It’s not easy to love update Tuesday 7 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 7 February 2023: Sid finds his passport on the table. Indu comes to him and says I didn’t know who to talk to so I came here. Shubham has backed off from the marriage with Mithai. Sid says what? I know Girish is behind all this. Indu says I am worried for my Mithai, what will happen with her after I am gone? I was ready to die in peace. Sid says don’t worry. Mithai is lucky to have you but she should stop getting into the mess. I will talk to Shubham to not break this marriage. He leaves.

It’s not easy to love 6 February 2023

Shubham recalls Girish’s words to not break the marriage. Sid comes to him and says I know you are miffed with Mithai but you shouldn’t have backed off from the marriage, you know about Indu’s health. Shubham says she already told you? Sid says no, Indu told me. Shubham says I was just angry but that doesn’t mean I really meant it. He tells Sid don’t worry about Mithai, I will handle her from now on.Dadu comes in the lounge and says Kirti and Rohan will get married tomorrow only, whoever has an objection can stay away from it.

Sid comes to Indu and says I talked to Shubham, he was just angry but Shubham and Mithai will get married for sure. He was just angry. Karishma hears all that.Indu thinks how could Shubham just say he won’t marry Mithai in anger? He can do it again. I should remain positive.Karishma cries and tells Abha that Shubham is going to marry Mithai, he was just angry with her but Sid pacified him. Abha says this Sid is giving us pain only. I will break Mithai and Shubham’s marriage using Sid only.

Scene 2
Mithai is packing her bags but Indu comes there and says Shubham was just angry but he still wants to marry you. Mithai says is this a joke that he can yes or no when he wants? Indu says enough, he is a brother so understand his anger. Sid has pacified him but if you do another mistake then you will see my dead face. Mithai hugs her.In the morning, Rohan arrives with his family at Dadu’s house for their wedding. Dadi does his aarti as a groom. Only Dadu, Dadi, Indu, Sid, and Mithai become part of the wedding. Mithai brings Kirti there. Rohan and Kirti sit in the mandir. They start taking pheras. Kirti feels sad that Girish is not there with her.

Shubham is in his room and wants to leave but stops himself. Kirti and Rohan exchange garlands. The priest asks who will do kanyadaan? Girish is in his room and hears that. Dadu says I will do it. Girish murmurs Mithai took this right from me also. Rohan and Kirti take pheras. Rohan makes her wear mangalsutra and sindoor. The priest says they are married now. Rohan and Kirti take Dadu’s blessings. Kirti cries and says I am sorry. He says it’s okay. Gunjan also blesses them. Kirti hugs Dadi and cries. Dadu says don’t wait for anyone else to come. Kirti hugs Sid and cries. Mithai smiles.

Sid hugs Kirti as she cries, he asks her to smile and says your happiness is what matters. Mithai gifts her a Gopal idol and asks her to pray for her family to come around. Kirti smiles and thanks her. Mithai blesses her. Kirti starts leaving the house and looks at Girish’s room but he doesn’t come out. Kirti leaves with Rohan.Abha comes to Sid and says it’s fine that Kirti got married but what about Mithai? she will become part of this house and then we will have to bear her antics. Who actually knows that your mother wanted Mithai to get married in this house? A girl and her mother brought Aarti’s necklace to this family and said that Aarti’s wish was to get that girl married in this house? Sid says they are not like that.

Abha says they might be fooling us using Aarti’s necklace. You should check your mother’s necklace and see if it’s actually real or fake. Sid looks on.Sid comes to Indu’s room. She thanks him for talking to Shubham. Sid says I wanted to get that necklace polishes. Indu says yes, that’s a blessing for my Mithai. She gives the necklace to him. He leaves.Abha and Sid meet a jeweler and show Aarti’s necklace to him. He checks it and says this is a fake necklace. Abha says are you sure? He says yes it’s fake. He leaves. Abha says to Sid I told you they are lying. They wanted to get Mithai married in this house and they lied about Aarti’s necklace.

This Mithai will destroy our family. Sid takes the necklace and leaves. Abha takes out the necklace that she stole from Indu and says Sid will throw them out now.Sid sits in his room and recalls Abha’s words. He looks at the fake necklace and recalls Indu’s words. He thinks I can’t believe that Indu would lie. Should I talk to Dadu about this?In the morning, Dadu tells the family that we have to prepare for another wedding. Indu says we don’t want anything grand. Dadu says don’t worry about anything. Sid comes there and goes to the mandir. He prays to Lord and says how can I talk to Dadu when he is so happy? I have to tell him the truth but he will be heartbroken then.

Mithai comes there and says how come you are in the mandir today? If you are troubled then you can share everything here, he will show you the right path. Sid glares at her and says yes, I fount the right path so I will show your reality to everyone. Mithai is confused.Sid comes to Dadu and says I want to talk to you about something important alone. All look on. He takes Dadu from there. Abha hears all that and tells Abhishek that I have fooled Sid by showing a fake necklace to him. Karishma says I want Mithai gone from this house.

Sid shows the fake necklace to Dadu and tells him everything. Dadu says no, I can’t believe this. Mithai never took advantage of it. Sid says I can never doubt Indu but Mithai keeps doing all this. She might be behind all this, I don’t have trust in her anymore. Dadu looks on.

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