Imlie update Monday 29 August 2022

Imlie 29 August 2022: Imlie and Aditya’s wedding ceremony starts. Imlie as bride walks towards Mithi. Mithi emotionally touches her face and tghen performs ritual. O Omliyaa…serial’s title tracks plays in the background. They both cry hugging each other. Dulari forceful pulls Imlie away from Mithi. Mithi sits weeping. Malini walks into Aditya’s house hears Pankaj telling what must have happened that Aditya didn’t leave Pagdandiya. Malini says Aditya had called her from hotel’s landline she spoke to Aditya 2 days ago and he told he lost his phone. Aparna says his phone was on just now, but then got disconnected.

Malini says maybe he got his phone back, they know how he is, last time he went to take CM’s interview for 15 minutes after covering another story. Family remembers that. She trying to divert their attention says they didn’t notice her at all and doesn’t value her. Nidhi says they value her most and welcomes her home for the first time. Aparna says she didn’t make them realize that she came home for the first time, she couldn’t have found a better bride than her for Aditya even with 2 lamps in hands. Malini continues to cheer them up and walks to kitchen thinking she is more worried for Aditya. Aprana walks to her and asks not to hide her tears.

Imlie is forcefully made to sit next to Aditya in mantap. Pandit asks them to start pheras. They both forcefully perform pheras. Imlie’s friend walks to her and asks why is she sitting here instead of watching her daughter’s pheras, she should be happy that her daughter got a good city boy. Mithi informs that Aditya may be a good boy, but may not be a good husband for Imlie as he loves someone else and is already engaged, so he was ready to die than marrying Imlie. After pheras, pandit asks Aditya to apply sindhoor on Imlie’s forehead. Aditya reminisces taking sindhoor for Malini. Dulari points gun at Aditya and warns him to apply sindhoor. He applies sindhoor and completes wedding. Padit pronounces them husband and wife.

Aditya tells villagers he will leave now. They say he will not get any transport. He says he will manage and walks away. Dulari sends villagers behind him. Imlie stands crying. Mithi packs rotis for Imlie. Aditya gets ready and walks. Mithi requests to wait for sometime as Imlie is hungry since yesterday. Aditya says he doesn’t care and wants to go from here. Dulari hands over rotis to Imlie and pushes her behind Aditya. Imlie reminisces telling her friend that she will not apply mehandi on her hands, else she will get married.

Meethi does Imlie’s bidayi. She then tells Aditya that he cannot do for whatever happened here, but she can request him to take care of Imlie who is everything for her. Aditya asks her to tell her daughter that he cannot tolerate delay. Imlie hands over cloth bundle to Imlie and asks her to go. Imlie walks behind Aditya while Mithi stands crying. Dulari asks villager to follow Aditya and if he does anything wrong to inform her. She thinks Pagdandiya’s doors for Imlie are closed completely. Imlie ravels on bus top with Aditya reminiscing spending her childhood in Pagdandiya. She cries profusely. Aditya asks if she has to cry, why did she marry him.

She says he would have better cut her neck then. He says he should have done that than forceful relationship, how will he face his family and Malini now who are eagerly making his wedding arrangements. Imlie promises that she will not inform anyone about their wedding. He asks why did she come along, he cannot take her home. She says she will do whatever he says. He say she ruined his life already and shouldn’t go on her own way after reaching city. Imlie continues crying profusely.

Dulari’s puppet follows bus on bile. Conductor stops bus at a dhaba and says they will halt for 20 minutes. Aditya gets down and walks away without helping Imlie. Imlie jumps down with great difficulty and walks behind Aditya. Customers praise that they both are looking pretty together. Aditya tries to sit in common area. Waiter asks him to sit in family section with bhabhi ji. Aditya says he will sit here only and asks him to bring tea. Waiter asks what about bhabhiji. Imlie says she doesn’t need anything. She tells Aditya that its not waiter’s mistake. He says its her mistake to agree for marriage and walking behind her like a poster. She promises that she will not become a hurdle for her and walks away. Dulari’s puppet notices her.

Anu confronts Dev that he made a mistake 18 years ago and Aditya is doing same with Malini now, if he is not worried for his daughter. Dev says he is and nothing happened then and even now Aditya is not wrong. She says all men are same and something would have happened 18 years ago, else wouldn’t be so superficial to her after that. Malini walks in and says Aditya is not a random man, she knows him since 7 years and he never made her doubt him.

Imlie walks to washroom and remembers her marriage and Aditya’s words that he cannot follow forceful relationship, etc. Aditya on the other side thinks he should call Aditya and speak to her. Waiter serves him tea, he asks if dhabha has phone. Waiter says its dead. He asks passerby to lend his phone, but passerby says there is no balance in phone. Bus conductor says its time to leave. Imlie removes her bangles and sindhoor reminiscing Mithi’s words and Aditya’s taunts. She washes her head to clear sindhoor. Aditya eagerly waits for Imlie and seeing Dulari’s puppet lends phone from him.

Malini packs her bags and tries to leave home. Anu asks where is she going. Malini says she is going to Pagdandiya to search Aditya. Anu asks why her common sense stops when its about Aditya. Malini says whatever she thinks. Dev says its a risky route and she cannot go there. Malini says she can’t wait. Anu says why is she worried when Aditya’s family is not going there. Malini says she is also Aditya’s family. Aditya calls her just then and she asks how is he, he made everyone worried. He says sorry and he is reaching Delhi by evening. She takes his family in concall. They all shout if he is fine, if he had food, if he is getting gifts for them, when is he coming. He says he is fine and is coming home in the evening. They disconnect call. Malini asks what he wanted to say.

Just then, puppet takes phone from him. Aditya stands fused seeing Imlie back in her old dress. Puppet calls Dulari and informs that something is wrong her. Dulari orders him to drag Imli back to her if she does any mistake, she will show Imlie that they cut throat if a bird flies back even after cutting feathers. Aditya with Imlie reaches Delhi and gets into cab with her.

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