Broken Hearts update Saturday 23 October 2021


Broken Hearts 23 October 2021: The Episode starts with Ahana seeing Saloni and Tarun and smiling. Anant says what happened, I m waiting. She says this place is not right, we can meet again. Rehaan looks on. Anant says interesting. Roshni falls down. They all go home. Yamini sees Anant dancing with Ahana. She gets sad. Laila’s friend says you are approving Anant with Ahana. Laila says Anant knows Ahana is the hurdle between us. Ahana asks did you think of second marriage, sorry if you felt bad. He says no, I m surprised, even Laila asked this some time before. She asks what did you tell her. He says I never felt the need to remarry. Rehaan stops Saloni and says please let me say this, congrats. He laughs.

She says its my marriage, please… Tarun comes. Rehaan says Saloni is awesome. Tarun says I know I m lucky. Anant congratulates themselves. Rehaan says you would be busy. Ahana says obviously. Ahana says I have to go, hope to meet you soon. Anant says looking forward. Ahana taunts Rehaan and goes. Anant and Rehaan leave. Laila asks where are you going. Anant says thanks, we shall leave now. Laila says you made the evening special, thanks for coming. They leave. Laila asks Ahana what was she talking to Anant. Ahana says we were talking to you. Laila asks what. Ahana says we will talk once Saloni gets married.

Anant thinks of Ahana. He recalls his wife. FB shows his wife asking him to accept their togetherness is till here, life is long, its not easy to pass it. He says Rehaan is with us, he says he will always with us. She says I want you to get remarried, if you get some girl who gives you happiness, you won’t stop yourself. He says no Shweta, I can’t give your place to anyone. She says give anyone a chance, I know Yamini will take care of kids, what will you do, promise me if you like to remarry, you won’t stop yourself. FB ends. Anant cries.

Gupta comes to Rekha and asks for tea. She shows Tarun and Saloni’s marriage pics in newspaper. He gives her bank manager’s message and says 3 crores cheque passed. She says its good, I bought a good painting from big artist. He asks why. She says its Tarun’s marriage, I had to do something special, I took your responsibility as well, right? He smiles.Roshni asks Karan to look for Anant. Anant comes and says come on, Aarav will come to play football, we will go for jogging, weather is good. They jog. Anant says you guys enjoyed the marriage, I forgot there is a world outside house and office. She says I saw you dancing with Laila. He asks how can I refuse if she asks me for dance. She says you stay lost, you don’t give me attention. He says that’s impossible. She asks do you love someone. He asks what’s this silly question. She asks him to answer.

He says some answers are not simple. She says your answer is not no, it means you love someone. He says please stop it. She goes.Laila greets Ahana. Ahana looks surprised. Laila asks Kittu to get strong coffee for Ahana. Ahana asks are you thinking I m Saloni, I never got love from you. Laila says I love both my daughters, what did Anant say about me. Ahana says he was saying about second marriage, why are you interested. Laila says I m interested in him, I want to come close to him, I think he also wants to come close to me, sometimes someone touches heart, I feel this happened with Anant. Ahana says you want to make relation with his bank balance, you are using a pure emotion like love. Laila says you think I m doing this for myself, did you think how I managed alone.

Ahana says you are alone because of yourself. Laila says I was alone even with your dad, you will never understand. Ahana goes.Anant asks Karan to drop Roshni, he will go later, Roshni thanks him and hugs. She goes. Anant smiles and thinks my Roshni gets happy by small thing, even when she gets angry. Ahana recalls Laila’s words. She says how to say truth to Ahana. She calls him. She asks can we meet tonight, I have to say something. He recalls Roshni’s words. Jeene bhi de…………plays………. He says I m very busy today. She says we shall meet tomorrow. He says sorry, I can’t meet for few days. She says okay and ends call Saloni calling Ahana. She says I m excited about honeymoon, we have to meet Tarun’s parents first. Ahana jokes. Saloni says you come there, you can drop me to airport. Ahana agrees. Anant recalls Ahana. He goes downstairs.

Rehaan and Aarav play. Rehaan says I have to go and pick Roma. He checks Roshni’s purse and gets bracelet. Aarav says this is of Roma right. Anant comes. He says I have to go for an imp meeting, Rehaan drop me to office. Gupta and Rekha talk to Tarun and Saloni. Gupta tells about the costly painting. Rekha says anything for you two. She asks Saloni not to eat papaya. She asks her to have grapes. Gupta looks at them. Tarun holds Saloni’s hand.Rehaan drops Anant and says being too nice is not good for health. Anant says someone else also told me. Rehaan asks why did you send Roshni with Karan. Anant says I have no problem, maybe you have a problem in dropping me. Rehaan says learn to handle Roshni, she got selfish, she is possessive. Anant says she has all the right to love. He says she dominates, she should have a habit to hear no, else she can’t adjust outside. Anant says stop being dramatic, who else do I have, you are busy with your GF. Rehaan says exactly, that’s why I m worried. Anant thinks of Ahana. He says your GF will be waiting at airport, go. Rehaan leaves.


Ahana asks Saloni are they going on honeymoon or migrating, packing is much. Saloni says its just for 15 days. Gupta doesn’t bless Saloni. They leave. Gupta argues with Rekha. She says so what, you are going to become grandpa. He says really, Saloni was pregnant before marriage, why did you not tell me. She says you would have not let this marriage happen. He says yes, she is Laila’s daughter, who knows about the child. She says enough, I trust them, its Tarun’s child. She goes.He calls Rita and says check Rekha’s bank details, did any payment go to art gallery. Rehaan sees Saloni and turns away. Ahana says have fun. Saloni says I will get a new bracelet for you. Ahana says don’t take stress for me, else Tarun will become my lifelong enemy. Tarun and Saloni go. Rehaan does drama and laughs. Ahana says your bride is coming, prepare to cry. Her bracelet falls. She goes. Rehaan picks the bracelet. He hugs Roma. She asks what was Ahana doing here. He jokes. She asks is this a gift, you know how to pamper me. He says its yours. She says its old fashioned, not my style. She gives it back. They leave.

Anant recalls Shweta. They both feel lucky to have each other. She says you never think for yourself, its not a crime to think for happiness. He calls Ahana to meet. She says sorry, I was busy, you were also busy. He says I got free, so I called, don’t cancel your plans, we will meet next time. She says I m joking. He asks where shall we go for dinner. She says I like good company. He says I have a good Italian restaurant, looking forward. Roshni says we will have dinner out. Yamini says next time. Aarav says we will go. Yamini says I will make Gelatos at home, stop blackmailing me, we will ask Anant. Roshni says dad never says no to me, he loves me a lot. Aarav teases her. Roshni says dad really loves me more, I won’t share his love with anyone else. Yamini recalls Anant and Ahana. Roshni and Aarav run downstairs to tell Anant. They hug Anant. He says I m going out for dinner. Roshni says I thought we will go out, cancel it. He says I have confirmed it. She says fine, we will have dinner tomorrow. He says promise.

Anant meets Ahana and asks what does she want to say. She asks why are you lost. He says Roshni wanted to go for dinner, I confirmed you. She says sorry, she maybe upset. He says she understood easily, I m surprised. Roshni asks Karan why is he surprise, does she look immature, I have grown up, I understand dad’s meeting was imp. Ahana says you are worried you lied to your daughter, I have tension to tell my house truth. He says I didn’t understand. Roshni says I m going out on cycling. Karan says no, Anant stopped you. Yamini asks Roshni not to go out of the gate. Roshni goes. Ahana says I don’t know what to say. Anant says relax, I know everything, everyone knows Laila’s financial situation. She says this is not the thing, actually…….. He says tell me, what is it. Roshni goes on main road. Yamini worries for Roshni. Ahana says I m afraid you can misunderstand me, if this was not imp, I would have not wasted your time. He says trust me, you can tell me the matter. Roshni gets hit by a car and shouts dad…

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