Guddan Zee world update Monday 6 February 2023

 Guddan 6 February 2023: Vikrant says Alisha tortured me. I didn’t do anything. AJ says stop lying. I will kill you. Vikrant says then do. Kill me. I didn’t do anything. Alisha wanted to write her name on my heart. She said she loves me. Guddan says don’t dare to say a word about my daughter. Guddan says Alisha tell his truth. You don’t have to scared of anyone. Alisha says he tortures and forces me to annoy you both. He has made my life. He said if I tell anyone about him he will send me back to jail. Guddan says do you have any shame? She is an 18 years old girl. AJ says I will kill you. Alisha laughs. She says you thought anyone can control me? This was fun. This was my plan. Guddan says don’t be scared of him. He can’t control you. Tell us everything.

Alisha says yes it was a lie. Don’t worry for me. You asked me not to propose my husband so I wrote my name on his heart. It’s fun to see you like this. AJ says you saw Guddan? She is the one who does all this. AJ says she has no shame. Alisha says I am less shamless than you. Don’t shout on me. Why do you fall in my trap? Guddan and AJ are shocked. Alisha leaves. AJ is ashamed.Vikrant says my friendship doesn’t deserve your trust. No one will listen to my truth. Dadi says we all trust you. You’re our family.

Scene 2
Vikrant holds Alisha’s hand. It’s bruised. She says please leave me. He says never dare to tell anyone. You’re my pawn and will be till I get done with my revenge.
AJ recalls what Alisha dd. guddan comes in. GUddan holds his tears. Guddan says please. I know you’re in pain. AJ says I feel so helpless. You said she is being forced to do all this. But look at her. I wish you won. I wish you were right. Alisha can do what she likes, but we have to be patient. There’s a little hope, I will do anything to bring her on right path. I know you’re with me. Guddan says don’t say this. We are together and we will be with Alisha. We will show her the right path.

Saru says I thought this would be a blast but nothing happen. Same old thing. Perv says wait for right time. Everyone was fooled. That Alisha fooled us. Revati says no. There’s something. Perv says she did this to make AJ and Vikrant fight. Saru says one day he will kill Vikrant. Revati says the real fun would be to see AJ and GUddan in front of each other. Perv says she is ahead of Antra. She will ruin Guddan’s life.

Scene 2
The next morning, everyone comes to the temple. Alisha takes arti from Guddan and says can I do it? Guddan says yes sure. Go ahead. Alisha does arti. Alisha gives everyone parsad. Alisha says to AJ give me something if you want to take arti from my hands. AJ says you can ask me for anything. She says I want this family bangle that is in Guddan’s hand. Dadi says daughter in law years it. You can’t ask her for it. Alisha says we are equal. It’s fun to take things from Guddan. Guddan gives her the bangle and makes her wear it. Guddan says this is yours now. I only want to see you happy. Alisha leaves. Guddan looks at vikrant.

Guddan is stress eating. Vikrant says Bhabhi are you okay? She says when I am stressed I eat a lot. But I have overeaten now. I look at everyone worried. My husband is always angry and my daughter keeps lying. Now I have an audition for acting. How would I go there? I have done everything but this stress never goes away. Why is all this happening to me? Vikrant says drink water, please. He says you can’t breathe. Tell me what’s the main trouble? Guddan says there are so many troubles. How will I do rehearsals? No one is helping me. Vikrant says I can help you. He says you have done so much for me, I can do this much. Guddan says great, these are your lines. You’re such a good man. You’re handling Alisha so well as well. I will come back in a while.

Vikrant wonders where did all this come from?Guddan turns off the lights and turns on red lights. Vikrant says wow she creates sets too. Guddan comes there in red light. Guddan says we have to set the mood and environment. Guddan cries and says our child. Is he okay? Did he die? Our child. What happened. You promised me you won’t let anything happen to him. Vikrant recalls his wife saying the same things. Guddan screams your child killed him and you did nothing. Everything is over. I don’t want to live. She drinks poison. Vikrant recalls his wife doing the same. He says no you can’t do this. She says promise me you will take revenge from him. Vikrant was screaming and crying. She said promise me you will give him similar pain. Vikrant said I will take my revenge from AJ. He will beg for his life. He has to pay for his sins. Vaishali. He has to suffer. Guddan opens her eyes. Vikrant says bhabhi.. Guddan slaps him.

Guddan says I knew you’re the one blackmailing Alisha. I knew someone was doing this to Alisha. I got to know everything about you from a spy. You ruined life of an 18-year-old kid for your revenge. A child’s tears are never hidden from the mother. AJ considered you his brother. You thought Alisha is alone and can’t do anything? I won’t leave you. You can’t face this mother. Don’t even go near Alisha. She isn’t alone. AJ and I are always with her. Your game is over. She leaves.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to Alisha and hugs her. She says nothing would happen to you, Alisha. We got to know everything about him. He can’t harm you anymore. Vikrant comes and says don’t promise things you can’t do. Guddan says don’t be scared, Alisha. Vikrant says you have a strong instinct. She doesn’t even consider you her mother. But we all know your love for her. So I have a weapon that won’t let you tell this to anyone. Your daughter is your weakness. You gave her your bangle but it has her death. First her mom, now her. There’s a small chip bomb in that bangle. Guddan says you’re lying right? Vikrant says ask her who made her wear this angle. Vikrant asked her never to take that bangle off her wrist. Alisha says he took it and brought it back. Vikrant laughs and says what will you do now? Her life is in my control. Do what you want. If she takes off this bangle, it will blast. Let me reduce your pain. Here’s the remote. If you go against me I will burn her like her mom. Alisha cries and says please save me Guddan. I don’t want to die.

Scene 3
Alisha is worried. Guddan comes to her and hugs her. Alisha says I am really sorry. She cries. Alisha says I have done so wrong to you. I am sorry. Guddan says I won’t let anything happen to you. Alisha says I am so scared. I deserve all this. Guddan says don’t say all these things. It isn’t your mistake. He manipulated your innocent mind.

Everyone comes in. Alisha slaps Guddan. Everyone is shocked. AJ says how dare you, Alisha? Guddan says please calm down. You won’t say anything. AJ says no, I can’t tolerate this. Vikrant is there. Guddan recalls Vikrant said you have to do something that would make AJ cry. Dadi says how dare she, let AJ talk to Alisha. Guddan says no. Laxmi says she is wrong. AJ says she slapped you. I can’t tolerate this Vikrant says this is just the beginning. Everything will go as per my plan.

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