Every Girl’s Dream update Tuesday 7 February 2023


Every Girl’s Dream 7 February 2023; Devraj’s car is next to Krisha’s. His manager tells him Krisha’s flight is on time. She hasn’t boarded yet. Devraj sees her. He hides. He sees Krisha wiping her tears. Krisha gets out of the car. She collides with someone and looks towards Devraj’s car. Krisha goes towards the airport. Jaya calls Devraj are you at the airport? I know you are in pain. Don’t keep another pain inside you. You deserve love. Krisha loves you and you love her. At least say to her once how you feel. I can call her. Devraj says no please. Jaya says then stop her yourself. Stop her. This is your last chance. Devraj gets out of the car an says Krisha.. Yash comes and says let’s go. She looks back. A car comes in between. She says I fetl like Devraj..Yash says he’s not here. Let’s go. Krisha goes inside. Devraj hides in his car.

Scene 2
Roma is in Daksh’s room. She says you are resting here. You don’t know the storm that’s there in everyone’s life. Your parents died in that accident but you survived. Then Maya died but you again survived. Devraj blames himself for both of them. Then Devraj brought Krisha. I thought I would help him make her Maya so you get better and he comes out of guilt. Then we would have left Krisha where she came from. And after all that, finally Devraj would be mine. Yes. I want Devraj. He got Maya and now Krisha. He’s your slave. You have no life, now Krisha is there too in his life. I can’t tolerate all this. I can’t go away from Devraj. I love him so much, that’s why I came back. I heard Krisha is left but you are still here.As long as you are here, Devraj won’t think about anyone else. I will free him from your burden. So he is mine only. You’ve to go.

Scene 3
Krisha thinks about what Sudha and her dad said. Yash says let’s go. Krisha hugs him and says take care of mummy papa. She leaves.Roma says with a lot of love I will give you this injection and you would leave us. Everyone would think doctor gave you overdose. I will act sad too. You have to complete my love story. You have to go.Devraj comes home. Jaya says we can’t pay them whatever they want. They’re greedy. You are my responsibility. They will keep creating problems for us. Devraj says I know you will think the best for me. I have to talk to the doctor. Roma is about to give Daksh injection. Jaya calls her. The phone rings in the house. Jaya says how is her phone ringing in the house? Devraj says the sound is coming from Daksh’s room.

We’ve to check. They come upstairs. Roma is hidden behind a table. Devraj steps on the injection. Roma is scared. Jaya says I felt like her phone was ringing here. No one is here. Let Daksh rest. They leave.

Sccene 4
Krisha sits at the lounge waiting to board her plane. Krisha recalls when she was cold Devraj gave her a shawl. She said I used to talk under the sky with my parents and Yash. Devraj said you can talk to me as well. She said you talk so less. He said so you can speak more. Krisha said let me ask you question and you’ve to rapidly answer them. Devraj agreed. Krisha asked his color, he said blue. She asked favorite drink? Devraj said coffee. Krisha asked favorite time? He said night. She said the person you fear? Devraj said no one. Krisha said who do you respect the most? Devraj said Jaya maa. Krisha said a thing you can’t live without. Devraj said laptop. Krisha asked person you can’t live without. Devraj said you.

Aarav and Rati bring food for Devraj. Rati says you haven’t eaten in two days. Aarav says Krisha has asked us to take care of you and we have to follow her instructions. Rati says please eat. He eats. Rati says glad he ate. Aarav says he’s so alone without Krisha. Raghav’s bail application is filed. Rati says I hope he becomes a better person. Naina sees Aarav giving medicine to Rati. He says these are you medicine, please don’t forget them. Rati says thank you. Naina says interesting.

Krisha recalls Yash said Devraj helped them. Sudha said we’ve seen love in his eyes for you. Krisha says does he love me? The final boarding call is announced. Krisha is confused.The final boarding call is made. Krisha keeps sitting.Roma comes back to Daksh’s room and says no one will disturb be now. She suffocates him with a pillow. Roma says I am sorry Daksh, you’ve to go. For my dream. Devraj comes towards Daksh’s room. Daksh shoves Roma. She hides. Daksh recalls Krisha. Devraj comes to Daksh’s room. Devraj comes to the room. Daksh isn’t there. Devraj asks everyone to look for Daksh. A maid finds him drowning in the pool.


Devraj jumps in to get him out. Daksh says let me die. I don’t wanna live. Maya is there. Devraj says please come out Daksh. Devraj says I wanna die. Daksh says call Maya. I don’t wanna live. Jaya says to maid get a towel. Devraj brings him out. Daksh says Maya.. she was here..Devraj dries Daksh. He rubs his hand. Daksh recalls his time Maya. Jaya says are you okay Daksh? Devraj says why did you do this? He says I don’t wanna live. Jaya says don’t say that. He says Maya isn’t here. I looked for her everywhere. Devraj said she’s back but she isn’t. I think I saw her that day. She splashed water on me. But then I fainted but she’s not here now. You all said she’s fine. She’s not fine. Daksh can’t breathe. Jaya says Maya will come soon. She’s out.He takes the inhaler. Devraj gives him inhaler. He says Maya Maya and sleeps.

Scene 2
Ugra says we have to force Jaya to make this deal. Menakshi says she won’t agree. Krisha isn’t here. Ugra says we I have a plan. They love daksh a lot. Their love for him will make them bow.Devraj says why did you lie to her? Jaya says to save his life. I had to say Maya will come back. Jaya says can you call Krisha? He says never. jaya says what will we tell him when he wakes up? Devraj says never.Menakshi comes to Daksh and says you’re my favorite kid. He says Maya.. Daksh says no one is telling me about Maya. Where is she? Menakshi says I know. Actually Maya..

Jaya comes to Ugra and Menakshi and say why did you call me here? He says sign these papers. Jaya says what are these? Ugra says small demands. Jaya says I need time to read them. Ugra says you don’t have time. Kach says time is over. Jaya says only Devraj is the heir of this regime. Kach says and he said.. Jaya says I know and why he said that. He was worried. I won’t make that mistake. I will never sign anything. KAch says I knew you would say it. Sign these papers. Jaya says no. Kach says then you leave us with no option. Jaya says don’t threaten me.

Scene 3
Daksh goes outside. Devraj says where are you going? He says to Maya. Devraj says where is she? Daksh says she’s died. You all are lying. I killed Maya. Devraj says you won’t go anywhere and she isn’t there. Aarav says she’s separated from Devraj but she’s fine. Daksh says stop lying. She is dead, I killed her. DEvraj says who said it? He says Menakshi. She told me the truth. Maya died in that car. Devraj says would you trust me or them? You love me right? Trust me. She’s fine. She’s alive. daksh says then bring her here, right now. Or I will die, even if you try. I will kill myself. Devraj says stop.. Daksh runs outside.

Maya’s music plays. DAksh stops in shock. Krisha comes in as Maya. Everyone is shocked. Devraj smiles. Krisha says hi Daksh. Daksh says am I dreaming? Maya? Are you really Maya? Devraj asys yes. That’s Maya. Krisha says smile now. Daksh hugs her. Krisha says I am so glad you’re okay. He says are you really Maya? Krisha says what do you mean? Am I not looking like Maya? He says something is different.

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