Bitter sweet love starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

The Episode starts with Mrunal hearing Vaibhav and Vandu’s argument. Vandu cries. Vedika hugs Kunal and pacifies him. Vaibhav asks why shall I love you and make a husband and wife relation when you can’t conceive a child, just get lost, I hate to see you.

He pushes Vandu out of the room. Vandu knocks the door and sits crying. Kaise manaun…plays… He sits talking to Mrunal on video call. Vandu thinks of her marriage with Vaibhav. Vandu says I can’t do this. She thinks to leave. She stops at the door and recalls Vijay’s words. She says if I leave the Sasural then my dad will die, he can’t tolerate this shock. She sees Matarani’s banner and prays. She says its Navratri from tomorrow, everything is happening wrong, but I will pray that right happens with me, I will leave everything to Matarani.

Kunal gets a nightmare that he is caught inside a small chamber. Inder laughs seeing his helplessness. He screams. He wakes up from the dream. Vedika comes and says Parisa has left, it would have been good if she stayed back till Navratri. He says its okay, we will send her the pics and videos. She asks him to get ready and come. He prays for Vedika. Vandu stands outside the door. Vaibhav opens the door. He asks Vandu to make tea for him. He says keep some shame, don’t roam in the nightie, you go and change, Vedika has messaged you for Navratri jagrata, you have made family bonding with your boss. She asks what are you saying.

He asks are you making tea or not. She prays to Matarani. Kunal is in Jagrata. Everyone comes. Kunal and Vandu pray. Hemant shows a house pics to Anagha, and smiles. Kunal and Vandu hold the aarti plate. Vaibhav comes there and does the aarti alone. Someone goes in his eyes. Kunal and Vandu hold the plate to save it from falling. Vaibhav steps back. Kunal does the aarti. Guneet says you do this good thing always. Vaibhav asks Mrunal to see his eye, its burning. Aaji looks at them. Vaibhav asks Mrunal to ask Hemant about the house sale and money share. She says okay. Vandu does the aarti. She prays… I want to become a mother, fulfill my dream. Tara comes there and gets hurt. She shouts mumma. Vandu hears her.

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