Jodha Akbar November 2021 teasers

Jodha Akbar November teasers 2021: Jodha is being pressurized to accept Islam, she and Jala almost divorce while Anakharli and Salim love blossom, but will the kingdom accept their union…

Monday November 1 2021

Salim and Murad keep drifting apart making Hamida and Jodha worried. Salim cuts Murad during sword practice and isn’t sorry about it. Ruks explained to Hosiyar that convince Jodha not to switch religion will help Salim believe Jodha never love nor care for him.

Tuesday November 2 2021

Jahal killed Moin for conspiring to kill Jodha after a dasi died because of the shawl he sent. Hamida plead with Jodha to change her religion to Islam to save the nation and give Salim is right to the throne. She accepts to.

Wednesday November 3 2021

Jodha could not bring herself to accept Islam which cause miff between herself and Hamida. Jahal notices the tension between them. Hamida refuse to accept Jodha’s explanation. Ruks sees Jodha performing Aarti with Salim, she becomes angry and takes opium.

Thursday November 4 2021

Hamida refuse Jodha’s peace offering in presence of Salima and Ruks which made Ruks very happy. Salim write a letter to Anarkali to meet her before going to war. . Jahal and his army goes to war. Hamida refuse to settle with Jodha to Ruks pleasure

Friday November 5 2021

Hamida meet with Iran ambassador in hope to stop war which could harm Jahal and Jodha question her about such act. She then told Jodha she will only get her answer as a Marium Zamani and that also in Court. Hamida faint during court session with Jodha.

Saturday November 6 2021

Everyone blame Jodha for Hamida deteriorating health. She is sad. Jahal save Salim. Jodha does Pooja for the safety of Jahal and everyone. Hamida refuse to eat. Ruk is happy that Jodha and Hamida are going apart.

Sunday November 7 2021

Jodha disguise as a dasi with the help of Salima to see Hamida. Jahal win over kurb and announce to make Salim his next king as soon as the war is over. Murad is angry over the news. Jodha plead with Hamida to eat and promise to change her religion as she wants.

Monday November 8 2021

Jodha is worried about her promise to Jahal and Hamida’s deteriorating health. Jahal save a lady in the forest. She took his blood and perform black magic on it to make Jahal under her evil authority.
Jodha is pressurise to accept Islam, as she goes to mosques to change religion she meet with Jahal to her surprise.

Tuesday November 9 2021

Jahal scold Jodha for trying to go against him by changing her religion to Islam under pressure and refuse to talk to Jodha. Jodha is sad about this. Jahal announce divorce with Jodha because she went against his order. Everyone is shock and Jodha also angrily challenge him as to why he will give such decision over a trivial matter. She swore never to leave him no matter what.

Wednesday November 10 2021

Salim and his brothers return to Agra. Anarkali inform him about Jahal divorcing his mother. Salim angrily challenge Jahal about it. Same as Maan. Hamida accept she’s the reason why Jodha wants to change her religion to Jahal and ask for forgiveness. Jahal reconcile with Jodha.

Thursday November 11 2021

Jodha meet with Salim and plead with him not to reject his kingship position. He calls her mother which made her so happy. Murad is angry Jahal announce Salim as the next king. Laboni start black magic on Jahal. Laboni kidnap Jodha’s sister Leela and impersonate her using black magic to control the soilders and dasies. Jodha’s sindoor fall down.

Friday November 12 2021

Salim meet with Anarkali. Laboni think she needs to get something belonging to Jahal to perform black magic on it. Jodha and other wife prepare for Salim wedding. Laboni eats like a commoner to everyones surprise.

Saturday November 13 2021

Laboni recite evil magic mantra to control Jahal. He misbehave with everyone. Jodha wonder what is wrong with him. Hosiyar call Ruks a witch who wants to snatch Jodha’s husband. Dammno take Jahal statue to perform black magic then Jodha walk in. Aram takes the statue taking it for a toy.

Sunday November 14 2021

Leela(laboni) remove Khanaa from Jodha’s room and it’s making her magic not to work on Jahal. English ambassador gift Jodha a ball gown and Jahal ask her to wear it. Jodha found Laboni magic bead but innocently gave it back to her. Jahal becomes weak under the influence of Laboni magic. Salim is concerned.

Monday November 15 2021

A strange woman warn Jodha to be careful of evil people around her. Jahal sees Jodha’s face on Laboni face. Laboni magic breaks. Dammno warn Laboni to not perform any black magic for some day not to lose her powers. Leela’s fiance is coming, Laboni become worried her secret will be revealed.

Tuesday November 16 2021

Jodha select dupputta for Leela( Laboni) to welcome her fiance. Laboni cover herself with Jodha’s dupputta and Jahal hugs her thinking it’s Jodha. Murad refuse to attend Leela Nikkah because he feels importance is give to Salim and Rahim only. Salima pray he won’t find out she’s not his mother. Dammno charms Sangram making him to see Leela on Laboni’s face.

Wednesday November 17 2021

Rahim is bitter Salim is getting all the spot. Shabbuddin advice he gets Salim killed. Jahal announce meena Bazar. Laboni says she will like to participate. Jahal insult Ruks in public and behave rudely to Jodha. A strange woman inform Jodha that Jahal is under the influence of black magic.

Thursday November 18 2021

Jodha visit the magician the strange lady to her about. He gave her something to mix in Jahal’s food and told her Leela is the culprit but she refuse to believe. Jodha took laboni earrings to the magician who reveal to her that Leela is dead. He gave Jodha sacred thread and ask her to protect Jahal til he comes back.

Friday November 19 2021

Jodha finds out Laboni is the one performing black magic. Murad says he will not drink until Salim is killed. Jahal become more weak under Laboni’s magic. Laboni tries to get sacred thread off Jahal hand using sangam but fails. A soilder attack Salim and Rahim save him. Laboni gets angry seeing Jahal and Jodha together.

Saturday November 20 2021

Laboni use black magic to call Jahal into the jungle, she was about to kiss him when Jodha challenge her. Jodha is leaving the place to save Jahal. Laboni becomes happy that her plan is working out. Jodha went to the jungle to look for Uday but couldn’t find him. She worries on how she will save Jahal and her family from Laboni.

Sunday November 21 2021

Laboni takes Jahal out of the place and with the help of Dammno perform last phase of black magic to make Jahal hers. Uday ask Jodha to careful put dog hairlock in Laboni water to destroy her magic. Jodha come face to face with Laboni after secretly putting hairlock in her water. Laboni and Dammno is defeated as they both get burnt.

Monday November 22 2021

Jahal and Jodha Wedding anniversary is approaching, Hamida suggest the marry again. Jodha sees Laboni half burnt when sharing parsad. Laboni ask for her forgiveness. Salim told Anarkali he will inform his parents his desire to marry her on their anniversary. Jodha keep seeing Laboni during her marriage rites. She gets tensed and faints.

November 23 November 2021
Laboni posses Jodha’s body and tells her Jodha will have Jahal during the day while she takes over in the night. Jodha had no control over herself and Laboni take over her soul. Ruks get insulted by Jodha who is posses by Laboni on her birthday.

November 24 November 2021
Jodha interrupts Ruks and Jahal time by pretending to faint. She insult Ruks who slaps her but Jodha slapped back. Salima thinks it’s not Jodha. Everyone is looking at Jodha strangely making her sad. Laboni soul warn her never to tell Jahal else she will kill him. Salim to possesed Jodha his wish to marry Anarkali.

November 25 November 2021
Jodha (Laboni) slaps dancer brought by Ruks for her birthday and began dancing carelessly. Ruks, Salima and Hamida report Jodha recent bad attitude to Jahal but she denies them all. Jodha embarrasses Jahal at a function. Hamida calls priest who reveals Jodha is posses. Laboni manifest in Jodha in front of all. Jahal thinks he must find a way to free Jodha from Laboni.

November 26 November 2021
Jahal search for Uday and plead he help deliver Jodha from Laboni. At night Uday chants some mantra which made Jodha( laboni) hysterical and went to the jungle confront him. They have a face off.
Laboni kills Uday still possessing Jodha. Everyone is worried on how to save Jodha as there only hope is dead. Salim is ask to find a good magician who can deliver Jodha.

November 27 November 2021
Jodha hints Jahal on how to save her. Shaguni says the only Jodha can be free from Laboni us too die. Jahal pretend he doesn’t know about Laboni possesing Jodha. Shaguni bia visit Jodha and pretends not to see Laboni. Jodha(Laboni) points a sword at Jahal. Jahal thought Jodha can never do this.

November 28 November 2021
Jahal insist Jodha (Laboni) won’t go to war with him against her wish. Jahal performs Pooja for Jodha. Shaguni beheads Jahal. Anarkali helps spray ash in Jodha’s room. Ruks breaks Jahal’s death to Jodha. Jodha attack Ruks.

November 29 November 2021
Jodha say she will die with Jahal as she can’t leave without him. Laboni plead with Jodha to allow her soul leave her. Jahal wakes up and Shaguni sets Laboni soul on fire. Everyone prepare for Salim marriage to Mann. He informs Jodha he want to marry Anarkali only and doesn’t love Mann. Jodha is shocked but says she will talk to Jahal about it.

November 30 November 2021
Ruks sees Anarkali in Salim’s room. Jodha think of how to inform Jahal about Salim love life. Jahal with Jodha sees Salim hugging Anarkali. Jahal shouts on Salim that he will never allow him marry Anarkali. Salim takes opium as he was angry while Jodha tried to pacify him.

November 31 November 2021

Jahal insist that Salim will only marry Mann no matter how Jodha try to make him reason. Hamida couldn’t convince Salim to attend party thrown to welcome his in-law. Jodha is confuse on what to do. Jodha meet with Anarkali and promise to put words for her before Jahal. Fazal suggest Jahal send Anarkali away and he agrees. Ruks overheard this and told Salim who becomes angry. Ruks is happy.

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