leaves from there.

Mom asks her servants to get decorate the marriage hall fast. She sees daadi/biji playing game and asks her to go and change her clothes as baaraath would be coming. She takes mobile from biji. Biji scolds her for taking her mobile out as she was playing with them online. Mom says biji everyone has their own specialities. Biji says she wants to explain her the same thing and says Bulbul is different from Pragya but why is she stopping Bulbul to come in front of Pragya’s in-laws. Mom says Pragya is 29 years gold now and they will accept Bulbul instead of Pragya. Biji says Tarun is lucky to have Pragya.

Pragya is getting ready. Bulbul asks her to get ready fast and starts joking. She then says she is looking beautiful. Pragya asks her to joke now as she will miss her from tomorrow. She says she will not, but then gets emotional and hugs her, she says she will miss her a lot. Pragya says mom asked me to wear lenses and it is irritating. They hear baaraath coming. Bulbul says she will dance a lot when her vidaayi happens.

Baarath comes dancing on a song saddi gali bhulke bhi aaya karo. Suresh watches sadly. Bulbul scolds him for coming in a marriage of a girl whom he loves. He greets groom with a garland.

Pragya comes down in a bridal dress. Suresh sees her astonishingly. He remembers going to buy a tie for him with Pragya. He asks shopkeepers who much is it. He says 499 rs. Suresh says he will get these ties for 300 rs on linking road and starts fighting with him. Pragya gifts her the tie and asks him to wear on a special day.

Pragya goes and sits on a bride’s chair. Tarun’s mom sees Bulbul and asks a man there who is she. He says she is Bulbul, Pragya’s younger sister. Bulbul says Pragya that Suresh is looking like a cartoon. She calls him on the stage and jokes him as Salman Khan with loose pant. He comes on the stage and says Pragya that she is looking beautiful. Pragya introduces him to Tarun and says they both teach in a college together. Bulbul jokes with Tarun to take care of Pragya, else Suresh will file a PIL.

Tarun’s mom gets angry on Pragya’s mom for hiding Bulbul purposefully. She says she did not see Bulbul even during engagement. Pragya’s mom asks her to talk slowly as relatives will listen. She says so what, she understands now that if she would have shown Bulbul, she would have asked Bulbul for her son and says she wil take back the baarath. Pragya’s mom cries and pleads her not to break Pragya’s marriage. Tarun’s mom says she will not break the marriage, but needs compensation. She asks her to give her marriage hall to her son. Pragaya’s mom says it is her daughters’ right and her whole family’s expenses come from it and cannot give it to only Pragya. Tarun’s mom asks her either to save marriage or marriage hall and goes from there. Pragya’s mama says how can they do like this and goes to fight with Tarun’s mom/Pushpa. He starts fighting with Pushpa for asking dowry. Pushpha asks him to keep his daughter as she will break the marriage. Pragya’s mom asks his brother to stop fighting and agrees to gift marriage hall to Pragya. Bulbul hears that and asks mom what rubbish are they talking. Mom asks Bulbul not to tell it to Pragya. Pragya comes and asks mom why is she crying. Bulbul informs that they are asking marriage hall as dowry. Mom asks Pragya not to break the marriage. Pragya goes to Tarun and asks if he knows about his mom’s demand. He looks at his mom. Pragya asks if he will accept her if her mom gifts marriage hall to her. Tarun says he did not know her younger sister is beautiful than her, but he likes her and her thinking. He says if the marriage hall is gifted to them, they will get an extra income. He says they would have asked bungalow, but did not. Pragya remembrs his words of refusing dowry first. Pragya says mom that they deserve marriage hall and asks her to gift the marriage hall and says even she has her demands. She says if her mom transfer the marriage her in her name, she will marry his cousin rather which they did not inform about. She says he came from America and earns better than him, so she wants to marry him. Pushpa shouts and asks Pragya if she has gone mad. Pragya says if she is paying price, then she should get her choice. Tarun asks her if she knows what she is talking about. Pragaya asks if he is liking her sister, he may like the neighbor next, will he stop marriage for that? Pragya says she loves her both daughter, but she will not let that happen as it is matter of her self-respect and she will not sell it. She says she does not want to hurt anyone, but she does not want to marry a person who just looks at a face and not human values. She thought he is a person who gets happy with what he gets, but if he is not happy with her, he won’t be happy with anyone. She says does not want to marry him. Tarun says he likes her and is doing for their future. Pragya says she gets happy with small things, but he wants more. She gives her engagement ring and asks him to leave. Bulbul also asks them to leave. Tarun and his family leave from there with baarath.

Mom asks Pragya if she is alright. Mama asks who will inform relatives that marriage is broken. Pragya says she will inform. She turns back and sees her relatives standing. She goes to them and says she wants to talk to them. She says she is happy that they came for her with gifts and prayers. It is their prayers that she is standing in front of them and can say that her marriage is broken. She asks them not to feel bad for her as she is not feeling bad, it is not her fault. Whatever happened to her happens to many girls due to dowry demand.

She says looks at her house before getting married emotionally, but some people think that house will be theirs soon after her marriage. It is difficult to turn back at that nick of time as the whole society would be watching them and bride’s family will have to accept on their demands, b ut she is happy that she did not bend in front of their demands and broke marriage. She will marry a person who loves her and her family and will not pressurize her. She thanks relatives for coming and asks them to have food and go. She asks them to take their gift back and leave their prayers for her. Everyone looks at her emotionally. Pragya goes from the marriage hall.

Suresh comes back home. His friend says Pragya did not feel bad that her marriage broke. Suresh says she felt but did not cry as her family would have felt bad. Some people share happiness but keep sorrows for themselves. He says Pragya is like a white colour which is made with 7 clours.

Bulbul comes to Pragya and asks her to cry as she will feel better. Pragya says why will she cry as she escaped from crying whole file and asks her to call her college and inform that she will come tomorrow, she they will cut her salary. Pragya if she is not feeling bad that her marriage is broken. Pragya says everything will be alright by tomorrow. She says whomever her fate is tied with, she will dorn his sindhoor. They both hug each other.

Suresh says Pragya is very strong that she does not leave anyone in their bad days and wont get sad in her bad days. Pragya consoles her mother and gives her pills and hugs her. Suresh says Pragya looks common, but she is very special. Friend says looks like he loves her and asks him to go and tell her. Suresh asks him to keep quiet. Friend says Suresh that he willl not sleep until she says goodbye. Pragya looks out of the window and says him goodbye. Suresh waves him goodbye smiling.

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