It’s not easy to love update Sunday 5 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 5 February 2023: Kavita goes aside asking Rohan and Karishma to talk with each other. Rohan asks Karishma if she wants to know about his startup? Karishma says she needs to know as they are getting married. Rohan says let’s talk straight, our alliance is fixed by elders and you’re excited to marry me for wedding events and USA trip but what if I won’t get successful in the startup? Will you be able to live with me. Karishma recalls her Mom advice and tells him that she loves him.Rohan says don’t lie to yourself and you don’t love me and Kirti loved me and I loved her but we sacrificed our love for family respect and questions yourself if you really love me or not and you and my family want me to settle on the USA but I want to stay here so decide what you want as I’m ready to marry you if you ready to stay in Madurai with me so take your time to answer me. He leaves.

Sid and Mithai return home with Indu. Sid asks Mithai to take care of Indu aunty. Mithai notices Kavita is worried. She drops her mom in the room and asks Kavita what happened. Kavita says Rohan revealed everything to Karishma and she return home in tears so my mom confronted me and I revealed her truth and don’t know how Abha’s aunt will react. So bear the consequences. Mithai prays Gopal ji.Karishma tells Kirti and Rohan broke up and they used to love eachother. Abha says Kirti is past of Rohan and you will marry him. She asks them to not tell elders about this matter. She warns Mithai that she will punish her badly.

Mithai asks Abha to understand the situation, Karishma can’t stay happy with Rohan as he loves Kirti. Abha says here there is no value for love. Mithai asks can Karishma stay happy with Rohan as he doesn’t love her. Karishma says I don’t love him too and I’m marrying him to go to America. She tells she won’t let anyone spoil her dreams and she will marry Rohan and leave for America. Abha takes Mithai with her. Kavita tries to follow them but Geetika stops her.Abha confronts Kirti and tells her that she never expected that she can do it. Mithai says Rohan revealed everything to Karishma.

Kirti apologises to her and tells her that it happened by mistake. Abha says you did it intentionally and I gave you mother love but you cheated us. Mithai tries to say something. Abha warns her to not involve in their family matters. Abha tells Kirti that you must die for snatching your sister’s happiness and glad your mother is not alive otherwise she may die seeing your acts and you did sin with your sister and I can never forgive you. She leaves.

Kirti tells Mithai that she will leave far as she can’t face anyone from the family and can’t see her father face humiliation because of her. Mithai tries to stop her but she leaves without listening to her. Mithai informs Sid whatever happened. Sid tells he won’t forgive her if something happens to Kirti. He runs to save Kirti. Shubham asks Mithai what happened.Sid searches for Kirti. Kirti walks on the dam and thinks suicide is best option. Mithai tells everything to Shubham. Shubham asks why she didn’t tell him anything till now. He asks her to not leave anywhere.

Kavita informs Rajeev that Abha accused Kirti and Kirti leave from home. Rajeev tells he will see. Rohan asks what happened. Rajeev tells him everything. He asks if she has any idea where Kirti might go. Rohan leaves for the river area.Gireesh and Harimohan ask why they are arguing. Abha says I know what happened, she tells them everything. She says Kirti eyed her sister’s husband. Mithai says we can discuss what’s good and bad latee but now we need to search Kirti first. Abha says you didn’t stop Kirti and encouraged her. Mithai says we need to stop her before she do something wrong. Abha tries to slap her for blaming her. Shubham comes infront of Mithai and Harimohan holds Abha’s hand and signs her no.

Kirti comes to the river side and says I can’t take away Karishma’s happiness, I have done a sin and the result of that is to die. She is about to jump in the river. Sid is running through the jungle and calls Rajeev, he says I am going to save Kirti. Kirti is about to jump from the river but Rohan comes there and says what are you doing? Kirti says I should have hid my feelings from you, it’s a sin. Rohan says I am ready to leave everything for my love. Kirti says I remember Abha’s words, I should die rather than hear taunts. Rohan says if we can’t live together then we will die together. I can’t live a life without you but I have a right to die with you. He holds her hand and looks at the river. Kirti sadly looks at him and says I love you.

They hug each other. Rohan says I love you. Rohan holds her hand and they are about to jump in the river but Sid and Rajeev come there. They stop them and ask if they have gone crazy?Dadu tells the family that we should talk to Gunjan. Abha says no, Karishma and Rohan will get married at any cost. Sid brings Rohan and Kirti there. Girish scolds Kirti and asks if she has gone crazy? Sid says enough, I didn’t know how much they love each other but they were ready to die together. If they love each other this much then we shouldn’t pressurize them. I think we should get Rohan and Kirti married. I am taking responsibility for that. All look on. Sid tells Karishma that you and Kirti are the same as me.

I won’t do anything wrong with you but this is the best for you. Abha says you never took interest in family matters but you want to destroy my daughter’s life? Shaurya says Sid never took interest in anything but how is he taking a decision for my sister? Abha tells Girish to speak up. Girish tells Sid that you can’t take a decision alone if families don’t agree with it, this Mithai is influencing you. Mithai says Sid never listens to anyone if he doesn’t find it logical, Sid is doing the right thing. Sid says I am not listening to Mithai, I am doing what I think is right. Abha says this Mithai started this conversation. Rohan and Kirti said they don’t like each other but Mithai kept pushing for the idea. Shubham asks Mithai to remain silent.

Mithai says I can’t be silent when I see the wrong happening. He asks Sid to see that it’s about family respect. Sid says enough. I have seen that if the relationships are not based on love then they don’t work. He tells Dadu that your one decision can destroy Rohan, Karishma, and Kirti’s life so be careful. Abha says I can’t expect for justice when Mithai has divided the house already. We did a mistake by allowing Mithai in this house. We won’t listen to her. She takes Karishma away. Abhishek tells Girish that you are silent when your daughter took away my daughter’s husband? He leaves. Girish tells Sid that you have divided the house today.

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