It’s not easy to love update Sunday 22 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 22 January 2023: Dadu tells Girish that Mithai and Shubham are a perfect couple, I want them to grow our business and then I will be in peace. Dadi asks him to just rest. Dadu says no, this is the right time to talk about all this. Sid comes there and asks what happened? Dadi says he is not listening to us. Sid asks him to stop taking stress, he asks everyone to let him rest. All family members leave. Girish tells Abhishek and Pramod that Dadu thinks I can’t handle this business alone? Abhishek says who will handle it if not Shubham? Shaurya and Sid are not interested. Chachi says we should give away our business to some outsider. Pramod says it’s like Girish haven’t worked hard for this business.

Girish says I won’t let Shubham and Mithai take over my business. Shubham comes there and says I have found out that someone deliberately tempered with our sweets. Pramod says you are new in business so you are making up stories.Kirti tells Gitika that I am worried about Dadu. Mithai thinks to tell them about his illness but stops herself.Chachi tells Abhishek that you can’t see what’s going on in this house? You are not respected in the business and now you will become Shubham’s slave? You have been working under Girish for years so you should take a stand at least now. I should have forced Shaurya to be interested in the business.

You don’t even have any money to get your daughter married, you have to beg your family. Abhishek says stop saying all that, he leaves.Dadi comes to Dadu and says why did you talk about Shubham and Mithai handling the business? Dadu says I just want to make everything fine. I am just worried about Sid, he doesn’t want to get married and he is away from the family. Who will take care of him after we are gone? Dadi says just don’t worry. Mithai brings kaada for him. Dadi asks her to stay with him, she goes to the mandir. Mithai tells Dadu that don’t worry about the business. Dadu says I am just worried about Sid. He doesn’t share anything with the family. He keeps everything inside himself, he doesn’t talk to anyone.

Mithai says he doesn’t talk to God? Dadu says no, he never shares anything with anyone, he is away from the family so I just want him to become happy and mingle with family more. Mithai says this is difficult but I can do it so don’t worry. Dadu says I trust you to do it.Agarwal scolds Pramod that you couldn’t give us information on time? Pramod says that Mithai helped Girish and our plan failed. Agarwal says so she saved Girish’s honor? We have make her look bad in front of Girish’s family, we have to throw her out of there. Pramod says we can use Bhura for this, he wants to have her so we can use him.

Sid asks Dadu to stop taking tension. Dadu says I also don’t want you to live sadly. Sid says I am okay, don’t worry about me. Dadu says you should start smiling more. Mithai comes there and says he should take a rest. Sid says you give him stress. Mithai says I always make him happy. Dadu says she is right, she even helped Girish today and saved our business. Sid looks away. Mithai says if you want to thank me then you can. Sid glares at her. Shubham comes to Dadu and says I can never prove that I am loyal this business and family. I am thinking of leaving from here and finding a job. Dadu is stunned.

Shubham tells Dadu what would I do here? I d on’t get any credit for my work here. I should leave and find a job somewhere else. Sid says you always wanted to work on this business. Shubham says but no one takes me seriously. Dadu says what happened? Shubham says I am sure someone tempered with my order but Girish is not listening to me, someone must have leaked the news that I got an order from some other vendor. Sid says if Shubham thinks so then I will help him.Bhura is talking to his men when Aditya comes there. He says we are both interested in Mithai.

Bhura starts beating him but Aditya says I am not interested in her, I just want her out of Girish’s house. If she is out of there then you can get her. Bhura says you are right, she needs to leave that house. Aditya says then I will destroy Girish’s business. Bhura does a deal with him.Shaurya and others come to Sid and Shubham. Shaurya says we want to help you investigate also. Sid says we don’t need any help, we can find out the culprit. Mithai says I shouldn’t talk right now but I want to say something. We all want to help you both. They are all smart and Karishma can find anything on the internet. Sid says fine. He asks Shaurya to start searching. He asks Kirti and Karishma to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Sid tells Shubham that let’s meet the vendor first. Let’s go to his shop. Shubham says he is a good man. Sid says but his worker might have done something. Mithai hears them.Dadi calls everyone to select the wedding cards. They all check the cards for Karishma’s wedding. Rohan and Kavita come there too. Dadu says we will select the cards for Shubham and Mithai too. Chachi whispers to Karishma that this girl always destroys your happiness. Mithai hears that and tells Dadu that we should select Mithai’s card first. Kirti and Rohan like one card design but Karishma likes another one. Rohan says this design is best. Dadau asks Shubham to select his card too. Shubham says you always choose for me so do this also.

Dadu says your would-be wife can choose it. He asks Mithai to choose it. Mithai looks at Sid and recalls Dadu telling her that he wants Sid to be involved with the family more. She selects a vibrant card. Sid looks at it and says this is non-sense, this is a cheap design. I won’t attend the wedding if we select this card. Mithai smiles at Dadu and argues with Sid. She says then tell me what are the good designs? Sid looks at the designs and selects one. All are surprised. Sid says I like this, it’s simple. Mithai says so it means you will attend a wedding only if you like a card design? Sid says I didn’t mean that.

Agarwal calls Pramod and says Bhurra is part of our plan now. Pramod says just don’t tell him about me as I am taking a huge risk. Agarwal says we have a goon with us now so don’t worry. We will take care of Mithai first and then Girish’s business.Girish comes to the family and likes Karishma’s card. Gitika shows him Shubham’s wedding card but he ignores it. Dadu says we will write Girish and Aarti’s name on Shubham’s card. Girish says my name won’t be on his card, if I don’t accept him as my son then why write my name? Dadu says what are you saying? Girish says I am not interested in forceful relationships, just write late Aarti’s name on his card. Shubham is hurt hearing all that.

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