Imlie update Sunday 28 August 2022

Imlie 28 August 2022: Mithi cries when Imlie doesn’t return home. She says she searched her everywhere and prays god to protect Imlie. Dulari pulls her hair and shouts that her daughter is blackening her face with city man and she is crying here. Mithi pleads to stop. Dulari warns if Imlie doesn’t return in 1 hour, she will handle her and city boy to panchayat. Aditya pedals cycle with Imlie as pillion under heavy rain. Imlie stops him. He says he has to drop her home soon. Imlie says he is bleeding and she cannot risk her life. He asks what. She says if he slips cycle in pain and make her fall down, she will be injured. She forcefully takes him under a shelter. He says they are stuck, that is why he doesn’t like rain.

Cycle falls down. Imlie on the other side gets worried reminiscing Dulari’s warning. Imlie applies soil to Aditya’s leg injury. He says he will get infection. She says soil is mother and mother doesn’t give pain to children. He thanks her and apologizes that she is stuck because of him. She says its not his mistake but cloud and rain’s. He says he doesn’t like clouds and rain. She says if rain doesn’t come, farmers have to sit idle. He says he knows, but everything happens according to fate. She says they have to write half of their story themselves, god sends rain and farmer has to plough land to grow crops and they don’t grow on themselves. Aditya asks then why don’ts he send an application to stop rain.

She says she is not worried about rain but cyclone. He says its impossible to go anywhere in this rain, so they will stay back and go in the morning with sunrise. Imlie says he will leave with sunrise, but she will be stuck and has to answer villagers. He says he is sorry that she is stuck in rain because of him. She says he and his camera will escape, he can click her pics again when she becomes police officer and tell people that he took Imlie’s first pic. Dulari forcefully leaves home after 1 hour to inform Panchayat while Mithi pleads her not to.

Chaturvedi sees Malini happy and asks reason. She says she is passing all students as Aditya is returning home. Anu comments good he is coming himself, else some people go to Pagdandiya and forget even family, looking at her husband. Malini asks if she is still angry regarding Pagdandiya tickets. Anu walks away. After sometime, Aditya’s family reaches Malini’s home. Rupali asks Badimaa why did she bring her to Malini’s house to insult her more. Badimaa says she doesn’t want to. Maid calls Malini and Chaturvedi. Malini gets happy seeing them and says she would have come to them if they had informed her. Badimaa says its okay. Chaturvedi greets them and asks servant to bring tea. Pankaj says its okay and they came to speak about Anu’s call regarding engagement.

Anu walks in and asks what is the issue. Badepapa says they cannot perform engagement on 23rd of this month. Anu yells that she booked city’s biggest hall on that day and they want to cancel it. Aparna says she can fix some other date, but not 2rd. Badimaa says bad old memories are associated with that day. Anu says they cannot ruin new relationships for old ones.Imlie and Aditya are sound asleep when they wake up hearing Dulari’s voice with villagers. Dulari shouts at them to come out. They both walk out and see Dulari with villagers. Aditya protects Imlie.

Dulari shouts she told right that this city boy’s intentions are not right. Aditya asks how can she speak wrong about her granddaughter. Sarpanch holds Aditya’s collar shouting how dare he is to spend night with Imlie. Imlie says she had taken Aditya to show village and meet Chandu on Satyakam’s order, but got stuck in rain and spent night under shelter. Dulari shouts she blacked her face city boy. Mithi backs Imlie. Dulari continues alleging Aditya and Dulari and drags them away.

Aditya’s family hears Rupali singing bhajan in home temple and walks to her. She apologizes for troubling them, says she will try to become a good daughter and will take care of her brother’s wedding arrangements. On the other side, Malini takes leave from college and prepares Aditya’s dishes. Anu says Aditya is coming in the evening, why she took leave from college. Malini says she wants to take Aditya’s special dishes to his home and serve him in the evening. Anu comments groom’s family is making bride’s family bend before marriage itself. Malini asks her to relax as engagement date and venue doesn’t matter, only their togetherness matters.

Malini smiles and says she is a degree college professor and a good cook, her husband will not look at anyone else except her. On the other side, villagers tie Aditya to a tree and point weapons at him.Villagers on Dulari’s allegation drag Aditya and Imlie out and tie Aditya to a tree. Dulari yells that she will not tolerate one more city man ruining a village girl’s life. Imlie says Aditya didn’t do anything. Dulari continues that her mother’s mistake came out after 9 months as Imlie. Aditya says she is alleging wrongly and requests Chandu to tell that he came to take Satyakam’s interview. Chandu stands silently. On the other side, Maini calls guest house and asks if Aditya Kumar Tripathi left hotel.

Manager says he left yesterday itself, but call gets disconnected. Malini gets happy thinking he will reach home and continues cooking for him. Dish gets burnt, and she starts crying. Anu asks reason. Malini says dish got burnt. Anu says its okay, she can prepare kheer for him.Dulari continues her allegations and provokes Aditya to listen to them or they will kill him, saying they will not tolerate this in Satyakam’s rule. Aditya pleads sarpanch to listen to him, but Sarpanch also doesn’t listen to him. He says he accepts their order. Dulari says Aditya has to marry Imlie. Aditya says this cannot happen. Villager spoint gun at him. Aditya says he is ready to bear their attacks.

A few of them rush towards him with sickles. Imlie holds sickle and requests not to harm Aditya and she is ready to marry him. Aditya shocked says she is very small and shouldn’t take a haste decision, he cannot marry her as. She stops him and pleads to keep silence. Villagers drag Aditya along.Mithi asks Imlie why did she decide to marry Aditya. Imlie says she doesn’t want to marry him, she just agreed to save him. She speaks emotionally. Mother says she knows what will happen to her when Aditya escapes from here. She says she is not worried for her life, but doesn’t want innocent Aditya to suffer as he already loves someone.

She sees a few kids playing game on Aditya’s mobile and taking it from them informs Mithi that she will return this phone to Aditya so that he can get some help. They both head to meet Aditya when Dulari stops them and yells if they are going to meet Aditya and one night is not enough for Imlie, etc. They both tolerate her nonsense and reach a place where Aditya is kept. Villagers force Aditya to wear dhoti for wedding while Aditya pleads not to take law in their hands. Imlie silently keeps Aditya’s mobile under flower thali. Nani forces imlie to get ready as bride.

Aditya’s family eagerly waits for Aditya to return. Rupali brings cake for him. Aparna asks Pankaj to find out via Dhruv if Aditya reached. Panjak calls Aditya, Aparna takes phone and asks Dhruv if Aditya reached bus station. Dhruv says bus came, but Aditya didn’t; conductor informed Aditya didn’t board bus at all. Family gets tensed. Aparna calls Aditya’s number. Villagers forcefully take Aditya towards wedding mantap when phone rings between flowers. Sarpanch hearing phone ring takes phone and asks who brought it here, scolds Chandu. Chandu say kids took it away. Sarpanch throws phone in havan.

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