I’m on the edge update Monday 29 August 2022

I’m on the edge 29 August 2022: Kesar is taking food to Virat. Adhi says where are you going? Why are you picking all this weight? I should take it. She says I am taking all this for Virat. He doesn’t eat food from here. Adhi takes it and goes to his room in anger. He is angry. Adhi looks at his sherwarni. He recalls Devi being close to Virat.Kesar comes to Virat. He says I brought these sweets for you. He says thanks. she says Devi sent food for you. Adhi snatched it from me. Devi was really worried for you.

He says I caan’t believe that Devi is marrying an idiot like him. He doesn’t turst her. Devi spills sweets on his shirt. Kesar says give me your shirt I will wash it. Kesar takes that shirt.Kesar tells Devi that I have given these sweets to Virat. Devi says he is allergic to pumpkin I told you. Adhi says I need to calm down.. I should apologize Devi.Kesar tells Masa devi is going to him.Devi runs towards Virat’s room. He is in a bad condition. He says I am really sorry. She didn’t know you are allergic. Masa writesa fake love letter. Devi gives Virat his med.

Masa says I think someone is coming.
Adhi is looking for Devi everywhere. He reads the love letter. It reads last night was so romantic. I loved it. I will take you with me from here. This place is full of uneducated people. Adhi looks for devi. He sees her with Virat. Adhi claps Devi. He says he.. Adhi says to Virat I told you stay away from Devi. He hits Virat. Devi says please stop. Adhi beats VIrat. Adhi says shut up. You cheated on me. I came here to apologize you. You are a characterless woman. Devi says its not like that. He says I saw everything with my eyes. Adhi drags her and says get out of this house. You dont’ belong to this house anymore.

Scene 1
Devi says Adhi please listen how can you say that. He says enough. I trusted you and cheated on me. He shoves and says stay away from me. She says please its not right. He says you food me all the time. I now know why you did all this. You wanted to run from here. My family kept telling me about you but I chose to trust you. I loved you and did everything for you. I stood in front of my mom for you. Devi says please listen. He says I won’t listen at all. You don’t deserve to be in this house. Devi says its our wedding today. he says I will never marry you. He shoves her. she falls on Virat. Adhi says people like you aare called characterless. Devi says enough. Listen to me now. Hee says shut up.

she says you shut up. Devi says I did everything for you and this is how you aare returning me? I wont apologuze because you have stooped so low. You put on such allegations on me. WHat can I expect from an illmannered man like you. He says you belong outside this house. He shoves her and shuts the door.Devi and Adhi both sit crying on each side of the gate. Devi cries and recalls her moments with Adhi. She says how can you forget our moments. devi recalls when he danced with her. Virat comes to DEvi and says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. It all happened because of me. Devi says its not your mistake. Its not his either.

His mom did this. She has always been doing things like these. It was all masa’s game. Adhi says but he loves you he should trust you. Virat says should I talk to him? She says no I have to fight this.Masa comes to Adhi and says don’t cry like this please. She says I am sorry this is all my mistake. I shouldn’t have got you married to her. Adhis ays I am sorry. We are better than these city people. I am sorry. Now see how I forget her. She will pay for this.

Virat says you should enter the house one way or other. Devi sees some women. Devi says these are dancers. I will go in with them. Devi comes in the house as a dancer. Bansuri says who are you? She says i am dancers. Bansuri says go to hall then.Masa says to Adhi guests are coming. What will we do now?

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