It’s not easy to love update Saturday 21 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 21 January 2023: Dadu is feeling dizzy, Mithai goes to bring water. Sid gives him medicines and asks if he is fine now? Dadu says I am fine, don’t worry. Sid says you shouldn’t take the stress of the business. Mithai says business is way better than a job, your Dadu had a dream and he made it work. Everyone has stress but you can’t blame the business. Sid glares at her and takes Dadu from there.Apeksha’s mother says I talked to Sid’s father and he wants Sid to marry you. Apeksha says Sid won’t listen to his father, he doesn’t want to marry.

Her mother says if you make reunite then you will make a place in their family’s hearts. Apeksha says that’s a good idea. I have made Sid promise that he won’t marry anyone else.Shubham is talking to the vendors for potatoes but no one is ready as Agarwal has bought them all.Mithai is making jalebis and Kirti is helping her. Girish comes there and asks Kirti to not waste her time, we won’t be able to fulfill the order in such a short time, and he leaves. Mithai says don’t worry.

Agarwal calls Pramod and asks if everything is in order? Pramod says Girish and his sons couldn’t find a solution so their business is going down tomorrow. You just prepare for my commission.

Scene 2
Sid comes to Indu and asks if she is feeling better? Indu says I am just worried for Mithai, she has taken a big responsibility. Sid says don’t worry, God will make everything fine. My mother used to say that. Indu says remember Aarti used to make delicious sweets. She learned a lot from Dadu and used to make you test her sweets. Aarti worked hard to make Dadu successful in his business. Sid says she took care of everyone but not herself. Indu says you liked sweets in your childhood so why don’t you eat them anymore? Sid says I don’t like sweets anymore, he leaves.

Kirti and Mithai are cooking. She tells Kirti to not worry about the bulk order, God will help us. Karishma comes there and says I will help you both. Kirti tells Mithai that my mother died early and your father died early too. You happily talk about your father but Sid becomes sad when he talks about our mother. Mithai says we should be happy in any case.

In the morning, Girish is worried about the order and tells Dadu that we ordered sweets from Agra but there was an accident so the order won’t come here. Abhishek says don’t worry, Shubham has arranged for some sweets. Girish appreciatively looks at him. Agarwal and Aditya arrive there. Agarwal says I got to know about your workers’ strike, you should have asked us and we would have helped. Girish says don’t worry, our family is together and will find a solution. Shubham smiles. Agarwal and Aditya leave. Shubham tells Abhishek that I have asked a vendor for some sweets but I have to check their quality.

Mithai, Karishma and Kirti work on their sweets. Mithai comes to the mandir and prays to save Dadu’s honor.Shubham brings the sweets that his vendor sent. Dadu eats them and says they are stale, we can’t use them. Pramod smirks and recalls how Aditya did that.Dadu checks the sweets and says they are stale. Girish shouts at Shubham this is your arrangement? We would be insulted by the customers, I knew you can’t be competent. Mithai says at least he tried, people can fool easily but don’t worry about today. We can put my sweets in the shop for today. I have made 150kg of sweets. Girish says we will sell your cheap sweets now? Mithai says Kirti and Karishma helped me too so how can you call it cheap? Girish says I don’t trust her, this Shubham is at fault.

Sid says Shubham at least tried so how can you blame him? Dadu says to Girish that you have to stop blaming others. Mithai stayed up the whole night to make sweets. We can have a big business but we need workers to help us. Just listen to me and take her sweets to the shop. We will make more sweets during the day. Girish tells Shubham that I have to take favor from his cheap girl because of you. Mithai says it’s no favor from me. Abhishek says customers are waiting outside the shops, we don’t have a choice. Dadi tells Girish that don’t be hopeless, just go and open the shop. Girish says fine but makes sure we don’t have to close the shop today. Mithai smiles. Abhishek says I will go and try to get support from the workers.

Girish tells Shubham that Mithai is better than you, at least she fulfilled her promise unlike you so I can’t trust you. Shubham is hurt hearing all that.Shubham comes to his room and recalls the incident. How Mithai won the show. He says I have tried my best every single time but he can’t trust me? that new girl has been praised but that’s an insult to me. Dadu comes there and says don’t be sad, don’t take Girish’s words seriously. I told you that Mithai is the perfect partner for you. She saved your honor and took your side in front of your father today. She would fight for you when you need it. Don’t be sad anymore, he leaves. Shubham says that girl will overshadow me in this house more, I will never be praised.

Dadu is coming down the stairs and faints. Mithai and others rush to him. Dadi says what happened? Shaurya takes him to his room. Kirti calls the doctor.The doctor checks Dadu and advice the family to not give him stress as his BP is high. If he takes stress then he can get a stroke and a heart attack. All are shocked to hear that. Dadi asks everyone to leave and let him rest.Indu comes to the mandir and prays for Dadu.Mithai prays to God for Dadu and says I can’t tell anyone about his cancer.

Dadu wakes up and says I am fine. Dadi asks him to stop worrying about everything. Girish says why are you taking stress? We are handling everything. Dadu says Mithai helped us. Mithai comes there and prays for him. Girish says don’t give her credit. Dadu says she has a clean heart. Girish says you are giving her too much freedom. Dadu says Mithai has a skill of making sweets, we need a person in this house for our business.

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