It’s not easy to love update Friday 20 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 20 January 2023: Shubham comes home and tells everyone that their workers have gone a strike, there is a function tomorrow so we won’t be able to fulfill our orders. Pramod says I didn’t know about it. Girish says I was distracted by family matters, seems like someone has been a bad impact on us, and he taunts Mithai. He says we will be insulted in the media. Mithai says I will protect your image, I will make sweets for tomorrow. Girish says she wants to cook her old-fashioned sweets for our clients? I don’t want to be insulted more and she can’t handle bulk orders. I don’t need a favor from a cheap girl like her, I will find a solution. Mithai says I am not a businessman like you but I can cook as much as I can for tomorrow to help you. Chachi says this girl has a big tongue.

Dadu says she is right, at least she is trying to help. We have to find a solution together. Girish angrily leaves. Pramod thinks she might destroy my plan.Mithai comes to the kitchen and says I will cook as many sweets as I can. She says I will need more potatoes. Dadu comes there and says I will help you with cooking. Mithai says God is with us. Dadu asks Shaurya to Mithai to the market, Shaurya says I have some office work right now, he leaves. Dadu asks Chachi Abhishek to take her but he says I have to handle things and leaves.

Pramod calls Agarwal and says Girish is worried about tomorrow but I know them, they don’t lose easily. Agarwal says just keep giving me updates. Pramod says they want to buy potatoes. Agarwal says they won’t find it, he ends the call and tells his son Aditya to do his job.

Scene 2
Dadi comes to the kitchen and finds Mithai cooking there. Dadi says you know Girish doesn’t like you getting involved so why are you doing this? Sid comes there and says she like to play with troubles. Mithai says I am making sweets for my Dadu’s shop which Girish can use if he wants. I take this family as my own mine so I will help as much as I can. Dadi smiles and leaves.
Indu comes to Dadi and says Mithai can be erratic but she is a problem-solver, she will learn quickly here. Dadi says Mithai has become a part of this family so don’t worry.

Girish comes to Dadu and says I am going to talk to the workers, I will manage this crisis, he leaves. Shubham comes to Dadu and says I have talked to some small shopkeepers so we can outsource our work to them. Abhishek says I will try to find potatoes, he leaves.Dadu comes to Mithai and says potatoes are short in the market, what will we do? Mithai thinks and says I have an idea. I know a person who used to tell potatoes in our village. She calls him and asks him to send potatoes to Mathura. He agrees so Mithai tells him that I will go the station to get them, she leaves. Dadu says I shouldn’t send her alone at this time.

Kirti comes to Karishma and says Mithai is such a nice person to help us. Karishma says Aditya Agarwal liked my photo online. Kirti says just stay away from him. Kirti says I will go and help Mithai. Karishma says I will come with you but Chachi stops her.Pramod is angry as the family is trying to solve everything without involving him. Pramod calls Agarwal and says they are trying to find solutions. Agarwal says they won’t be able to succeed.Sid ends a client so Apeksha calls him and says you impressed him so much. Dadu comes there so Sid ends the call. Dadu says I need your help.

Sid says you can ask me for anything. Dadu says I want you to help Mithai with tomorrow’s order. Sid says you know I don’t want to be involved in Girish’s business. Dadu says it’s not about the business but about her family honor, your mother started this business so honor her at least. Sid says what do I have to do? Dadu says you just have to bring potatoes from the station, Mithai will go with you. She is trying to help us so please support her. Sid says why do I have to take her? Dadu says she has ordered potatoes from her vendor so you won’t recognize him. Sid says fine and leaves.

Mithai sits in Sid’s car, he glares at her and asks her to wear her seatbelt. Mithai can’t so Sid helps her and drives away.
Pramod comes home so Gitika says I will set dinner for you. Pramod says I am not hungry, she asks what happened? Pramod says I take your family’s business as my own but they treat me like an assistant, they are solving the problem but not involving me in all this, they showed that I am an outsider. Gitika asks him to calm down. Pramod says just leave me alone, I take your family and their business as my own. I will go tomorrow and make sure that everything is fine, he leaves. Gitika says I will talk to Dadu that they can’t behave like this with him.

Mithai and Sid arrive at the station. She tries to take off her seatbelt but Sid asks her to wait. Mithai runs out of the car and meets her vendor. He says I have 150Kg potatoes. Mithai gives him money and thanks him. He leaves. Sid says who will put these sacks in the car? Mithai says I am enough for this. She tries to move the sack but it’s too heavy. Sid sighs and says let me do it. He puts the sacks in his car while she holds his coat. Mithai says you could have brought the car closer if you used your mind. Sid thinks she is right.

Abhishek and Shubham are trying to talk to small vendors but everyone says no to them. Shubham says we can’t go home like this. Abhishek says your papa will do something. Shubham says I want to prove myself this time, we have to figure out a way.Sid brings the car closer and puts the potatoes sacks in. He drops all the potatoes, Mithai says I was telling you to be careful. Sid asks her to shut up. They put the potatoes back in the car.Aditya gives money to his man and asks him to bring sweets from Agra. He calls his father and says soon Girish will have to close his business.

Sid and Mithai are picking up potatoes, Mithai says you should have listened to me. We have to go back home before we run out of time. They both work together to load all the sacks into the car. Sid says I will leave so sit inside now. Mithai sits in his car and they drive away.Kirti is waiting for Mithai. Sid and Mithai bring potatoes to the house. Kirti helps them. Dadu says this is good, I will help you both. He feels dizzy suddenly. Mithai and Kirti rush to him. Sid asks what happened to you? Mithai thinks Sid doesn’t know about his cancer.

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