Imlie update Saturday 27 August 2022

Imlie 27 August 2022: Police searches for Satyakam, and inspector says that fugitive shouldn’t escape. Aditya misleads them and sends them away and closes door from inside. Satyakam thanks him for risking his life and saving him. Aditya says if he trusts him, he should call him via his men give him interview. Satyakam agrees and says let us go. Aditya asks him to cover his face. Satyakam asks his men to drop Imlie home. Imlie gets emotional and requests Satyakam not to go. He says she is his 1 rs shagun coin and he will return for her for sure. Imlie cries hugging him. Satyakam leaves with Aditya. Aditya drives his scooty and asks Satyakam to wear helmet and mask.

Satyakam when Pagdandiya and Aditya are his, why should he worry. Aditya sees police jeep passing and trying to hide falls down, severely injuring his foot. Satyakam helps him get up and takes him to his hideout for interview. Imlie returns home and describes whole incident to Mithi. Mithi surprised asks if city man saved Satyakam. Imlie says she thought he is wicked like other city men, but he risked his life and saved Dadda; asks till when Dadda will be running as fugitive. Imlie says one gets evil easily and goodness with price and Satyakam is paying his price to be good.

Satyakam starts his interview and says he is ready to walk with city, but not get ruined by its food. He says 20 years ago, a city man visited Pagdandiya and left after spending a night with an innocent village girl, leaving her pregnant and never returned back; village girl gave birth to a baby girl and even now she is waiting for him. Aditya asks if the baby girl is Imlie. Satyakam says yes. On the other side, Imlie tells Mithi that she will go to city, study well, and become inspector, and then her Dadda can walk on roads freely. Mithi says she is protecting her dadda even now. Imlie asks why didn’t she marry Dadda. She scolds her smilingly and thinks she fell in city man’s love and didn’t see Satyakam’s love for her. Satyakam continues his story and describing his love for Mithi says he wants Imlie to study well and be hope for the village.

Aditya says his wish will be fulfilled for sure. Imlie asks Mithi if she said something wrong and jokes will she go to see off Dadda tomorrow. Mithi hits her smilingly. Satyakam tells Aditya that he saw him switching off camera during interview, he is a good man, so he can meet Chandu who will brief him whole story. He gives money and asks him to give it to Mithi for Imlie’s studies. Aditya says until Satyakam is there, Imlie is safe. Satyakam leaves saying he doesn’t want to be a threat to Imlie, Mithi, and Aditya.

At Aditya’s house, Dhruv’s daughter Twinkle tells him that he will wear lehanga in chachu’s marriage. Son says even he will. Twinkle says boys don’t wear lehanga. He says he told boys and girls are equal. Dhruv says he will buy them lehanga if they start studying for exam right now. Badepapa calculates wedding budgret. Aditya’s father tells Badepapa that Aparna and Badimaa want to gift jewelry to Malini and Anu. Nidhi gifts him money cheque. Dhruv requestgs him to accept it. Rupali walks in asking what about her dietician course, if he kept some money for her aside. Bade papa says institute is not given any certificate after course. Rupali yells that he always has problem with her. Mother says she got enrolled in 5 courses and let them incomplete. She yells he spent a lot on Aditya and cannot spend on her.

Badepapa says he never differentiated between children and spent on Aditya as he wanted to study more. Rupali says she and Twinkle will leave his house tomorrow itself if he returns jewelry and walks away throwing tantrums.Aditya wakes up early morning hearing someone knocking door. Imlie walks in and asks about Dadda. Aditya says he left last night. Imlie sees him limping and asks if he stamped his foot somewhere. He says he met with a bike accident last night. She yelll and asks if Dadda is fine. He says nothing happened to Dadda and gives her Dadda’s given money. He then informs that Dadda asked him to meet Chandu, so can she take him there. Imlie agrees. After sometime, he calls Malini from lodge’s landline.

Malini gets happy hearing him and asks where is his phone. He reminisces Satyakam breaking his phone and lies that it fell and broke in mela and since there is no repair shop here, he called her via lodge’s landline. He then informs that he took Satyakam’s interview and is returning home tomorrow evening. She gets more happy hearing that. He asks her not to take leave from college as he is coming in the evening. Imlie walks in and asks him to get ready to meet Chandu. Malini asks who is she. He says Satyakam’s relative who is taking him to meet Satyakam’s friend for more interview. Imlie continues her blabbering. Aditya asks Malini not bother about this jhalli. Malini says she feels he is going far away from her. He assures her that wherever he goes, he will return to her and disconnects call. His and Imlie’s nok jhok continues.

Imlie takes Aditya to meet Satyakam’s friend Chandu for interview. Their nok jhok continues. She asks him why did he get ready in blazer for a mere interview. He asks where is the vehicle. She shows her cycle Kumari Bindeshwari Pedalwali. They see thunders on sky, Aditya gets tensed thinking how will he take Chandu’s interview and Imlie gets happy. He asks if he will pedal her cycle and she will ride a pillion. Imlie says she will ride and he will ride a pillion. Their nok jhok continues. He enjoys cool breeze as pillion. Rain starts. He runs under a tree. She jokes there is a snake and make him run in rain.

Chaturvedi brings tea for Malini and asks her to cheer up. Anu walks in and informs that she book Country Club’s banquet hall for Malini’s engagement. Chaturvedi says Tripathis are simple people and will not adjust there. Anu asks how will Malini adjust between 10 people in their house, she will prove that she doesn’t need Tripathis’ permission to fix engagement and its venue. She calls Tripathi House’s landline and informs Pankaj that she has booked 5 star Country Club’s banquet hall for Malini and Aditya’s engagement on 23rd of next month. Pankaj tries to speak, but she says her club hall doesn’t have any other date available and disconnects call. Pankaj informs family and they also panic. Rupali hearing their conversation throws tantrums and asks how can they fix their brother’s engagement on a date when she was divorced.

Family tries to explain her, but in vain as usual. Later, whole family in their car travels towards Chaturvedi’s house while Rupali continues her tantrums and says she will leave their home with her daughter. Aparna says she can go tomorrow as today her family needs her for what they are going to do. Rupali yells they never considered her as a family member. Dhruv asks her to calm down for some time and then do whatever she wants.

Aditya returns after interviewing Chandu and says he is eager to complete this story and submit it to his boss. She asks where does he stay in city. He says Paschim Vihar. She asks how far is Meera Bagh from Paschim Vihar. He says nearby and asks why is she asking this. She taunts that his girlfriend stays there. He asks if she knows someone there. She gets sad. He reminiscing Satyakam’s words realizes Imlie’s father maybe staying there. He then sees few people well dressed passing by, clicks and asks where are they going. She says for mass wedding/Manmilan. He insists to watch wedding. She says he can go alone. He blackmails her that he will inform Satyakam that Imlie left him injured in jungle. She agrees yelling and takes him to Manmilan venue where he clicks pics of couples.

She sees Mithi nearby and walks to her. Mithi asks what is she doing here. Imlie says she brought a village buffoon to show Manmilan and calls Aditya to introduce Mithi. He walks to them and asks Imlie she of bride’s age, so why don’t she participate in it. Imlie says all are monkeys ther, a male monkey will give veil to female monkey, if she accepts it they will marry and if she throws it way they won’t. Aditya shows her couple’s pics in his camera when Dulari walks in and shouts at Mithi that she should get her daughter married first instead of letting him with a city man. She asks if she is remembering her days, she gave birth to Imlie without marriage, etc. She then yells at Aditya. Aditya gives her a befitting reply. Imlie shoos Dulari away. Mithi also leaves with her friend.

Aditya sees Panditji offering sindhoor to couples. Imlie says it is very special sindhoor and only available in Pagdandiya; it is belief a bride will get good health, happy life and wealth with this sindhoor. Aditya reminiscing Malini asking him to get a special gift for her which is only available at Pagdandiya. He asks Imlie if he can get it some. She asks if its for phone girl. He says her name is Malini and he calls her Moon. She takes him to temple where Panditji gives him sindhoor describing its specialties. Imlie is seen jumping around temple bell. She goes to check her face in mirror when air blows and sindoor falls on her body. She panics and tries to clear it. Aditya says its for Moon and not her, so why is she panicking.

She asks him to click their pics before he leaves. He sets their selfie when rain starts and he drags her inside temple while she pleads to return home as it is not considered good in Pagdandiya if a girl stays out at night. He says its raining heavily. She insists, so he decides to take her on cycle.

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