Is Zee World shutting down in May 2019? Here’s what we know


They have been talks, rumours and speculations going around that zee world will shut down by May 2nd, now is this report true, definitely not.

Zee world has not officially stated that they would be leaving DSTV and GOTV satellites any time soon, and not with so many line ups of series slated to premiere this year 2019 and some which just started running.

A cursory look at their social platforms on facebook, Instagram and twitter

shows that no announcement of such was made.

Similarly, It’s so unlikely for an organised media house like Zee World to take such important decision without first releasing official statements to that effect.

Viewers should know that this is the digital age where anyone can screenshot and edit pictures easily and then go forward to spread unverified reports.

So dear zee world lovers keep calm and continue enjoying all the series showing on zee world presently and those premiering soon..

Meanwhile, here’s a list of upcoming Zee World series for this year

And the full story of Zee World new series Mehek

Thank you.



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