The Evil Eye Starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

The evil eye 29 may 2924: Scene 1Piya hugs Adi. She says the earring saved him. Piya says give me my earring. Mohana says I left it there. Piya says Ansh would see it. Mohana says I didn’t have time. Piya says Ansh can come here. Mohana says he better does. He will kill you. They all go from there. Ansh comes.

Ansh asks nishant where is piya? He says I am working. Ansh says I know she is here. Nishant says go find her then. Ansh sees mohana in frame. He says that means Mohana wasn’t doing all that. It was Piya. She brought adi here. Nishant syas she isn’t here. Piya is hidden.. Nishant says I can help you find her. Let’s go from here. Ansh feels something. He pulls Piya. He says never knew you would stoop this low. Piya says let us go. He says give me Adi.

Piya stabs him. Ansh falls down. Nishant says run Piya we don’t have another option. They run from there. Mohana comes out. Ansh takes the dagger out.

Police comes and says to Naman your wife did a murder. You can’t go anywhere. Bring her to us or we can arrest you. Ansh says what is all this? I didn’t do anything. I will tell you if I see my wife.Nishan has adi. Piya asks them to run. Ansh is looking for Piya. Ansh says Piya.. He comes out. Namna says why did you run? Sanam says I was scared. I didn’t kill anyone. Naman says then who killed her.

Chitali says to Avi bhabhi’s condition is getting worse. Shekhar says I can’t forgive piya for what she did. Chitali says she stole her own son? Nishant says she did this to save him. Mohana took him to Piya. Nishant says why would she listen to piya? Nishant says I will tell you everything.Shekhar says to save vedeshree piya sacrificed everything? She even got away from her child. We were so wrong. Avi says I hope their misunderstanding clears. Vedeshree’s condition worsens. nishant says only that liquid that Mohana had can save her.

Naman asks dil ruba when did you go to the cave? She says I thought it was mausi someone was following me there. It was a heel sound. Naman says who could it be? Ama says it was a woman? Naman says we have to go there to find her.Avi says Nishant we have to do something. Nishant says Piya wont let anything to happen. Chitali says she is a devik. Shekhar says but I can’t sit. I am really scared. Nishant says there is nothing is our hands. Wait for piya to come home. A box falls. Nishant picks. Shekhar says what is it?

Ama, naman and dilsurba come near the cave. He says mausi was murdered here. But there are no footprints. He says I think the killer came from the tree.Shekhar says you don’t need to know what it is. Shekhar says please tell yes. Chitali says can we save her from this? Nishant opens it Two lights come out. He says these are life and death capsules. One of them can save Vedeshree.

Piya is running in jungle. Ansh flies and grab her, he lifts her in air and glares at her. He pulls her closer. Sajna plays, Piya touches her forehead to him and caress his face. Ansh says I know you did all that for Vedsheree, I saw your earring.

Flashback shows how Piya had dropped her earring and called her. He heard Mohana telling Piya that I kidnapped Adi and Ansh will think you took him so he will kill you, flashback ends. Ansh says I am sorry for doubting you. Piya says I wanted you to think that, now you have to kill me. Ansh says what are you saying? Piya says Mohana must be coming here, you have to do it, we dont have a choice. Ansh hugs her and then pushes her away. He starts eating her life. Piya falls in his arms. Ansh brings her down and cries.

Nishant says to family that dont know where Ansh and Piya are, we have to wait for them.

Shekhar says I am ready to take risk. Nishant says we can give tablet to Vedshree but we dont know which one is right. Shekhar says I am ready to do it, I know Piya will bring her soul back but what if its too late and we lose Vedsheree?

Ansh puts Piya down. Mohana comes there and says you did what I wanted you to do, you will come to evil side now as Devik is dead. Flashback shows how Piya told Ansh that he will have to kill her to make Mohana trust him and take soul jar from her, she can comeback after few minutes of taking soul jar otherwise she will be dead completely.

Ansh says to Mohana that you challenged Piya and now she is dead, where is Adi? I lost Adi, I am alone in this world and I will kill you, you took my life and now I will kill you. Mohana says you can find Adi, I dont know where Piya hid Adi. Ansh says Piya must have hid him where I cant find him. Ansh starts strangling her but Mohana says I know a way to find Adi.

Nishant says to Shekhar that we cant use it till the end. Shekhar says Vedshree is dying, she is my wife and I have right to decide, please give that medicine to me? Nishant says okay and gives box to him, he says if you give medicine to her then Ansh and Piya’s efforts will be useless.

Naman, Dilruba and Guru Maa comes to jungle. Dilruba sees imli and says I threw it here before. Naman asks her to calm down, Police can arrest you for murder that you didnt do. He looks at cave and says I couldnt find anything there, killer is clever, we have to go home. They leave.

Nishant says to Shekhar that there are two tablets, one for life and one for death, you decide which one you want to give her, we dont know which one is for what. Avi asks him to think before doing it. Shekhar chooses one tablet and prays to God to protect his Vedsheree.

Guru Maa says to Naman that my sister was killed by some chudail and we dont have a proof, they can take Dilruba. Dilruba says I can runaway. Naman says they will announce you as running culprit and they will catch me then. Dilruba says I will kill them then. Naman says you dont have to do it, I found this coin on spot, he shows her, Dilruba says it means Panna killed Mausi? Naman says yes but I hid it because I thought she might be listening to us, I didnt want her to know what we know.

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