Guddan Zee world update Friday 20 January 2023

Guddan 20 January 2023: Today’s episode starts with Alisha saying in the lace of God’s idol she will keep Antra’s idol. AJ gets angry on Alisha but Guddan supports Alisha and ask her to keep the idol wherever she wants. She further asks Durga to decorate temple so that she can keep the idol there. Alisha gets angry and leaves the place. Ahead, Revti tries to manipulate Alisha and Alisha asks her to wait for her Diwali surprise.Alisha goes to Guddan and informs her too that she is planning a big surprise for her on Diwali. Guddan stands shocked.

AJ thinks Alisha don’t have any manners. He goes to Guddan and ask her what Alisha said to her. Guddan decides not to tell anything to AJ. And thinks to make the diwali happy.Guddan recalls Alisha’s word and worries. She goes to check what Alisha is up to at night. She finds her sleeping. Further, Guddan searches around the house to find some clue against Alisha. Later she falls asleep.In the morning Alisha bursts cracker inside the house. Jindal family gets shocked seeing Alisha’s act. AJ scolds Alisha for bursting crackers inside the house.

Aj’s mother asks AJ to stop scolding and get ready for the Diwali preparation. Alisha than tells to Jindal family that she had left a burning bomb in the house which will blast after 20 min. she further ask to hunt and defuse if they can. Guddan decides to find the bomb. Member of Jindal family rushes to find the bomb. Alisha thinks and says she has hidden the bomb at the temple. Guddan , Aj and others searches the bomb.Alisha says Guddan, only 18 minutes are left. Let’s see if you can do it. Guddan sees a box from the store room. Guddan brings it to the hall. She says we have to check this. AJ says you can’t open it I will. Guddan you step back. He opens the box and a lot of flies come out. Alisha laughs. Everyone screams. A fly bites Guddan. He says enough Alisha.

We won’t tolerate this anymore. You have to be punished. Guddan says stop aJ. AJ goes upstairs. He says when kids don’t learn, parents have to be strict. You said we didn’t teach you anything. You have to learn it my way and understand. Guddan says what are you doing. He is about to hit her with a rod. Guddan stands in front of Alisha and it hits her. AJ says Guddan, are you okay? Guddan says what are you doing? Is this way your way? You will hit her? AJ says we are doing this to bring her on the right way. AJ says we can’t let her do what she wants. she doesn’t understand. Guddan says your way is wrong. AJ says why are you fighting me. Guddan says I am trying to tell you this isn’t the solution. Dadi says to find the bomb.

Only six minutes are left. Alisha says some talks sane here. I knew this Guddan would start all her motherhood drama again. Alisha says to open the box. AJ says no, I will open the box. I won’t let you be hurt because of Alisha. Step back.Laxmi and Durga find ways to stop the flies. Revati says keep this cotton and put it in your ears. AJ opens the box and more flies come out. Guddan wears a suit and is holding a pot full of honey. All the flies come there. AJ says they will bite you. Guddan says no they won’t. They put all the fliest in a bag. Guddan reads the next clue. It takes them to Dadi’s books. Alisha says the fire is on. You don’t have a lot of time. Guddan says the bomb is in the temple. Guddan runs downstairs.

Guddan runs and takes the fire cracker. She blows it. AJ hugs her and says are you okay? AJ says Alisha enough. You will be locked in your room till the evening arti today. Guddan you won’t say a word. Dadi says she is a kid. Alisha says you have no right. Aj says I am your father. Alisha says leave my hand. Guddan says please don’t do this. He locks Alisha. Alisha says stop it. AJ says you will sit inside and think about the mistake you did. AJ says no one will open the door. No one will dare bringing her out. Durga and Laxmi you two have to make sure she doesn’t come out. Dadi says what is happening in my house.

Guddan is upset in her room. Dadi says Guddan get ready. Guddan says Alisha is locked in her room. I couldn’t give her the clothes I made for her. Dadi says you’re a mother. I know you you are hurt. Aj comes in. Dadi says it is pooja time. Go bring her out. aj says okay I will. Guddan give me the clothes you got for her. Guddan says would you give them to him? He says yes.
AJ gets ready. He says I will bring Alisha downstairs.AJ comes to Alisha’s room but she isn’t there. Guddan gets ready. Guddan says everything is good now. Dadi says let’s put idols on the spot. AJ looks for Alisha. Guddan screams. She says our idols.. They are melting.

They are of chocolate. dadi says our idols were of gold. Where did our real idols go? Aj says Alisha isn’t in her room.Alisha comes outside with the idols. She says Guddan, I changed your family idols. Now I will see how you do diwali pooja. I will sell them be so happy.

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