Imlie update Tuesday 30 August 2022

Imlie 30 August 2022: Aditya takes Imlie to an NGO. Imlie asks if they came home. He goes in first and asks Imlie to follow him. He meets NGO head and introduces her to Imlie. Lady asks if this is Imlie and asks her not to worry as there are many girls like her here who ran away from her family for some reason. Imlie gets sad hearing that. Aditya asks Imlie if she can stay here. Imlie says why not when didi is so good. She drops her baggage down and picking it back sees Aditya already getting into cab. Dulari’s puppet Birju drags her away and asks where did her husband go. She pushes him away and picking stick warns that he troubled her in village and now come here. He acts as calling Dulari and forces her to come along.

She resists in vain. Aditya enters and kicking him down warns how dare he is to hold his wife’s hand. Birju says Aditya had left her, so he was taking her back to Pagdandiya. Aditya says this is Delhi and not Pagdandiya, if he wants to go to jail. Birju runs away. Aditya says her villagers have sent many Birjus and who all she will fight with. Imlie asks what will she do now. He says he will think something.

Adity reaches home. Family gets happy seeing him. Aparna performs his aarti. He then touches elders’ feet. Imlie waits outside house. Pankaj asks if his work completed on time, Rupali asks why didnt he come yesterday, etc. Imlie drops pooja thali kept nearby. Everyone look at her. She walks in stepping on kumkum. Aparna asks who is she. Imlie says she Imlie from Pagdandiya and since she needed work, she forcefully came behind Aditya. Aparna asks if he took her parents’ permission. Aditya says yes. Imlie says her mother sent her here as she needed work badly to get a shelter and food. Dhruv asks how can they keep anyone without any verification. Imlie says she doesn’t have proof of verification, but she always keeps her promise and will not go until they send her out.

Aditya walks to his room asking family to handle this issue as he is tired. Twinkle frightens Piyush that Imlie’s bag has small kids in it and if he misbehaves with her, she will put him in bag. Piyush says he will call her Twinkle didi from hereon. Aparna asks Imlie if she knows household chores. Imlie says she can cook, make cowdunk cakes, etc. Badepapa asks her to go in, Rupali will explain her everything. She walks inside home with kumkum smeared feet.

On the other side, Mithi cries looking at Imlie’s books and pencils. Her friend asks if she got any information about Imlie, she would have reached city by now. Mithi says going to city is Imlie’s dream and she didn’t think it would be fulfilled like this. Friend says Aditya will take care of Imlie. Mithi says Aditya is a good man, but will Imlie’s in-laws accept her. Rupali shows cleaning items to Imlie and then kitchen. Mithi tells her friend that Aditya has someone else in his heart and how will Imlie find her place in his heart. Imlie sees Aditya and Malini’s photo and remembers him telling his girlfriend’s name is Malini and he calls her Moon. Aditya calls Malini from landline.

Malini gets happy and says she is coming right now. He says he wants to meet her outside home and discuss her a lot of important issues. She agrees. Aditya sees Imlie at door and asks why is she listening to his chat hiding, she doesn’t have right on him and is not his real wife, she is his problem instead and he already has someone in life, so until she is here she shouldn’t forget her place. Rupali shows her house and then a servant room with mattress. Imlie reminisces Aditya’s words. She asks if she got married. Imlie reminisces marrying Adtiya. Rupali says she can work here and think as her practice before marriage, says every girl is not lucky to enjoy sasural’s life, asks her to unpack her bag and come out.

Imlie looks at her certificate and reminisces Satyakam’s words that she should just dream and leave everything on god. She excitedly cleans her room, makes a home temple and prays god. She then thinks her dream is same, today she decorated her room and soon her dreams.Family enjoys tea and snacks in living room and crack jokes. Imlie walks in. Rupali asks her to have tea. Imlie says their family is big and she liked them. Pankaj asks who is in her family. Imlie says she and her amma, she has a sheep, etc. She continues her blabbering and says she even has a nakli naani. They ask what that means. She says some people make relationship but don’t follow it, reminiscing Aditya.

Aditya’s family continues questioning Imlie. Badimaa asks what about her father. Imlie says she doesn’t know as her amma told her father stays somewhere in this city. Ankita asks her not to worry as Aditya is a journalist and find out her father. Badepapa says in villages, girl of her age get married soon, is she also married. Aparna says she may haven’t or else she would have come with her husband. Aditya thinks family is interrogating Imlie, he should speak to Malini soon and find some solution. He asks Aparna to stop interrogating Imlie. Aparna says they should as he brought Imlie here.

Aditya says she forcefully came here after her villagers forcefully sent her with him, walks away saying nobody listen to him. Aparna asks Imlie not to feel bad about Aditya’s words as he is short tempered, she has to learn household task soon as she has to help her would be bahu. Imlie stands crying.Aditya waits for Malini at a restaurant and practices to tell her truth. Malini enters and happily hugs him. Heasks how is she. She says she is fine and sits He writhes in pain. She asks what happened. He says he got injured in Pagdandiya. She gets concerned and scolds him that his family and she were worried for him. He says he told he lost his phone 2 days ago. She says she had lost her life if something had happened to him, now everything is fine as he got back his phone and gifts him new phone.

He gets a call, she says maybe someone wants to flirt with him and speaks from her phone. He asks to stop joking. She says her another journalist friend went to cover a documentary to some village and fell in a girl’s love. Aditya asks what happened then. She says they got married and stay in Delhi somewhere. She says she was worried that even he may fall in love and marry a villager, if he does that she will die. Aditya thinks he didn’t betray her, but his situation did.

At home, Pankaj gets a call from him friend that he got a servant for him. He informs family. Badepapa asks what will they do with 2 servants. Badimaa says he should hire servant as Imlie will feel home sick and will return to her mother in a few days. Imlie passes by. Aparna asks her to clean dining table. Aditya fixes his phone for charging and walks away keeping it at dining chair. Imlie walks in and thinking dining table is very dirty and climbing on it starts cleaning it with soop, water, and broom like she cleans buffaloes. Water falls on phone and damagers it. Family sees her and stops her. Aparan asks her to get down, she will teach her chores first and then ask her to do them. Aditya walks in and seeing his phone damaged scolds Imlie and walks to his room fuming.

Aparna prepares Aditya’s favorite kheer and asks Imlie to take it to Aditya’s room. Imlie says she doesn’t want to enter lion’s den. Aparna says her son is not that bad and will calm down seeing this magical kheer. Imlie resists, but Aparna sends her to room. Imlie walks to Aditya’s room. Aditya angrily asks why did she come here now. Imlie says maaji and kaki maa sent him kheer. He warn her to dare not try to make any relationships. She says when she is related to them by fate, then what should she call them. He says she creates problems whenever she comes near him and asks her to move aside. Kheer falls down. He say his anger is gone now and walks away.

Imlie cleans floor murmuring that her mamma is right that where there is light, darkness overpowers it soon; this city is full of darkness and hopes her mother comes and lights it up.Imlie calls Pagdandiya’s post office and requests postman to make her speak to her mother as she wants to inform her that she reached city. Postman hurriedly reaches Mithi’s home and calls her. Dulari yells that Mithi is not at home. He asks where did she go. Dulari says hell. Mithi in kitchen asks who is it. Postman says Imlie has called from city. Mithi rushes to post office, while Dulari continues yelling, and picking phone emotionally asks Imlie how is she. Imlie says she is fine. Mithi asks how is Aditya, if her in-laws welcomed her and respect her like a bahu. Imlie says very much.

Mithi asks if she is wearing bridal jewelry. Imlie reminisces removing it already but lies that she is wearing them all. Mithi asks if her MIL behaves with her well. Imlie says she is just like her. Mithi asks if she is telling truth. Imlie says yes. Mithi asks what about Aditya’s lady love. Imlie says she doesn’t know and says Aditya’s friend gifted him a new phone and she spoilt it, so he is angry on her. Mithi suggests her to convince him and don’t accept defeat easily, asks to take care of her. She hears Dulari’s voice and disconnects call. Imlie smiles after speaking to her mother.

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