Unspoken Bond update Friday 26 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 26 August 2022: Nandini asking Shobit to try and find out about the culprit details from the bank slip. She gets Chetan’s call. She asks what, what is Vini doing there. She leaves. Chetan stops Vini. Vini says Darsh and I also have fights, it doesn’t mean you will put him in the jail. She argues with inspector. She defends Darsh. Darsh smiles. She meets Darsh.

She asks him not to cry, she will take him along. Chetan asks her to come. Inspector shouts on her. Vini argues. She runs around. Nandini comes and stops Vini. Inspector asks them to just leave. She asks how did you put Darsh in lockup. Inspector shows the magistrate order, the glass piece had Darsh’s fingerprints on it. Nandini says its wrong, I can prove that someone else was there in the room, I have a bank slip. She looks for the slip.

Inspector asks what’s this drama. She says I got a local bank slip in the room, we can know who is that man, who attacked Rajvi. Darsh nods. Inspector says strange, we didn’t get the slip, you got the proof, and you lost it. She says I m not lying. Vipul speaks to doctor. She says I m coming. Nandini comes home with Chetan and Vini. She looks for the slip. Vipul asks what are you finding, please tell us, what did police say about Darsh. Vini says she isn’t telling me. Chetan says police arrested Darsh, police got Darsh’s fingerprints on the glass piece. Nandini says that culprit planned this crime well, where shall I find that bank slip.

Vini asks won’t the bank give you money, you can take money from piggy bank. Nandini says no need, it was imp, I lost it. Vini hugs her and says you will find it. Shobit calls her and says I got the bank contact, they can tell us the account holder name, you just tell me the account number, we will know who tried to kill mom. She says I lost the bank slip. He asks what, but how. She ends call. Charmy calls Nandini to her. She says I have the slip. Nandini runs. Darsh says I m worried for my mum, I will leave from here, my wife will do anything to prove me innocent.

Charmy says I got the slip near the pool. Nandini says yes, I made it fall there, where is it, give it. Charmy asks is Darsh fine, I was thinking what he is going through, he would be so worried. She gives the bank slip. She asks can Darsh’s innocence be proved by this bank slip, situation created bitterness between us, I m not your enemy, you can ask my help. Nandini collides with her.

The bank slip flies off. Nandini says sorry. She runs out. Charmy recalls getting the slip near the pool. She says I can’t let you get this bank slip. Nandini looks for the slip. She says I should have taken the pic, its the only proof. Charmy looks on. She gets a call. She says yes, Nandini is here, don’t worry, I won’t let Nandini reach you. She thinks sorry Darsh, nothing is imp to me than my child, I can go to any extent to protect my child. Nandini says Shobit would have convinced the bank man with difficulty, how did I lose it. Charmy says let it be, maybe the slip flew. Nandini says I will keep trying.

Charmy thinks I can’t let Nandini get the slip, she will know the truth. Vipul asks Nandini to stop, there is broken glass. Charmy says Nandini is finding the slip. Shobit calls Nandini and asks for account number. She says the day is bad, I lost it. He asks her to try her best, its last chance, bank server will go off for maintenance after 6pm.

Vipul says I will ask servant to clean the glass, you will get hurt. Nandini says I have to find the bank slip, else I can’t prove Darsh innocent. She steps on the glass. She looks for the slip. The man says Shobit, just 5 mins left then bank server will be down. Shobit calls Nandini. Chetan asks the maid to clean the glass. Charmy says I will help. Nandini says no, you will get hurt. Shobit says she isn’t answering. Nandini says I just have 5mins, I can’t reach the culprit.

The man says sorry, nothing can be done now. Shobit says three mins left. Nandini gets the slip. She sees the slip spoiled by the mud. She calls Shobit and says write the account number, I got the slip. He says we will know the attacker now. Charmy worries. The man says yes, I got it. Shobit asks who is it. Nandini asks what’s the name. Shobit says G. Rakesh, there is no other info, he closed his account. Nandini asks address, full name, ask him. Shobit says we can’t find anything else, my friend did this favor on me. Vipul says I didn’t hear this name. Shobit says I will find him, don’t worry. He goes.

Parul does the aid to Nandini. She says you love Darsh a lot, we did so wrong with you, Darsh is lucky to get you. Nandini says I have to prove Darsh innocent, how is Rajvi. Parul says there is not much improvement. Vini comes and asks how did you get hurt. Nandini makes an excuse. Vini says I did homework and made a wish to Kanha, Darsh will come out of jail soon. Nandini hugs her. Charmy thinks Nandini can’t know the truth, Darsh has to stay in jail for the sake of my baby.

Nandini thinking of Rajvi and crying. She makes Vini sleep. Parul asks her to have some food. Nandini says I m just thinking of Darsh, what would he eat there. Darsh sees the food in the cell. He recalls Nandini feeding him the gourd dish. Nandini and Parul cry. Nandini says I have to find about Rakesh to get Darsh out of the lockup. Darsh doesn’t eat the food. Charmy talks to someone. She asks him not to drag her. The man asks are you ready to go to the jail, think of your child. She says stop threatening me, I will take you to jail as well, fine, I will not let Nandini reach you.

Its morning, Nandini meets Darsh at the police station. He says I didn’t hear about Rakesh. She says I will find him. He asks did you go to doctor. She says I was going. He says you didn’t learn to take care of yourself, go to doctor, I will manage here. The man says I will take care of her. He laughs. Darsh gets angry and beats the men in the cell. Nandini asks constable to see. Constable stops the fight. Inspector comes and scolds all of them. He says you have attacked your mum, I m sure. He asks Nandini to leave. Nandini gives the bank slip. She says this account is on Rakesh’s name, he is the attacker. Inspector asks how did you get the slip, I will check it any way. Nandini goes to the doctor. She gets the aid done. She says I have to save Darsh some way. She picks the register. She thinks this man also came to the clinic on the same day when Rajvi was attacked. She asks the doctor.

The doctor says night duty doctor attended him, he was hurt by a broken trophy. Nandini goes home. Charmy says I can’t stop Nandini. Nandini comes and looks for the trophy. Charmy asks what are you finding. Nandini says I m finding Darsh’s old trophy. She checks the cupboard. She gets it. She recalls telling Darsh about the broken trophy, its hurting. Darsh says its my first trophy, it will not change.

Nandini sees the blood stain on it. Charmy asks why is it so imp. Nandini says my doubt was right, Rakesh is the attacker, his hand got a cut by this trophy so he had put this in the cupboard, I got to know that Rakesh went to the nearby clinic for dressing of his wound, we will get this blood testing done and prove that its not Darsh’s blood, Rakesh is the culprit. She calls Shobit. She says I got the trophy, it was inside the cupboard, it has blood stains, we can prove that this blood isn’t of Darsh, it means someone else attacked Rajvi. Shobit says wow, you found the proof which police couldn’t, we should give this to the police, we will get Darsh out on bail, I will reach there. She says I will take it to the police station. He gets happy and leaves. Charmy stops Nandini and says I can’t let you go. Nandini asks what do you mean.

Charmy says give me the trophy. Nandini says you know its imp to prove Darsh innocent. Charmy says Inspector will tamper these proofs, he regards Darsh wrong. Nandini says yes, but these proofs are imp, I trust the police, I have no other option left. She leaves. Charmy cries and says what shall I do now.

Nandini and Shobit give the trophy to the inspector. She says this trophy will prove that its not Darsh’s blood stain, culprit is someone else. Inspector asks why do you get all the proofs. Nandini says my life’s motive is to prove Darsh innocent, you have regarded Darsh a culprit already. Nandini says just one day more, then you will be out of here, Shobit helped me a lot. Darsh holds her hand. They cry. Charmy calls someone. She says Nandini will reach us some day. The man says we will go to jail together, remember this. Charmy asks what can I do in one day. He says much can happen, someone can be kidnapped or killed in a day. She thinks. Its morning, Nandini does the aarti. Everyone prays. Charmy thinks I won’t go to jail. Nandini thinks I will free Darsh from the jail.

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