Imlie starlife update Wednesday 24 April 2024

Imlie 24 April 2024: Agastya sadly plays piano. Family gets concerned hearing that tune and walks to him. Imlie tells Agastya that everyone have come except Daadi. Agastya says Daadi loves this tune as his papa used to play it, she will come for sure.

Daadi walks out of her room. Agastya runs and hugs her emotionally. He says she had to hear a lot during reception because of him and promises to never repeat his mistake again. He then apologizes whole family and asks them to scold him. Daadi says his ears should be twisted and pampers him crying. Agastya asks her to stop crying and requests him to have food.

Daadi agrees. Agastya asks other family members to join them. During dinner, Agastya asks about Sonali. Alka says she went for a business meeting as he couldn’t go. Jugnu says he left him a coin. Agastya recalls giving her a coin and saying time is in his favor.

Sonali visits Chintamani’s house and finds it locked. She wakes up watchman and asks him to open the door as she knows Chintamani is hiding inside the house. watchman says Chintamani and his wife left home in a hurry with their bags. She walks towards her car when she notices Agastya standing twirling a coin. Agastya hands her over a coin, and she leaves in her car fuming. At home, Jugnu tells Imlie that the job is done. Imlie asks what kind of job. He takes her aside, shows Chintamani’s photo, and says Agastya asked him to give money to Chintamani and his wife and send them out of Purvaiya. Imlie thinks Agastya is not that a fool like she thinks.

Agastya visits his shop. Sonali already present there says she knew he would come there and threatens to reveal Daadi that his wife is a cheap bar dancer. Agastya says Daadi will not believe her as Imlie is just a bar singer. Sonali says Daadi will be disheartened that Agastya mother and wife were a bar singer who ruined their family; Daadi will shatter his dreams and nobody will come to support him. Agastya fumes in anger. Imlie reaches there and calms him down. Agastya says she made their lives as a game since childhood but didn’t understand that game ends when one wins, she can make her move; he walks away from there. Sonali provokes Imlie saying she started controlling Agastya in just 2 days, he was fuming and calmed down like an ice once she touched him. Imlie says she will not be provoked with her provocative words and says as Agastya said, she should play her game loyally instead of playing dirty.

Agastya returns home. Daadi asks where he had gone at this time. Agastya says Sonail had called him out. Daadi says he and Sonali’s fight got so fierce that they started fighting even outside the house. She asks him to call everyone as she needs to speak and announces that to end Agastya and Sonali’s fight, she will permanently handover business to Agastya by making him it’s director after a small pooja tomorrow. Sonali gets tensed hearing that. Agastya sits in his room sadly. Sonali says they both are different, but their situation is different; their dear ones are their enemies; he should be happy that he would be getting what he wants tomorrow. Agastya says Sonali will not give up easily and will conspire for sure tomorrow. Imlie asks him to relax and massages his neck.

Sonali walks in and asks him to tell Daadi that he doesn’t want this business and just wants to return to London and run a small shop there. Agastya asks why would he do that. Sonali says she will takeover the business tomorrow. Agastya asks how would she do that. Sonali says his wife’s truth will be exposed. Imlie asks if she thinks Daadi will believe stranger villagers again. Sonali says Daadi will believe her own eyes though and plays Imlie’s bar singing video. They both stand tensed seeing that. Sonali says even she knows to get the work done with money, she got it via her men from the bar; he should transfer business in her name. Agastya says this video means nothing to him as he will tell daadi that he loves Imlie.

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