Imlie Starlife update Thursday 6 June 2024

Imlie 6 June 2024: Imlie tells Agastya that she is going to get 3 things on work to earn money. Agastya asks who 3. Imlie says her talent, her intelligence, and skills. Agastya recalls Imlie singing in a bar and asks her to be clear. Imlie gets a call and excuses herself.

Daadi performs tulsi pooja and prays god asking him when will the clouds of problems fade away from her family. Navya hears that and thinks never. Dadi notices talking to her friends and recalls seeing them in a bar. Sonali tells Agastya that they are unable to deliver orders and Imlie is right that if they run their business successfully even for 2 days, they can gain investor’s confidence. She asks Agastya what would he like to say. Agastya lost in thoughts says she is right. Sonali say she is always right and asks where is he lost.

Agastya says he is thinking about Daadi, she has to suffer so much and above that Imlie’s secret plan. Daadi walks to him and tells him that he should stop his wife from earning money in a wrong way. Agastya says Imlie will not do anything wrong again. Daadi shows Imlie speaking to her bar friends and says Imlie will not change. Agastya assures her that he will stop Imlie if she sings in a bar again.

Agastya visits bar hoping Imlie is not there. He gets angry seeing a girl singing a song and alcoholics dancing around her. He pulls her aside and is shocked to see some other girl.

Imlie in a green room tells her friends how they will prepare sweets for Chaudhry sweets and deliver 1-2 orders. She says Daadi worked hard to build her business and they can at least help her save her business. Agastya overhears her telling they need 100 customers at least and she knows how to keep her customers happy. He vents out his anger on her and walks away. Her friends ask why did jijaji walk away like that.

Imlie returns home. Daadi and whole family tongue lash her for going to bar again to earn money and not let her speak. Shivani asks Rajni to let Imlie speak, but Rajni continues to cuss her followed by Alka and Daadi. Bulbul brings pamphlets and tells Imlie that the pamphlets are ready and will be fixed soon. Pamphlets fall down.

Daadi and Sonali pick it and notice Chaudhry Sweets advertisement pamphlets. Bulbul says Imlie with her and her bar friends is preparing large batches of sweets and selling them to help Chaudhry sweets, she told Daadi worked hard to grow this business and she is their inspiration, they can do at least this for Daadi. Daadi feels guilty for doubting Imlie. Shivani confronts Rajni for doubting Imlie and not letting her speak. Govind backs her. Rajni says Imlie was trying to trap Karan for Bulbul, so it’s obvious to doubt her intentions. Karan backs Rajni. Bulbul passes by and hears them.

Vishwa finds pamphlets, calls Imlie, and orders sweets for a function at home. Imlie asks address and finds it’s Vishwa’s. Navya tells Vishwa that she doesn’t want him to lose her trust again.

Vishwa says everything is going as per plan. Imlie visits Vishwa and asks if he is trying to help her. Vishwa says he was searching for a caterer for Avinash’s prewedding function and found her pamphlet, didn’t know that it’s her, he will give order to someone else if she is not okay with it. Imlie accepts his order and walks away. Her friends meet her and say they can’t work for her as Agastya bought bar and got them out of job, they are being punished for helping Imlie. Imlie says she will speak to Agastya and realizes that she left phone at Vishwa’s house. She returns and is shocked to see killer’s mask there.

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