It’s not easy to love update Monday 6 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 6 February 2023: Dadu tells Dadi that I tried to keep this family together but I feel I can’t reunite them. Dadi says I told you not to keep Mithai in the house. Sid is listening to her now and trying to break the family apart. What is love? People fall in love after marriage but we have to think about our family honor. Sid comes there and says I am sorry for hurting you both but that’s why I want to leave this troubled house. Dadi says we are a family. Sid says you call this a family? Where everyone is fighting and doesn’t like to talk nicely. Nobody cares about others in this house. Mithai comes there and says what are you talking about? The family should stay together.Shubham comes to Girish and says don’t take tension papa, I am with you and I won’t let anything wrong happen.

Girish glares at him and says my kids have ashamed me already. You promised to get Karishma married without any trouble but what did you do? You couldn’t handle anything. Shubham says just give me another chance and I will convince Sid for this marriage. Just give me chance and I will prove that I am your son.Dadi tells Mithai that you have destroyed our family honor, you could have talked to us instead of making this all a big issue. Sid says why did you go to Abha Chachi? you brought this storm in the house by talking to her and Kirti was about to end her life. You are no one to lecture me as this family is already broken. You are the reason for that. Mithai says I just thought to not hide anything. Sid says you are responsible for all this drama.

Mithai says I don’t understand you, if I was wrong then why did you listen to me? Everyone loves their family the most. Shubham comes there and says this is all Mithai’s fault. I told her to stay away from the problems till this marriage but she didn’t listen. Shubham tells Sid that it’s good you realized your mistake, let’s go and talk to Rohan to marry Karishma. Sid says you mistook me, I know Mithai’s way was wrong but I am firm that Kirti and Rohan will get married because they love each other. Shubham says people don’t love before marriage in our house. I have promised Girish to get Karishma and Rohan married. Sid says what? You promised him that’s why you are talking his language, you are ready to destroy Kirti and Karishma’s lives because of him.

Dadu says enough. I think Rohan and Karishma won’t be happy together so I am with Sid. I think Rohan and Kirti should get married. I will talk to Gunjan myself. Shubham glares at Sid and Mithai.Indu brings Mithai to their room and says why can’t you be silent till your wedding? What do you want that these people start finding faults in you? It can break your marriage. Mithai says no. Shubham is intelligent and he will realize that I am taking the side of right. Indu says I am worried about you. I want you to get married before I die. Mithai says don’t worry, even if I don’t get married so what? We will keep living like we did before. Indu thinks she doesn’t realize that I can’t die in peace if she is not settled.

Sid gets Apeksha’s call, she says I need your passport because Mithai took it from me. Sid says I have some personal work and ends the call. Apeksha says what’s going on there? I have to find out.Girish comes to Kirti and says to tell everyone that she doesn’t love Rohan. Kirti cries and says I love Rohan a lot. Girish shouts that you should be ashamed, I can’t look at my brother because of you. Sid, Shubham, and Mithai come there. Sid hugs Kirti and says why are you scolding her? He tells Girish that you were married because of the family too then what happened? You couldn’t love my mother and she lived in pain all her life. Do you want the same life for Karishma? Just accept Rohan and Kirti’s relationship like Dadu did. Girish leaves from there.

Mithai tries to go to Kirti but Sid asks her to stay away from her. He says stay away from my family now. He says stay away from troubles as it’s affecting Indu’s health too. He throws her out of the room and hugs Kirti as she cries.Girish tells Shubham that you are a useless person, you said you will handle Sid but you couldn’t do anything. You are just a slave who would even marry a goat if Dadu asks you to. Don’t forget this is all happening because of your would-be wife Mithai. Shubham looks on.

Dadi tells Dadu that with this decision of yours, this family will never be one again, she leaves. Mithai comes there and asks if she is wrong in taking the side of right? Dadu says Sid has started thinking about this family and think if you didn’t take a stand then 3 lives would have been destroyed.Mithai tries talk to Shubham but he says enough, he says you never listen to me. If you had not broken Karishma’s wedding then papa would have accepted me. It would have been better if you were not here. I have decided that I will not marry you. Mithai is stunned. Shubham says my papa never accepted me but he gave me one chance but you took it away. Mithai says what are you saying? Shubham says I am sorry but we can’t walk on the same path, leave me alone, he leaves.

Mithai says how can he break the marriage like this? What will I tell Maa? If she hears this news then.. no I have to handle this with God’s help.Karishma is weeping. Abhishek consoles her but Abha scolds her that you never gave attention to Rohan and that Kirti trapped him. Abhishek says our daughter was always bright against Kirti then how could this happen? Abha says we will see Kirti getting married now and my daughter would cry like this? I won’t let this happen. I promise whoever made my daughter cry will have to pay for their deeds. I will punish them. Karishma hugs her and cries. Abha says I will throw Mithai and her mother out of the house first. She goes from there.

Scene 2
Mithai comes to Indu and says Shubham said he won’t marry me. Abha comes there and hears all that. She hides. Indu shouts at Mithai I told you to not get your hands dirty but you didn’t listen to me. Mithai says Shubham couldn’t understand my intentions. I can’t force him to marry me but don’t worry we will figure something out, God is with us so just trust me. I can take care of us both. Indu says Shubham said no but what about Aarti’s promise? She promised to get you married in this house, it was her wish but I won’t be able to fulfill it now. Abha thinks I will use this information against them now. She leaves from there.

Abhishek consoles Karishma. Abha comes there and says I have good news. Shubham told Mithai that he won’t marry her so they will have to leave now. I just have to punish Sid now.Mithai comes to the mandir and prays to God. She says why are you giving stress to my mother? Shubham didn’t even think about my mother. Sid comes there and says I was coming to you. He says I don’t want to fight with you but just give me my passport, I know you have it. He leaves. Mithai prays to God to make everything right.Shubham comes to Girish and says I told Mithai that I don’t want to marry her, I will tell the family after Rohan and Kirti’s marriage. Girish says Dadu arranged it.

You can do anything for me to call you my son? Shubham says yes. Girish says then don’t call off your marriage with Mithai. Shubham says what? Girish says if you want to become my son then listen to me. Shubham says I can do anything for you to accept me. Girish hugs him. Shubham gets emotional but Girish is planning something.

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